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Friday, August 26, 2011

It's The Long Weekend!! Woot!!

owh yeah.. coming towards the end of today.. then the long weekend awaits.. weehoo raya plus merdeka plus chilling out.. so will definitely be occupied and might not update this for some time, what with the spring cleaning n cooking for raya.. so just wanna wish u all Selamat Hari Raya.. appologies if anything in here might offend u (well u deserved it  =b )

to my family, hopefully we would get to spend quality time together.. looking forward to hangout with the kazens.. have a safe trip peeps for those travelling k...

see u soon right after raya with pics.. lots and lots of pics (pinkie promise hehehe)

In Arsene We Trust

but do we?? i've started watching football since about 10 years ago.. back then,  the big four still exist and Arsenal was dubbed as The Invincible.. back then, we had the likes of Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Patrick Viera, Sol Campbell, Ljungberg, Ashley Cole (traitor + cheater), and off course, my all time favourite goalie, Jens Lehman (besides Oliver Kahn).. so ever since then, i've always been a gooner..

not sure whether it was a good move for me cuz they were at their peak, and things just started to go downhill then.. no trophy for 6 seasons, lack of experienced players in the club, players running away n not attracting new ones.. Arsenal have now been on the front cover of the sports page for all the wrong reasons.. critics have been saying how deep in denial Wenger is and most fans (or at least i do) think it's true.. yes, playing football, good football should be the main priority here, so techniques and strategy should all come together.. but for a club who was fierce and competitive, Arsenal now seems like a big joke..

latest i heard, they've been linked to Sneijder from Inter.. hopes this one comes true (although MU are also aiming him), cuz that could be a great addition to the now slumpy club...owh well, we'll see how this season unfolds...

match against MU this weekend, any chance of winning?  *snickers*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keyword Search

so i'm sure most of u (if not all) know this.. what words do u type in to search for stuff... sometimes i like to view my search keywords for this blog.. there are normal things ppl type in, but also very odd and random stuff... latest that i have on the list is kodiok tee which i'm not too sure what it is... bet hey, if that word brings u to me, then i'm fine with it...

i also like checking out what words Google Keyword Tool chooses from the type of word we type.. i guess it all started when Kevjumba made a video about it.. apparently, ppl kept googling for words like "is Kevjumba gay" and "is Kevjumba a virgin".. so with the power of the internet (muahahaha) and millions of subscribers in youtube, he asked ppl to type "is Kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler" and guess what, if you type "is" in google, that's the keyword suggested by google.. amazing right.. that's the power of youtuber for u hehehe the day Osama bin Laden was reported shot, the keyword changed to "is Osama bin Laden dead" and when some fans noticed this, they made Kevin #1 again... talk about coolness =b 

so, if u could choose a phrase that has ur name in it, and want ppl to google u based on that, what would it be?

Spring Cleaning in Summer

well our bed and wardrobe arrived yesterday, n i felt sorry for not taking a leave n helped clean things.. it was such bad timing.. i though we would just have them delivered, and settle everything else over the weekend.. but boy was i wrong.. both rooms we're turned upside down n even the tv area is so messy...n now after coming back from work, we need to continue tiding things up after settling the food for break fast.. yeah i'm kinda making it a big deal than it is, but ii dun think my mind can fathom it.. so havn't been doing much cleaning at night.. i tend to get super sleepy at 11pm++.. n i mean super super sleepy.. i can barely keep my eyes open n yesterday, i think i kinda dozed off while trying out Sims Social on FB.. it doesn't rule compare to the original game, but it'll do...

so yeah, this weekend will be gearing up to clean the rest of the mess made, n also pumped out for the long weekend  weehoo.. just can't wait.. spaghetti and baked pasta is on the menu, n i noe it's kinda odd for raya, but can't wait to eat it.. off course the usual nasi impit, ketupat, rendang ayam and sambal ketupat will still be there.. those are a must.. but instead of having nasi lemak or mee rebus for the other menu, we're opting for this..

anyway, i'm trying to add labels in my post.. no that much tho, cuz i can't really categorised the posts i have.. i'm basically just blabbering n ranting a lot, sorta like what i'm doing now.. so putting labels on this kinda post, doesn't really narrow things down hehehe but i'm making labels for post that have poems, quotes, movie or food review etc.. just check the list on the left here.. it's somewhere there.. not that any of u would be needing it anyway  =b  i'm thinking of writing more stuff.. i can't write poems at the top of my head, but i'll try..i currently have My 1st Country Sound stuck in my head.. it's kinda like the 1st song i wrote cuz i had a melody to it.. who knows, i could be the next Taylor Swift (yeah right).. i'm also thinking of bringing Amethyst back on more often, cuz i think i'm losing touch of her.. her angst and despair, how i miss them so much.. but we'll just see.. i never follow through my plan  =b

let's get prepared for the holidays  weehoo

Quote of the Day

"Try not to be a man of success, but a man of value"  --- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In A Perfect World - Part 4

Days come and go and finally the day arrive for them to tag along the Lavere to Australia.. a total of 5 kids were chosen including Mya so she considered herself very lucky indeed..the previous day, everyone helped them packed.. they didn’t have a lot, so they took almost everything with them… Mya felt sorry for those who were left behind but Mrs Stewart assures them that this won’t be the last time a trip like this will happen so they will have their chance eventually… they woke up early that morning and waited for the Lavere.. a big van came instead of the usual blue car to fit them all.. they loaded their luggage to the van and hugged everyone at the orphanage, promising to do their best to buy gifts for everyone.. they didn’t have much money on them, only those that they have saved previously, but the Lavere said not to worry as everything has been arranged for them like food and a place to stay..

It was the first time Mya and the other kids board a plane so they were very excited.. Mya was also nervous about being so high in the sky.. what if they fall? The plane looks very big and heavy.. how can it float then? But after Mrs Lavere assures them that everything was gonna be fine, Mya felt better.. it was a long flight.. it felt like they were flying forever.. they liked watching outside the window and seeing the world from the sky.. everything looked so small.. then when they flew across the ocean, there was nothing much to see… meal was served and they tasted great.. Mya wasn’t sure if she could have more when she finished hers, but since no one else was having a 2nd round, she didn’t have hers.. Mya wasn’t sure when she started dozing off.. she was awoken to the sound of ppl chattering, and saw land through the window.. the signal to buckle up was on, which indicates that they were about to land… this is it, they’re almost there..

The plane landed and Mya held her breath.. the plane was fast on its track and eventually came to a stop.. ppl started to get up and took their luggage out of the compartment above.. Mya just sat at her seat with the others and waited till the Lavere gave the signal.. they then disembarked the plane n walked through the airport.. all kids were excited and nervous at the same time… by the end of the airport, they saw a man standing with a sign held up with the name Lavere on it.. at first, Mya thought they were famous, only then she learn that he was their driver to send them to their place.. Australia was awesome.. everything was all colourful with bright colours unlike the gloomy London they lived.. birds chirping away, butterflies everywhere, it was indeed summer here…

They reached their hotels and settled in.. that was the first time Mya stayed in a hotel.. they had to share the beds but Mya didn’t mind.. they had a magnificent view facing the ocean.. it was big and blue.. the toilets were all clean and white.. everything was more than what Mya had expected.. Mya’s tummy started growling, when Mrs Lavere told them to make sure everything was in order before they went down for lunch.. they stepped in the dining area and Mya was amazed at the amount of food they had there.. Mya was told that it was a buffet and she could eat anything she wanted but also bear in mind not to waste the food.. they had a feast.. if bacons or roast chicken was considered lucky to have, Mya doesn’t have a word to express this day… it was beyond awesomeness.. they had bread, soup, then chicken, pasta, lamb, vegetables.. and after that, they had ice cream and cakes.. lots of ice cream and cakes.. Mya never wanted this day to end..

But lunch wasn’t just all about food.. they had a briefing on their activities for their whole trip.. a lot has been arranged for them and it was not just all about fun.. Mrs Lavere said there was a lot to be learn from this special trip.. Mya was eager to learn more.. she like learning outside the classroom very much.. among the activities that will be held is, as promise, a trip to the zoo, where they will learn more about animals.. they will also visit several museums and learn about cultures in other countries.. the list was very long and included ceremonies where other kids from other orphanage will be joining them for a special event.. Mya knew this was going to be a hectic time for her, but she was looking forward to this very much… Mya knew that she would have to tell everything to the kids and teachers back home.. and to make sure she remembers every details, and wouldn’t miss a thing, she took along with her a small book to write in.. it was her very own journal that she’ll carry with her everywhere she goes, and write down things they do and where they go.. hopefully, the book will be enough to fit in all the stories that needs to be told from all the planned activitie..

to be continued.....

Let's Make This Fun

how much fun? not quite sure... i guess it is a norm fact that this blog ain't that good.. i mean it's good for me cuz i can write anything i want, but it ain't good reading for others.. cuz it's all about me, me and more me with me blabbering n me ranting.. so peeps reading will be like "god, this girl is obnoxious and so full or herself".. hahahaha cuz i am, i won't deny it.. but just for pete's sake, i wanna tweak things up a little... i guess taking lessons or ques from vloggers, i think imma have a theme or some sort.. not a blog as a whole cuz i think that keeps changing.. i used to be so dark, with my dark thoughts, but i've been writing from a different angle so might let that be for a while... i'm thinking more between the lines of themes for days or dates..

for starters, i think i'll have quote days, where i quote something (either from random conversation, things i read, known or unknown) every Thursday.. so every week i'll have a quote that i think makes sense to me the most or caught my attention the most for that week... then maybe movie reviews every 20th of the month (tho i'm not sure how often i watch movies).. or maybe i'll combine it with books reviews... so yeah, movie or books review every 20th of the month... that's all i could think of right now.. maybe i'll toss in something best pics of the month or story of the month... i don't know.. we'll see.. i'm not even sure if this plan falls through but i'll try my best...

what's good to read?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiring Weekend

one week down, another week to go till we celebrate raya.. gees, time does fly by fast... so did a lot of chores over the weekend ( a lot meh?)  folded the clean laundries n my sisters did the kitchen.. then went out with mum n big sis to shah alam to shop for our tudung raya... didn't hang there a lot, cuz it was too crowded n i literally can barely breathe.. got what we wanted, waited till the rain cooled down then went home.. we had sup tulang, super yummy, but unfortunately, i cooked less rice so it was just enough for us..

on sunday was more tiring.. woke up to the sound of an incoming text from my mum, asking us to get up n get ready for a ceramah at the mosque.. sad thing that happened, was it was the 1st time i ever heard an ustaz saying that this would be the last time he'll accept an invitation to the mosque due to the amount of ppl turning up was too small for a place in kl, and also he was slightly offended by the ppl talking behind while he was giving his ceramah in front.. talk about respect, i always hated those ppl who constantly talk at the back, disrespecting not just others who are trying to hear, but also the ustaz himself.. if u ani't gon' listen, then don't come.. anyway, moving on.. we planned to buy a new bed n wardrobe ever since a few months ago.. n we kept delaying it, so we (or rather my lil sis) decided that we had to buy them now or we won't be buying it ever...

so we went to IKEA in our baju kurung (i feel like Orked) and it was packed (well what do u expect right)  picked out our bed and wardrobe which, by the way, is humongous.. so they will be delivering it this wednesday which gives us sometime to clean our rooms (again).. so got back n almost immediately started to disband our old beds and cleaned up the room.. so one room is almost done.. we just need to tear out the old wardrobe which we havn't really figure out how to do.. thought of asking the delivery guys, but they might be occupied with other deliveries.. anyway, we'll just see how things goes. excited to get our new bed and wardrobe  weehoo 

had Canadian Pizza for our break fast.. left the house aroun 6:40 to buy the pizzas and also my dad's roti nan.. made it home just in time with about 5 mins to spare before the azan.. ordered the wrong chickn but it was still super yummy.. so might just buy garlic bread n chicken next time.. i think the pizza can hold...

then that night, skipped terawih and watched The Voice, which was an amazing show (not just cuz Xtina was in it hehehe) the concept itself is great where ppl are judged by their vocal wholely.. there's no such thing as "u have the complete package", it's just vocals, vocals, and more vocals.. off course after this blind auditions, the other aspect counts.. but for starters, the voice is what matters the most (eceh, poyo plak).. i know the show have already ended in the US, but i'm still rooting for team Xtina hehehe

anyway, a week to go till raya... we'll see how that goes..hopefully i won't gain too much weight from eating.. *sigh* every year a new measurement  =b  looking forward to hang out with the kazens..

what happened to Mya?

Friday, August 19, 2011

I Love My Mum's Cooking

well who doesn't right? got home to the delicious scent of chicken being roast in our oven.. we had chicken rice for our break fast.. my mum cooked extra so managed to have more for sahur.. wee hoo...

my very own chicken rice.. it's so yummy i could still taste it hehehe

our whole meal.. the soup, chicken, salad, souces for extra taste and also some meat.. the rice ain't in the pic..

the yummy chicken.. u're welcome to drool..

staying healthy by eating more salad?

not sure what we'll be having later on.. still craving for the carbonarra from Delicious.. i guess i'll just have to wait till later then...

Thursday, August 18, 2011


"it's like watching u're crush marrying ur best fren"

do i weep?
or do i smile?
should i be happy for u?
even just for a while.
my heart aches,
my head hurts,
i can't take it,
and my tears burst.
i wiped it away,
and kept being strong,
swollen eyes,
for a nite long.
i leaned my head to her,
a shoulder to cry on,
silenced in the air,
waiting till dawn.
nothing can be done,
except to accept fate,
nothing can ease,
this feeling of frustrate.
i screamed my lungs out,
locked myself in my room,
took the gun and put it to my head,
BANG!! i was doomed.

Cesc Fabregas

i noe this is outdated and it's been days, but finally it's a done deal.. although everyone knew this will happend eventually, it's just a matter of time..

so Fabregas was playing under the Barcelona academy (not sure what's the real name of it) during his youth along with the likes of Lionel Messi n Gerard Pique... being the great midfielder that he is, he was bought by Arsene Wenger to play for Arsenal.. he bacame one of the youngest captain for Arsenal and been playing for the club about 8 years..

during the last 3 years there, he has been hinting about returning to his homeground and play for Barcelona.. and who doesn't wanna play for them.. they have the become one of the best team in this generation.. more than half the team who played for Spain during the recent World Cup (which they won) was playing for Barcelona, so they were favourites from the start.. so Barcelona have been making offer to Arsenal to buy back Fabregas.. being the key person of the club, where Wenger shaped the team based on Fabregas, he wasn't ready to let him go...

seasons passed and Arsenal hasn't won a trophy for 6 years already... that and watching barcelona excelling in almost all league definitely made his intention stronger.. he told Wenger about it while Barcelona also doing their part with their offer, but still, Wenger said no... imagine staying in a club that u like but it's not where u wanna be, n having ur coach denied ur desire.. eventually, Arsenal accepted Barcelona's offer and Fabregas was finally home where he feels like he belongs more..

Barcelona could have any player there is, but all they wanted was Fabregas.. so as Fabregas made his way to Nou camp wearing 4 on his jersey, reserved just for him, all other eyes watch him with envy cuz being in Barcelona is what every other player wanted too..

Fabregas has only been with Barcelona for one day and he already has a trophy.. now Arsenal will learn to play without Fabregas.. how bad will it be?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In A Perfect World - Part 3

The Lavere have become the hottest topic at the orphanage.. each kid was anxious to know when will they return or who will they adopt.. then, the day finally came when the Lavere visited the orphanage again.. as always, the kids were in their best behaviour even while the Lavere were in Mrs Stewart's office.. the kids heard Mrs Stewart opened her door and walked towards the hall... after the last incident, Mya didn't wait near the office to eavedrop.. instead, she played outside with some other girls while Jenna gets the updates.. Jenna is the 'reporter' of the orphanage.. she knows everything that's going on around..Mya heard her yelled alert before glancing behind.. Mrs Stewart walked up to Mya and asked her to follow her to her office.. this made Mya very nervous cuz she knew the Lavere were in there.. throughout living there, Mya was called to the office about 6 times already.. she counted.. but usually, she would be there with the couple and with some other kids.. only twice was she there alone, and all they did was talked.. Mya would get excited after meeting them n got ready to pack her bags, but no one came to her to tell her that she was being adopted.. Mya wasn't putting high hope this time around too.. she justt followed Mrs Stewart while the rest eyed her...

In the office, they had their usual conversation.. Mya talked about herself and the Lavere told her about their lives.. then Mrs Lavere asked Mya whether she's been to Australia or not and Mya shook her head.. Mrs Lavere then lay down a paper in front of Mya and told her that Ms Fisher gave it to her from her last visit.. Mya looked at the sheet and noticed that it was one of her paper she wrote about animals from different countries and how kangaroos and koalas could often be seen only in Australia.. Mya didn't really know whether these were true, she just read it in a book somewhere sometime ago.. then Mr Lavere asked Mya whether she wanted to go to Australia to see the kangaroos and koalas.. Mya said she loved to because she was tired of seeing birds and cats and mice, which were about the only animals there in the city.. a few minutes later, Mya left the office and she was quickly swarmed by the others.. they asked her questions about the Lavere and what they talked about.. Mya told them everything, well almost everything.. she left out the part where Mr Lavere asked her that question.. she thought of not letting the others too down or jealous even tho Mya knew that that wasn't a done deal.. that it was still uncertain whether she will be adopted or not, but she still had hope..
That night, Mya was more quiet than usual.. she felt uneasy somehow, something was bothering her mind... the other kids was playing dress up when there was a knock at the door.. it was Mrs Stewart and she wanted to have a talk with Mya.. she started to have butterflies in her stomach and her knees were shivering.. they reached the office and sat down quietly.. Mrs Stewart started by asking Mya’s opinion on the Lavere.. she told them how she fine them well dressed with nice sets of teeth.. Mrs Stewart than laughed a little and proceeded to the point.. she told Mya that the Lavere are not looking to fully adopt someone as they are not yet prepared.. Mr Lavere worked for a big company and his job was to look for kids to tag along with them on a corporate function that involve a lot of travelling.. she told Mya that they considered of taking Mya along but was not sure how Mya will feel if she knew she was not being adopted.. Mya said she would love to go on a trip with the Lavere so that she could write better stories.. Mrs Stewart then told Mya that she won’t be the only one going as a couple of other kids will be joining her too.. Mya didn’t mind since it’ll mean that she’ll have her frens with her along the way, although she did wonder why she was the only one being called.. she asked Mrs Stewart about it n she said that they wanted one of the kids to break the news to the others and by tripping in front of the doy made Mya the chosen one.. Mya left the office with a wide smile.. Mrs Stewart said that they’ll be following the Lavere next week although the names are yet to be finalized..

to be continued...

In A Perfect World - Part 2

That day they saw a blue car drove into the orphanage compound.. the couple who got out of the car looked sophisticated.. Mya learned that word from Ms Fisher.. from the way they dressed, Mya knew that they were rich.. the couple was greeted by the head of the orphanage, Mrs Stewart, and she brought them into her office.. as always, the kids would gather near the door and try to hear their conversations.. sometimes they would get tips on what kind of kid they want or would prefer.. then, the kids would make sure that they fit those requirements.. that's how Abby got adopted.. the kids overhear the Johnsons mention that they would like someone talented, who could maybe sing or dance.. once the Johnsons stepped out of the office to look around, Abby started singing and dancing in the hall.. maybe it helped that she had a sweet voice.. the Johnsons then decided to take her in and Abby left the next morning...

Abby had her happy ending but some kids there aren't as lucky as Abby.. some were adopted, but then sent back to the orphanage a few months later.. that's what happened to Quinn.. she was adopted by the Butlers last year.. and as always, even when the kids envy them, they were happy that one of us will have the life they were praying for.. Quinn was a cheerful and smart girl.. but a few months after being adopted, Mya saw her getting out of th Butler's car looking very gloomy.. she told them that Mrs Butler finally got pregnant and would want to focus on raising their future son.. Quinn was never the same ever since.. she got skinnier and rarely play with us during recess.. the kids tried to cheer her up by throwing a party on her birthday... they even saved up some money to buy her a cake.. since birthday parties are so rare in the orphanage, Quinn was very delightful.. since then, she tried to be cheerful again, but Mya still sees her cry every now and then..

All these thoughts went on in Mya's head that she didn't even hear the footsteps walking towards the door.. all the other kids manage to scramble but she tripped just as the door was opening.. Mrs Stewart gave a her a stern look and asked her to get up immediately.. she got up and Mrs Stewart introduced her to the couple, Mr and Mrs Lavere.. Mrs Stewart then took the Lavere to tour the orphanage.. they introduced themselves to some of the kids and talked a little.. the Lavere were there about an hour before they left.. they were the talk of the day.. the kids have never seen such sophistication and style.. the kids played dressed up that night and talk about anticipating breakfast cuz they were very sure bacon will be served.. everyone went to bed with a smile on their face, including Mya..

The next day, true to their predictions, the kids had bacons and omelet and juice.. to their surprise, lunch was a special occasion too.. they had roast chicken with mashed potato, and even had ice cream for desserts.. special lunch and dinner was usually served during christmas and thanksgiving.. and sometimes in April, for Mrs Stewart's birthday.. at first Mya thought that it wasn't fair to be celebrating only Mrs Stewart's birthday, but then again, she wouldn't mind all the benefits that comes with it.. she once over heard Mrs Stewart talking on the phone explaining that they can't afford to celebrate each of our birthday or have it monthly, so she chose the easiet date just so the kids can have a little taste of happiness.. and sure enough, last April, instead of having a big cake, Mrs Stewart bought cupcakes for each kids and they had their own candle.. she said this is so everyone will get a chance to blow out the candle, and Mya liked the idea of it.. usually, the kid who behaved the most throughout the year will have that honour..

to be continued...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In A Perfect World - Part 1

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a little girl who lives in an orphanage.. her name is Amelia, but her frens call her Mya.. just like any other orphanage, Mya lives her life amongst those like her, longing to have a family.. of course, the orphanage itself was a family, but all she wanted to be was like those kids playing outside her window, with parents and a proper home..

Every morning, they would wake up together, make their beds, take a shower and proceed to the dining hall for their breakfast... they usually have bread and butter every morning with plain water.. only on special occasions will they have cereals and toast.. sometimes, when they're lucky, they will get bacons and omelet.. those lucky days are when some generous man comes and visit them n donate a lot of money to the orphanage.. Mya likes those days.. after breakfast, they will go to their designated class where they learn subjects like in a real school.. Mya's favourite subject is English and maths.. she likes learning new words and writing stories about princesses and people in other countries.. she usually uses her imagination since she haven't met a princess or anyone from another country.. so she has no clue what they are.. she only hears about them from stories told by Ms Fisher.. that's her English teacher and one of her favourite teacher there.. Ms Watson teaches maths, but Mya doesn't like her that much.. she gets angry easily when they make mistakes in class.. and because of that, Mya tried not to make any mistakes.. she like maths cuz she thinks it'll help her a lot once she gets rich and need to count all the money she have..

During recess, they would go out to the yard and play.. sometimes they play tag, sometimes they play hide and seek.. but Mya likes to play the skipping rope.. she would count the number of times she can jump and let the skipping rope pass down her feet.. she even now how to skip while crossing her arms.. sometimes Mya could jump so high that she feel she could touch the sky..  other than learning and playing, the kids there don't get much entertainment.. they take joy from watching couples come and go from the orphanage.. this happens averagely about twice a week.. when they do come, everyone will be on their best behaviour.. hair was comb neatly, dresses are clean with no dirt, and off course a wide smile upon their face.. each kids hoping that one day, someone will come and take them home.. Mya was hoping for the same thing..

to be continued... 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Recipe Daging Black Pepper

it's what my sisters and i call it, but my mum says it's actually daging halia... since it's fasting month, all i can think of is food  =b  this will be a very sloppy recipe cuz i can't remember the exact amount.. basically it all depends on how much u want it to be n how much of each u eat (carrots, celery etc)

*** if u guys tried this out, lemme noe what u think k ***
Ingredients :-
Daging, preferably batang pinang (depends on how much u're cooking for)
Tepung ubi
Black pepper (yg serbuk)

This is among the easiest thing to cook.. first off, make sure u slice the meat thinly (not the usual size u'd cut to fry them), powder it with some flour (until all is fully covered) and some black pepper (depends on how much u like it).. fry the meat (not deep fry, just use a lil bit of oil), and put it aside once the meat starts to change colour (no redness left)..

then sliced the rest of the ingredients (ginger, onions, carrots and celery).. same thing, it all depends on how much u like carrots/celery.. usually the amount will be half the amount if meat u have.. slice the carrots and celery into smaller portion (carrots sliced thinly while celery will be about 1cm long give or take)..  fry the ginger, then toss in all the other ingredients i.e carrots, celery, onions and the meat.. don't forget to toss in some salt for the taste.. let it cook for a couple of minute (till the carrots and celery are cooked enough)... since the meat was fried earlier, u wouldn't have to wait long for the meat to cook (that's why it's important to slice the meat thinly)...

walla, u're done.. when it's all mixed together, there would be some suace/gravy from the meat n blackpepper.. yummyyy....  picture? don't have any yet, but might have one soon.. wanna cook this over the weekend  weehoo...

the pic after about 2 months posting this...

Why Won't You Stop Twitching?!?

i'm not really sure when it started, but my right eye won't stop twitching... it gets annoying to the point that i feel like keeping my eyes shut the whole time *sigh* i don't know what's causing it to twitch, so let's do a lil googling on this...

All About Vision says that among the causes for twitching eyes are stress, tiredness, eye strain, nutritional imbalance etc...
Eye Care Basics says that it could cause by fatigue, physical or emotional stress, epilepsy, brain damage (huh??) etc...
Mayo Clinic suggest that it could be caused by fatigue/lack of sleep, stress, physical exertion, smoking etc...

well that's all i feel like linking, but basically the refferences there have most things in common.. i can't really figure out which one applies to me more, so i think i'll just leave it as that... i just feel gloomy recently... i have a strong feeling, it has something to do with my job, cuz i seem fine at home (who doesn't right?)... but i think i don't have the right mind right now for this job... this mental block is so thick, i don't even feel like putting the effort to break it down... i feel like putting a stop to it, i seriously do.. i just don't know how.. cuz let's face it, i would need a plan B to work it out... time is ticking n i'm already far behind on this thing i'm doing.. there's this thing in my head that's heavy, but it doesn't ache.... i'm not thinking too much on the work, but more like dwelling on my so called sucky situation i'm in at the moment.. i havn't a clue how to get pass it...

owhh well, need to go force myself to finish these slides..  not before reading my book by my fave author tho  =b  toodles...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pretty Darn Precious What It Is...

Kaitelette and ShayCarl's got the cutest kids,
They'd be up on YouTube making all the vids,
And if u don't know, im'ma tell u like this (like this).

Sontard, got all the girls on him, Got him wondering how'd he get so handsome,
Alright now, Babytard, she got that babygirl swag, she could get a little crazy just like her dad,
Rocktard, i see u're starting to walk, hit that stanky leg then u hit the drop,
Princesstard, where u at girlfriend, back hand spring it's a perfect ten (uh, yeah)

U know they PD effin' P,
two years down now they're on to three,
we're waiting for a video so let it be clear,
hey, he's vlogging here.

we ain't stalkers, we're followers  =b

one of the cutest family around... i love watching their vlogs, just to see what they're up to.. in fact my sisters love watching them too.. one of the top youtubers there is, currently already reached 1million subscribers (can't imagine how Ryan Higa n Ray William Johnson got to 4million, that's insane).. do u guys think it's weird, us tuning into you tube, just to see what they're up to.. this is what they're suppose to call Reality Show, cuz it's really just that.. of course they'll try to re-enact some incidents that they think is funny but didn't manage to get it on camrea, but the rest are pretty mcuh as real as it's gonna get.. i think having cute kids especially watching Princesstard n Babytard makes it more enjoyable..

that's one of the intro song to their videos.. they have some and that's one of my fave.. check them out here... u just might get addicted too...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yummy Food

had a nice feast for yesterday's break fast... remember i mentioned that i wanted to eat more dim sum? well i went to TTDI bazaar ramadhan (or as they call it 'param' now), n bought more dim sum weehoo.. they were so yummy i could eat that all day...

some other things that mum cooked which was super yummy was lemon chicken and also more pecal (which was so spicy) leftovers from saturday...

took pic with my bb n the lights in the kitchen made the pics a bit odd... owh well, can't wait to get back home...

I Wanna Go Home

i feel so weak... i just wanna go home n not think about work.. ever since we finished our project n i've officially been in another unit, i keep forcing myself to like it and learn more.. but it seems like the more i force myself, the more distance i've become with it...  monday blues seems to happen everyday, n i'm finding it hard to find that one thing that'll make me at least enjoy what i'm doing a bit.. i just don't get it... i've been reading a lot for at least 3 days, but it's like reading something in a foreign language.. no matter how many times u re-read it, it still doesn't make sense... off course there are bits here and there that i do get, but it all doesn't seem to help me understand the whole picture.. it's just items without descriptions.. and maybe just like any other foreign language, i need a translator..

i could ask my boss about it, i noe she'll help explain a bit.. but when she say, read and get a brief understanding on it, only then it'll be easier for her to explain, i must at least understand things breifly right? i can't just go up to her without understanding anything at all.. well, i can, but what kind of impression will that leave her.. i'm trying my best to be independant n be good at what i do, but it doesn't seem to work out... i don't noe.. i'm starting to think that i'm not quite cut out for this.. if only i could find that something that i like... that something that'll make me look forward to do my job.. but at this moment, there's none..  it's like i already have this mental block in my head n i just need that one hole to star breaking it all down...

sigh.. not everyone can make their passion their job right... some will have to muddle through it all and take whatever life throws at them... consider me one of those ppl then....

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London Riots

so not cool...

plz guys, be safe n just stop it already... don't burn ur city down...

Monday, August 08, 2011


just downloaded this new app to my phone n now i'm addicted to it.. didn't get a hang of it at first, but now i think averagely i can score 9/15 (and that's a fact)  =D  fun2 game... so yeah, my new game of this phase...

went for buka puasa at selayang last saturday... had a feast but was too full... usu bought dim sum which were super yummy, luckily there were leftovers so i could eat more on sunday hehehe we cooked sambal udang, asam rebus keladi, pecal, then usu bought ayam golek, n alang bought ikan bakar..then for dessert (does dim sum count as dessert?), we had grapes n pengat pisang... was too busy to take pics (as always when break fasting at selayang).. yummy...

haishh now i'm craving for dim sum... might ask usu to buy some n drop 'em off at opah's place for us to get later wee hoo... then i'll just break fast with dim sum... how yummy will that be... super yummy i tell ya...

kurang la pahala puasa yer huhuhuh

p/s: just heard that Uncle Razif passed away... al-Fatihah

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Surviving Andes

Last night after coming home from Terawih, i sat down n watched TV with my dad.. he flipped thru the channels n mentioned about a documentary on the History Channel.. it was about the plane crash in Andes and how some survived for 72days in the cold mountains... u can read the summary here in wiki about it.. besides the amazing story of surviving the ordeal, i guess the thing that caught ppl's attention is how they opt to cannibalism by eating those deceased in order to survive.. imagine how hard that is to go through cuz not only some of them were their frens, but some were even their families..

i dun't think i've heard of this story before, so it was very interesting to learn about it now...  their will power was so high, even after hearing the news from the radio that the search rescue had been called off.. imagine waiting for help to come then one day, knowing for sure that help was not on the way.. of course there would be family out there who will not stop hoping and give up, but with no official help, it could be a bit difficult.. but like what Parrado (one of the survivors) said "we're going to get out of here on our own".. and so their journey began...

even reading quotes or captions from wiki made me cry, so i can't imagine reading the book.. maybe i might weep in tears hehehehe there's even a movie based on it starring Ethan Hawke.. i think the thing that gets to me most last night was when they mentioned that the priest came to visit them n said they did the right thing.. that would definitely mean a lot to them, knowing that in order to survive, they had to eat ppl... n also in wiki about the part were they dedicated the books to those deceased and their parents, who received them with love and understanding... cuz that would be tough.. not only knowing that ur child has died in a plane crash, but to have someone eat them in order for them to survive, even i'm not sure how i'd handle that situation...

so really, it is an interesting story to learn about.. one that will and have inspired ppl.. one of these things that could test ur strength and limit... i totally salute them...

now i'm gonna go cry... bye

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

or in my case, 2 glasses of milk will keep my bone strong  =b

failed the 1st day.. there was no milk at home huhuhu the day we went to Selayang (last Saturday) we accidently left our milk n my youghurt there.. so no cereal for me then.. however, papa did bought some yesterday, but didn't manage to have some for sahur since i was already full (after drinking a cup of coffee and a piece of bread.. yeah)

anyway, on top of that, i'm thinking of eating apple more.. actually fruits in general.. they're yummy but sometimes when we need to cut it first, it becomes tedious and no one really have the urge to be the fruit cutter (except papa of course...)

bored, i'm thinking of doing some reading on what i previously learned in college.. who knows they might come in handy now right.. time to dig up my big 'ol black box for all those reading materials...

Monday, August 01, 2011

First day of Fasting

Salam Ramadhan everyone.. today is the first day of fasting.. can't wait to get home... slacking a bit in the office altho i've got work to do (let me repeat that for pete's sake, i've got work to do.. yeah ppl, sorry to disappoint, but we dun go by 8hrs here without doing nothing at all.. we have something, regardless how small it is, to do here  =b )

yada yada... i dun't noe what to say... keeping in topic, i hope i could be a better person this Ramadhan, although i may not have done good so far yet.. anyway, went for Terawih last night.. was a lil hungry afterwards so we went to Jasema to buy some food.. saw a couple of ppl there.. *sigh* the memories.. how great were they then.. as always, i drifted apart, not that we were very close or anything.. well, close enough to have my phone taken away from me cuz we've been chatting on the phone way too often heheheh those were the days... we're grown up now, n that just remained as a fragment of our memories...

anyway, we'll be going to Selayang this weekend, then to PD the following weekend, then TTDI, and the following weekend, we'll be preparing for Raya... see how fast time goes by sometimes... super fast  =) i'm just gonna leave all the blabbering in another post... till then, hope u all have a blessful month..

Selamat Berpuasa

I'm Thinking of Switching Jobs

but i haven't figured out what i wanna do with my life..

so how?


what pops into ur mind when u think about life? where do u see urself in 5 years time? i'll be 30 then.. n i havn't got a clue what i'll be like then.. life is so subjective.. it's so broad..