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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away

or in my case, 2 glasses of milk will keep my bone strong  =b

failed the 1st day.. there was no milk at home huhuhu the day we went to Selayang (last Saturday) we accidently left our milk n my youghurt there.. so no cereal for me then.. however, papa did bought some yesterday, but didn't manage to have some for sahur since i was already full (after drinking a cup of coffee and a piece of bread.. yeah)

anyway, on top of that, i'm thinking of eating apple more.. actually fruits in general.. they're yummy but sometimes when we need to cut it first, it becomes tedious and no one really have the urge to be the fruit cutter (except papa of course...)

bored, i'm thinking of doing some reading on what i previously learned in college.. who knows they might come in handy now right.. time to dig up my big 'ol black box for all those reading materials...