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Monday, January 21, 2013


I shall start my post today with a big sigh.....


today is the day, i shall choose happiness.. choosing to see the positive side of things n not think about the negative (or having put up a wall).. 

today is the day i walk the talk and not just think of the ideas of things...

today is where i prove to myself that i am more than what i make out to be...

in the wise words or my dearest ShayCarl, the secrets to life is hidden behind the word clishe'

And with that, i shall persevere and just do it  


Friday, January 11, 2013

My To-Do List for This Weekend

So i've got about 4 things in mind that i'd like to do for this weekend and hopefully succeed in doing...

- clean out my closet.. need to put away all clothes that i don't wear anymore (or can't fit huhuhuh)
- finish reading that book (so i can move on and read something else)
- 30 mins of zumba (hahahaha try je)
- Amanda's 290 challange (let's try this again hehehehe)

so yeah, that's my plan for the weekend... on top of that, will go for dinner to celebrate yaya n mama's birthday woot woot... then in connection to that, have to do some little shopping for "christmas stocking" stuff hehehehe orange dh ade dh  =b  that is all.. bye

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Our Genting Trip

*** started to write this on 4 Oct 2012 ***

so i mentioned in my last post that we went to genting last friday.. didn't have a lot of things there but we had fun.. just trying to share some pics from my tab.. gedabak nye nk bwk ke hulu ke hilir.. 

woke up that morning and did some chores.. we booked the 9 am bus so we could do some laundry.. we took the bus from OU and reached there just in time.. we board the bus n the bus started to depart.. it was a quicker trip than what we initially thought it would be.. reached halfway there and was supposed to take the cable cable car.. unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how u see it), the cable car was down, so we had to wait for another bus to pick us up and take us to the peak boohoo... 

it was kinda cold once we got there.. perhaps cuz it was raining season.. we weren't dressed for the cold so was a bit chilly for us at first.. got there and walked inside the theme park.. not much rides there but my sisters did manage to persuade me to ride the Solero (xtau spell) it was scary for me huhuhuh it didn't help that my safety latch or gear or whatever u call it, was loose.. although it was locked, it still felt scary.. i didn't like what it does to my tummy.. i think that's what makes it scary.. tried it once, might not try it again haahahaha then jln2 lg and took pictures.. before we exit the outdoor theme park, i rode the Superman ride with yaya (i'm pretty sure that's not the name).. that was better.. less scary for me even though they had the loop hehehe maybe cuz it wasn't too high and too fast   =D some pics we took..

 mama went to London while we were in Genting.. guess she wan't the only one hehehehe

"I'm at a payphone trying to call home, all of my change i spent on you" 

 "Riding the bus with my sister".. Name that movie #spolier hahaha

funny story bout this.. izad thought she filmed us, but she didn't press record hahahaha this was the best ride, rode this twice heheheh

"I have a big head but small arms" Rawwrrrrr!!! (Name that movie)

"who wants some kisses? gimme some kisses.. muahh muahh" 

 "why so serious?"

izad xnk naek sbb we had to baring face down... but it was fun..

owh one thing to highlight while we were outdoor, we tried the herbal tea egg yg shikin sker sgt tu.. we bought 1 and shared between me and yaya.. skali sedap plak hehehe rs mcm makan ngn kicap je... then later we went inside to just jln2 around.. we bought sweet potato which was yummy hehehe funny thing, they wrote rm 2.50 /100g and we didn't really see the 100g part.. so when yaya was about to pay, she took out rm2.50... skali org tu timbang and it cost rm15!! huhuhu naseb baek la sedap.. mmg mkn habis hehehe  so while inside, since there's nothing there, we went inside Ripleys'.. it was my 2nd time there, 1st time ngn kin n jue.. nothing really change, mostly same je the things inside.. then we also wen't for the 4D ride inside.. ok2 jer la tu.. then more jln2 until we were done about 5pm i think..

yummy sweet potato 

"inaz, amek pic sy dgn roti ni" 

papa's favorite saying whenever we're getting ready to go out.. it's the name of a restaurant in New York..

then it was time to go back and yeayy the cable car was working again.. but boo i didn't thought i'd get scared of it hehehe suddenly i felt like my nerves were tightening up and i didn't want to move.. tp takot2 pon sempat cam whoring gk hahaha and it was a long way down.. didn't know how i survived the cable car at Langkawi.. that one was much scarier i remember, but somehow, i was fine with it..

muke tgh takut hahahaha 

i love them to bits and pieces 

long way down

anyway, reached down and took the bus back to OU.. then blh plak my boss text me and said she wanted to call me at 7pm.. it was almost 7pm and i was still in the bus so i asked her to call me at 8pm instead, but then she decided to call me at 9pm huhuhuh tgh cuti2 pon ade gk call from office.. so once we reached OU, we had nandos for dinner.. and that was the end of our short trip.. it was nice and fun cuz of the company, not the place.. thinking of going to USS next, but we'll do Perth 1st hehehehe haven't done enough research for that, so have to start soon.. by end of jan, we should already have a place to stay... 

till the next post, toodles..

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Gobo Chit Chat, Traders Hotel

*** This post was originally written on 4 Nov 2012 ***

So for this years' 5 in 1 birthday celebration, we decided to try out Traders Hotel, near KLCC.. so far, we've had this 'tradition' of ours at Ole-Ole Bali and Le Meridien Hotel.. (click it to read and drool) n seems like we're trying to top off the previous place we eat.. so yeah, we decided to go to Traders since it's in the heart of KL (poyo).. unfortunately, mama wasn't feeling well that day since she just got back from Indonesia huhuhuh we didn't take much pics, cuz the lighting wasn't good for pics.. 

before makan, harus camwhoring dlm ladies hehehehe p/s: spot the skull

 our fellow New Yorkers xde food sgt, so she had bbq lamb and prawn...

 and by the look of it, i think this is hers too...

 not sure if this was mine or yaya.. dim sum, satay, mixed vegie, sea asparagus and chocolate tart..

this is what i had, off course plenty of dim sum yummyy..... clam and mussels, some mee, sea asparagus and salmon...

Oysters and salmons.. yaya had these.. i tried oyster once, didn't like it.. loved the salmon tho..

we didn't have much deserts.. we shared these.. owh, they had a chocolate fountain like le meridien too...

yaya had these yummy cookies & chocolate pie? (dunnoe what it's called)

lps makan pon harus cam whoring dlm ladies hahahahaha

so yeah, not much pics to share.. basically they had the cold food area, where the salads were + shrimp, salmon etc.. then they had like a sandwich area and also a Japanese food area where they had sushi and miso soup... then they had the bbq area which is near the rice and all the lauk2 heheeheh and also an area dedicated for desserts.. i didn't take pics of the food bar so it's kinda hard to explain what they have, but overall it's a good place to eat and satisfying for my taste..

i like the ambiance at Traders more, since there were less people and it felt more cozy.. the lighting was low which made me feel like no one is watching us while we're eating.. bright places tend to give the impression that i have to be extra well mannered hahahaha anyway, i can't remember the total damage for it all but i'm pretty sure the buffet cost about RM80++ per head.. so not so bad for me.. what's sure is that it's slightly cheaper than Le Meridien, plus better parking.. so yeah, so if u have some extra ka-ching to spare, u could try this place out... 

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant @ TTDI

*** i wrote this on 26 Dec 2012 ***

Yesterday, my parents celebrated their 30th Anniversary as a married couple.. we decided to try out this Japanese restaurant at our area which opened somewhere this year, so it was quite new.. izad doesn't really eat Japanese food but when we browsed their menu sometime ago, they serve western food as well, so we thought izad could have that.. sadly last night, the western menu was unavailable so that was a bummer for her.. sorry izad!! our usual Japanese food place Chikuyotei, previously at Istana Hotel is nowhere to be found, and previously izad just share some of our food..  papa would have his sukiyaki and we'll just have tempura.. i thought of trying something different.. so this is what we had last night...

i didn't blog about this, but yaya and i had this sushi craze going on this month where we went for Sushi King 3 times!!! just December alone.. our favorite was the edamame which is a green peas like vegie.. we had the same thing last night, and ordered two helpings...

papa ordered his sukiyaki.. i didn't manage to taste some but according to him, he would prefer the one at Chikuyotei... i like the fire heating the pot thing.. unfortunately, by the time they gave papa the egg, papa only managed to cook it for less than 2 mins before the fire went off boohoo..

mama had tempura.. a variety of tempura... she didn't order the set, but order their Japanese rice to go along with it.. off course she shared this with papa too.. she had the Ebi Tempura (prawn) and Yasa Tempura (mix vegie one).. she also ordered miso soup (yummy)

yaya had this spicy ramen.. i had some and it tasted like mee rebus to me hehehe it was ok, but not the kind of thing we'll order again (next time nk sushi je)

i took a long time browsing through the menu.. i ordered the Ebi Tempura Maki (prawn sushi) for us to share.. then i thought of having a meal to myself but couldn't figure out what to have.. so i ordered the Shake Maki (salmon sushi) for us to share.. i figured, just eat that and see how thing goes... i love the Ebi Tempura Maki.. if we were to go there another round, i will surely order that again..

papa and mama also ordered the steamed tofu which we all shared.. it was nice..

we didn't take much pics that day... got a pic of my drink, and err my sisters... yes, no pic of my parents even though we were celebrating their anniversary.. i asked izad to take a pic, n she forgot.. ngeng la hahahaha

so since no western food available that day, izad didn't order anything.. i thought of ordering the chicken teriyaki for her but wasn't sure if she'll eat it... she had McD after that  =b so total damage for all the food above plus 3 watermelon juice, Japanese tea and cold water is RM184.47.. i'd rate that place 7/10.. it wasn't superb, but yet i haven't tried most thing on the menu.. the sushi were good n yummy.. might have to try more sushi to give a better rate.. keeping my options open to go again, not like Meat Point =b tu skali je pon xpe hehehehe

It's A New Day

And i've got a couple of things in mind about what i wanna do this year.. my main challenge is to force myself to be discipline and consistent... i need short term goals, and i need to be strict on rewarding myself... while i figure those things out, in the meantime, i'll just clear of my drafts... 

Happy New Year all!! lets have a good one  *cheers*