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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year In Review: 2011

wasn't so sure how to do this.. thought of having small flashbacks of the most memorable or sweet or random memories per month, that'll be proper right? but my memory ain't that good  =b i'll just try to list down things i remember, but before i do that, i would wanna give a speacial honour of having the first mention to the best memory of 2011... that would be the wedding of my best friend, Jue!! hehehe i know i didn't blog about it much cuz my laziness came flooding ever since then, but it was the sweetest memory for this year.. it really made me realised how grown up we are and how far we've come since we first met was back in 1995.. it was a slow week cuz we didn't do much, but the more i think about it, the more it makes me appreciate them more, especially after the conversation i had with my little sister yesterday  =b anyway, besides being the big day for my bestie, it was also the first time the three of us (me, Jue n Kin) was back in labuan together, at the same time, ever since 1998... otherwise, it'll be me with jue or kin with jue.. definitely something exciting and sentimental to think about hehehehe 2012 will be the year for Kin, so will 2013 be mine? *gag* padahal, i was the one engaged first to my prince charming kn korg? hahahaha anyway, apart from the above, few things i could remember about this year....

the day i lost control of myself and went balistic.. it was hedious n one that i hope NEVER EVER happens again..

work-wise, among the best experience i could have hehehe weird but it's true.. stressfull, tiring but fun at the same time..

managed to go on a short vacation with my sisters to Bandung.. i know i rate it bad, but it's more of the fact that we went on a vacation than the place itself that made this point on my list hahahaha

family dinner esp at Le Meridien and Marche'  =b  (just cuz it involves the two things i love the most, family and food)

the moment i was obsessed with the Shaytards..

@RayWJ followed me on twitter and getting a reply from @Lisa_Nova (i'm a geek, so what)

Going to a Westlife concert and watching them  perform Tell Me What Makes A Man live!!!

Paid off my car loan for a year and counting down the days when i could afford a house muahahaha

and yes, from today onwards, i'm flushing "New Year Resolutions" down the toilet... the hell with it, i never do them anyway, n i won't live another year being reminded of my lack of accomplishment.. like i said in one of my previous post, i do have goals, but it's more like a change of living.. i'll just go with the flow this time.. i'll just do what i do the best i can (sgt2 poyo), but whatever..

so Happy New Year!! may 2012 be a better year for everyone.. cheers!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quote of the Week

"Once you start to dislike someone, everything they do begins to annoy you."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hotlink Sucks Big Time!!!

***update: it turns out, it wasn't my 3G.. i checked my balance just now n was left with only RM0.79!!! what the fuck?? so i called Hotlink again, n they said that it has nothing to do with my 3G, but my data service instead.. Selvi (or someone with that similar name) gave me totally the wrong info, n although it's only RM2 that was cut, it's still an error on their behalf.. why should i be paying for their mistake?? what if i still had RM20 in it instead n by the time i check my balance, i'm left with nothing.. will it be my fault?? do i have to bear the consequences?? is it my job to constantly check my balance when they are suppose to be giving good service?? it's official, i'm changing to another telco this thursday n hoepfully won't be goin through the same thing***

this long weekend, i'm gonna go hunting for a new n better telco service.. i've been using hotlink/maxis ever since i first got my own hp back in form 5... Hani changed to Celcom, so i'll go see what options i have.. i've never really got a problem with Hotlink before, it just started since i got my Blackberry...

when i first bought my phone, i took the package that came with it where i had to pay about RM200 a month for my postpaid, RM120 for unlimited BIS (internet) and RM80 for call/sms charges.. but even so, it' wasn't a fixed rate cuz i ended up paying like RM220 a month or so due to some charges that i dun really understand... ok i admit it might be ignorant on my part not to question each of the detail but procrastination has always been my middle name.. so after a year, i decided to change to prepaid.. mainly cuz i barely use the RM80 cuz i dun call n rarely text (there's no one to contact anyway), n we got unifi at home n i've been using wifi most of the time.. so to continue paying RM200 for something i don't fully utilise is of course a waste of my money..

so then i went to TTDI Maxis centre and changed to prepaid.. i had a plan n i thought it was straight cut, top up RM60 a month, use RM20 for internet n the remaining for call/sms (n since i only contact my family, i use whatsapp most of the time) so RM60 a month is more than enough.. but then my credit starts to reduce everytime my BIS expires.. weird thing is it kept going up and down... and yes, i continue to procrastinate to go to any maxis centre and enquire about it.. but today, i had enough!!

i woke up yesterday n read a text msg saying that my BIS had expired.. fine by me.. i checked my credit n there was about RM13++ left.. then i turned off my wifi (cuz that was my previous theory, my credit reduces cuz my wifi is on).. then later the day, i text my sisters (one using hotlink under my active10, n another using Digi) n by the time i left the office on my way to the train station, my credit was RM8.43!! this was after i text them less than 10 times.. then at the train station, i texted them a once each n did a quick check after each text... i was charged 1cent for a text to Digi, but RM1 for a text to a hotlink number under my active10.. what the fuck??!! so yeah, i had RM7.33 left after that.. then at home when i checked again, i had RM7.93... dude that's messed up... n this morning at the train station, i had RM3 only!!

i felt like punching someone so i called hotlink and asked why is my credit reducing from RM13 to only RM2++ when i just sent out total of 11 text msges.. turns out, i had to manually deactivate my 3G.. all these while, after turning off my wifi, n not using my internet at all, i was charged cuz my 3G was still on!! RM10 gone just cuz of this little information i wasn't made known.. is it just me, or does this kind of information should be communicated to customers? when i asked the person at the maxis centre, so now i can just use the monthly BIS by goin to *100# right?  should the person let me know that yes, but after every BIS expiry, u'll need to deactivate your 3G otherwise u'll still be charge.. well, thanx a lot, for not letting me noe about this..

owh right, either they managed to get another RM1 before i deactivated my 3G, or deactivating my 3G cost me RM1... whatever it is, they're definitely on my bad side now.. maybe this could be solved if i still continue using my Nokia 3315?? no internet charges whatsoever, no 3G shit n all right?  =b  i'm outtie... Bye

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Year Is Ending

and sooner than we realise.. December is a lazy month for me when it comes to blogging.. it pretty much started towards the end of November, n i still don't have that writing bug so i'm just gonna leave it at that.. won't really sqeeze my mind to think of something, or even so force myself to put in the effort.. i might just leave it at that for a while till i really feel like so.. long weekend coming up soon.. will bury myself in a bunch of books most probably.. currently got my 17th Stephanie Plum at hand.. then next month i'm gonna buy myself a handful of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot series.. it's like a competition between these authors.. which book can i get the most.. the race is pretty much a three way race between Janet, Jodi and Agatha, but Jodi is like a shared thing between me n my lil sis...

so yeah, pretty much got that covered, so won't be writing much till new year perhaps? maybe teeny weeny things here and there, but nothing major.. so don't miss me  =b  (as if)

p/s: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just in case i won't be back within this year   =D

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Randomly Ad-Hoc

Owh muffin top,
you have just gotta stop,
you're presence is unwelcome,
you need to go back to where you're from.
i'll try to vanquish you,
but it's kinda hard for me to do,
with guidance and determination,
i'll make sure i follow through my mission.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dropping By

don't have anything on my mind that i feel like writing of at this moment.. mood malas  =b

looking forward to spend some time with my sisters... nk gi karok this friday weehoo!!  then hopefully maen bowling on saturday after our class.. n bodek2 mohsin ajak karok ngn kazen2 plak muahahaha tp kak long xder la plak, shud be ok kot...

owh well.. been chillaxing at home n managed to finish another Agatha Christie book.. i'm loving my Hercule Poirot series.. now reading Tuesday with Morie.. so far a good read..  that's all =b  toodles..