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Thursday, August 25, 2005

short update

mood : bored n tired
music : none

my life is so hectic even tho there's not much that i do. i dun follow the time table i made except for my classes. i've got unfinished assignment due in 2 weeks. presentation n a report. plus 2 test that i'm not ready for next week. can life get any worse. my dad always says that taking my degree will be different. n yes it is. not like high skool anymore. more work less play. sure. i juz can't get use to it. time passes by fast. i'm gonna be 19 this year. if i'm lucky enuff to get my degree in 2008, that's when i'm 22 i guess, i'll have to decide whether to get a master or get a job, which, both, i'm not really looking forward to. i guess i've havn't really set my mind to get things seriously. i mean, get real, it's a wild life out there. n if can't control my self, put myself back together, be focus, i'm sure gonna suffer. yes, suffer not struggle. i'm suppose to struggle now. which reminds me of whut william hung ( yep the american idol guy) said, u need to struggle in order to succeed. n he's rite. it's juz that i'm not the kind of person he can survive struggling. sumhow, i'll be left behind. n if i dun do anything about it, i'm gonna stay that way, whether i like it or not. besides, it's whut i chose. i'm very good at talking crap. makes me miss blogging. tho, i can't blog as often as i want to. once a week might seems almost impossible's not fair if i can spend time blogging instead of studying, so i mihgt as well drop this. so here's the short update. thinking of changing my counter, it sux. plus it's no use at all

there's gonna be a kenduri at ajief's house. my sis is cuming home tomorrow. i went to era's pre show which wus quite fun. it was a recording. i got to see nana, nash, adam, sham kamikaze, zahid, farah, siti, waheeda, sazzy, awal, dayang, reshmonu etc. but bezz of all, when we were about to go home, kak anis ( doing her practical there) told us that jeff timmons from 98 degrees is here on ho live. so we dicided to go see him as well. hey, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. it was a nice experience. i'm on my holidays now. dunnoe whut else to type. i'll drop by soon...

Monday, August 08, 2005

computer break down

my computer broke down. n it was all my mum's fault. she's in bali rite now, having a holiday. i'll be fetching her from the airport later. i'm searching sum info for my sis project so i'll update later.