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Monday, March 18, 2013

My Biggest Regret This Past Week?

Insisting that she should take the hard copy and go through the papers again instead of taking her word that she had checked it...


Friday, March 15, 2013

Have a Kit Kat

let's take a break from the ups and downs of work life by stating that there might be a Treasure Hunt again this April!! weeehooo yes, i received some bad news and yes i was frustrated.. yes i had to suddenly stayback n finish up this procedures (boo hoo) but at least i can rejoice, knowing that my uncle's treasure hunt event is around the corner.. i joined last year's event and it was super fun.. if there can be 5 ppl in a team n izad is free, hopefully she can join us this time.. fun wehh, sker sgt2.. hopefully with the experience i have (hahahah br 2 kali join), we can perform better.. lets be champions!! hehehe ok, emailing some work, berangan buat time weekend  =b

koboi kampuit team!!! (it's so random, i don't even know what that is hahaha)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm super disappointed right now...
but as Shay Carl says, I choose to be happy..
or at least try


Monday, March 11, 2013

22nd Is Approaching

And blom ape2 lagi dah berangan huhuhuhu over k.. i'm having this inner debate within myself, one part sruh save up and only but what is necessary.. the other part plak is saying, as long as u save 'some', u can spend as much as u want.. and that 'some' is very subjective... i have a few days left to think of what i can do... think wisely inaz  =b 

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace A Chance

it's all we ever talk about for the past few days.. we hear it on the news everywhere.. it used to happen to other people, in other countries.. and never to us.. we used to say "i can't imagine what they are going through right now", but now some of us will actually know how it feels.. the pain, the suffering.. i'm super emotional with these kind of news.. i wept for the families who lost their loved ones.. i don't think i will ever be able to deal with it in a sane manner..

all of this only started to sink in when i found out that one of our best friend will be deployed there.. and then i started to think too much.. and then i started to get super sad.. which sucks because it's weird.. i wasn't sure whether to make a big deal out of it or not.. i didn't know to what extent was it all about.. i had mixed feelings.. and that was just my friend.. imagine what a wife or a mother or a daughter have to go through.. pictures were posted of troops hugging their families saying goodbye, welcoming their duty as they knew this is what they signed up for.. 

and a note my best friend made rang true.. after all, she should know.. we don't see the effort and sacrifice the troops made in order to keep our country safe.. the training they endure, the time away from their loved ones.. and when duty calls, they are separated yet again.. at times like these we acknowledge and appreciate them.. and if some might think, finally the army has something to do, that statement, when we think about it really, is not something we would want.. we'd rather have them train and be prepared than being out there practicing what they have been preparing for.. 

i won't dwell too much on the history of things cuz me, myself ain't really sure about it.. my dad did explained it to me and i did read it in the papers, but i couldn't comprehend it fully.. but whatever it is, there are always other ways to go about it.. peaceful ways.. and that's what we want.. we want to live peacefully.. and to many of us, even after what has happened, we are still living peacefully.. kind of ironic the people who aren't, the people who are fleeing their homes, are mostly the Suluks... 

so let us all just pray that things will go well.. peace will be back in order.. our troops will come home safely to their loved ones.. alive.. tired yet alive.. let there be no more unnecessary spill of blood.. and on another note, with all these going on, i'm proud to be the granddaughter of an army and a policeman.. although i do wish i knew more about them... i wish i learn more about them and their occupation...

Fight hard and come back unharmed!!!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Baby Baby Baby ooohhhhh

 Ok, this time try entry BM plak huhuhuh baru 3 kali jumpe budak kecik ni, maybe 2 kali je kot ‘lepak2’ ngn die, time gi labuan dgn my sisters n time wedding jue.. the last time gi labuan, xsempat sangat nk maen2 ngn die..last week, jue bg baby try gune whatsapp.. kate nk bg die blaja baca n eja.. bagus la tu heheheh and memang cara die type sebijik ngan cara die cakap.. even though tak slalu dgr die ckp, but boleh bayangkan die ngan suara high pitch die tu.. pandai la die cari2 emoticon dlm hp jue, and mmg sesuai ngn ayat plak tu.. amek2 picture sendiri and send pon pandai.. and pandai amek pic jue tgh buat muke seposen hehehehe

Pastu die maen2 colour la, teka2 ni ape etc.. kite letak picture sushi and sruh die teka.. die jawab “hat dok” hahaha betol la tu baby.. pastu die letak pic alien, tanya ni ape… “mangkluasing kah?” hahahahah lawak2… tp paling lawak, was a few days ago.. die bagi soalan matematik.. ok la jawab.. soalan normal 2-2=? Ade gk soalan pelik huhuhuh adam ade 50 sen tapi tak cukup utk beli ice cream, macam mana lah? Haihh blh plak die kate xcukup duit jgn la beli huhuhuh rupenye ni jwpn jue slalu bg kt die if die nk beli barang.. tu tahan lagi soalan plg blur “ape yang di kena ape?” mcm mane nk jawab tu, soalan pon xpaham huhuhuh adam n imran pergi taman ape? Jwpn, taman botani la hahahaha random habis k.. ni ade dalam buku bahasa melayu muka surat 3 hahaha baby2…

Dh sakit perut gelak n sakit pipi senyum2, skali die blh plak Tanya “kamu bn ke pus?” alamak, baby tanya soalan politik ni.. mind you, she’s only 8 ok.. then die kate “aku bn” huhuhu pelik la jugak, die ni tau ke ape die tengah ckp ni, so tanya la dia, “bn tu ape?” and jawapan die ni la yang paling xbleh belah.. “bn tu nacip” hahahahah adeh NACIP hokeyyy dh macam org gler gelak sorg2… adeh baby ni.. kenapa die sokong bn? Sbb dapat duit seratus, masuk bing (bank) huhuhuh dh jadi a thing la plak whatsapp dengan die.. but fun la  =b  xtau la bler blh bawak die jln2 kn.. jue ko bwk la baby sini.. err tp susah plak nk cikus nnt kn  =b

geram!!!! (sorry, malas nak caption each pic)