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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ring the Bell

today was productive.. any guess why? well, for start, i got my first deal in.. woot!! it was my 2nd week at Marcus Evans and my 4th day on d floor.. quite an accomplishment i must say.. so on top of my half paycheck n d 10% commission, i got another 250 as d 1st person to close a deal which was an intensive promised to us.. so double woot for payday =D i havn't been posting anything lately, esp about my new job.. thins is, i'm tied up with work, what with all the lead research i'm supposed to be doing but lacking.. i can't concentrate on one thing for even an hour without being distracted.. TV too near? probably.. so how about a new laptop.. hopefully by end of this year i could afford one.. keeping my fingers crossed for another deal dis week.. not many of us who came for training d other day stayed.. newbies will come soon, i think it's diz friday.. so i really wish my other mates get a deal by then too.. of course it's flattering n overwhelming to be among the 1st, but it's kinda awkward too.. lets all be bigheads together hahaha

since i'm just taking up d time to post an update, i might as well give a quickie about my job.. so basically i'm in a brand bew division in asia pacific which is d professional training division.. we sell trainings (duh!) n currently have 2 topics.. at the moment, my team needs to focus on the thailand market as our target n later on will switch to malaysia.. so whut i do is actually calling up companies to offer the trainings to them.. this job has it's highs n lows.. it sux big time when no one picks up d phone or u're on hold like forever.. but then there are times when d person on d other line is helpful n patient... so after giving them a call n doing a full pitch, we need to drop them an email along with our program n arrange a call back time.. Karen helped me with d callbacks which basically is to get d decision on their part.. n if it's a yes, they'll register n pay everything.. once the fax is in, dat means u got a deal n at Marcus Evans, we ring the bell!!

so yeah, i got to ring my 1st bell!! thus d title.. i'm tired.. it's actually 15th september today.. i noe this is a delayed post.. i just can't find d time to properly update this.. on dat note, i'll c ya soon... happy hari raya..