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Sunday, January 31, 2010

so where to start

this is gonna take super long and i dun really feel like writing much right now as it's 2am n i need 2 get up early later.. getting back from where i stop previously, i work in Maybank now which is so-so at d moment.. i could say it's totally different from whut ME was, i need to use my brain more this time =b it's basically more towards financial stuff which i'm totally not interested at all... but then just to please my dad, here i am.. at least d perks here is i get paid more.. dat is if i make no deals at ME... i miss it there sumtimes... met up wif Ian n all sumetime back.. we had dinner n i was told dat feena got 11 deals already which is freaking awesome.. but then i won't complain.. i dun have much to do at d moment so it's basically like i'm paid for doing nothing =b which is cool right...

owh, jue came over for shikin's bday as a surprise.. we pulled a prank on her n got her good.. pics n d video of it is on fb.. we slept at park royal since jue kaya gler hahah seriously girl, save money la.. ko tu dh nk kahwen =b but overall i had a good time with them.. we went to euphoria n i wasn't really in d mood anymore for those stuff so i juz hung around.. i promised my kazen i'll be good n i was =)

speaking of which, sara is getting married n we're having her bachelorette party later at the curve.. karok jer la.. kazen belambak but only a few cud make it.. dun mind anyway since usually karok pon mmg xramai sgt.. movies jer leyh ramai cuz brla guyz nk join.. owh we're thinking of watching a movie once a week.. sorta like our weekly activity.. well actually ngn mohsin jer la ... so we have this invisible list of movies to watch... hopefully xpokai ar..

which reminds me, nk blackberry!!! ok lar, i was actually aiming for a sidekick but i dun think they sell it here n if i ask mariam to get one for me kt UK, i'm juz worry that it won't be compatible and all.. so nk black berry la... but it cost a lot n if i really do spend dat much money on it, i'm afraid i won't have much left... kosong kot nnt my acct huhuh i'll give till end of feb to decide nk bli ker x..

so i've been reading a lot now.. super fun.. i remember reading an article saying that averagely, malaysians read 2 books a year... giler ke ape.. i think if given the time n money, i could read 2 books a month.. if i could recall properly, i remember reading angels and demons in december.. since then, i finished reading perfect match by jodi picoult and another dan brown book, the lost symbol.. currently i'm finishing the island of lost girls n then i'm planning to read mercy.. nmpk sgt xder keje cuz byk time nk bacer.. it's interesting so who cares la...i'm a loner n i love my books... i could picture my own home now with its' own library... if dpt cm belle pon best gk but impossible la...

adeh, i thot i said i dun feel like writing.. didn't i say i suck at summary...i'd just blabber on and on... i miss it.. having to write sumthing worth reading... working on more poetry soon.. kinda hit a wall at d moment.. i'm off to bed now.. nites

Thursday, January 07, 2010


currently sitting in d office... which office? well there's so much to talk about, i'll need a whole day juz updating.. i won't even bother summarising it cuz i totally suck at dat n would babble on and on.. bottom line, i miss writing n will find some time to do it soon.. in the meantime, happy new year everyone... lets make this year rock!! *hugs*