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Thursday, January 31, 2008

locked lips and locked eyes

who would've thought the latter would be more difficult.. yesterday, my mum and i went to pay my fees at KDU and later went to OU to buy movie tix for friday.. since there were plenty of time left, we decided to stop by at Lovely Lace.. dat's like my mum's fave store ever lol.. so on our way back, we were stopped by this couple from karangkraft.. there was going to be a small get to gether among Dunia Baru cast ( a series) with a few of their fans, n d girl asked if i wanted to join them, so i said yes.. so i followed them to the reptile exhibition n waited for d rest to arrive.. we went to Kluang Station 4 a while to get sum drinks n was joined by Iqram (d only cast who turned up).. so a couple of minutes later, we went up n started taking pictures with the animals there, mainly to keep it short, there was 1 time when they told me to stand next to Iqram near a cage with what appears to be a small tapir.. apparently d pictures didn't turn out well so we took another shot near d iguana cage... so, we were sitting opposite of each other n we were suppose to look at each other... d thing is i felt very awkward juz gazing into his eyes dat i felt stupid everytime d cameraman had to correct d position of my face... n Iqram was also like "look at me, dun look anywhere else.. he wants d right angle." n i was like getting all anxious n uncomfortable for a minute... i wasn't prepared for this thus lack of make-up.. i could feel my lips getting dry... n he was looking at me straight in to my eyes making me more uncomfortable... ok so maybe it's not a big deal, i mean i'm not really his fan... but i felt stupid.. how hard is it to actually look into sum1's eyes?? n to think dat i'd be good at acting.. think again girl, it's a tough job.. anyway, i'm not sure if my heart did a flip back then but i deffinitely dun wanna go thru dat again... at least not in front of a camera.. n i'd rather kiss him =b i juz think dat'll be easier.. eyes closed n all.. u noe d drill... so dat's the small update so far... i'll keep u posted


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

happy new year everyone!! hopefully good things will come ur way this year n may it be a blessing 4 u =)

so apart from partying and drinking n whatever people do in order to celebrate n greet this new year, they also make new resolution to sumhow achieve goals to supposedly improve themselves.. well, i havn't really been those who make resolution cuz i noe that i won't do my best to try n make it happen... how bout a change then, i thought... so last night before i go 2 bed, i squeeze my brain to think of things dat i would like to do this year... so after listing points n making them general so it'll be easier for me 2 start, i've decided on a few things dat i could do... so these r my new year resolution;

1) eat reasonable amount of food n exercise, at least once a month
2) spend more time studying instead of sleeping, listening to music n day dreaming
3) make more effort to practice playing the guitar, since u waited years 2 actually buy it
4) post more entry in my blog, at least once a month or once a fortnight


5) make more friends as i realized i have none =b

achievable?? hopefully... wish me luck aight.. have a good year....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


you were younger than me,
i knew from the start that we were never meant to be,
besides u're the boyfren of my sisters' bestfren,
one way or another, they're gonna find out in the end.

but we tried our luck anyway and juz go with the flow,
how long will it last? well none of us will ever noe,
so far so good we thot so we juz carried on,
seeing each other at night till the break of dawn.

time is precious with every moment spent with you,
we laughed together at the stupid things we do,
juz seeing you makes me feel happy,
it's different from what i feel with that guy, lee.

you make me forget the people i hate,
even that bitch in college that i could never relate,
i really like those feelings, it's a feeling i'll never forget,
both loving you and being loved by you, how much better can it get.

then one day i received a call from you,
from the tone of your voice, it was bad news, i knew,
she suspects sumthing so i want this to stop,
those words u said juz made my heart drop.

i won't say that my world came crashing down cuz it didn't,
my feelings for you never changed but i kept them hidden,
there were times when i got mad and tried to hate you,
but then the opposite of love is not hate but to not care about the person you do.

so after awhile i thot that things will be juz like it used to be,
pretending the past didn't happen and i was juz simply free,
but the thot of you kept haunting me, they won't leave me alone,
and there were times i caught myself staring at your name on my phone.

the more i think of you the more i miss you, how can i make this feeling go away,
i know you belong to another but please give me the chance to say,
being with you was wonderful but yet i regret that it happen,
cuz as much as i wanted to, yuo're not easily forgotten.

this thing was expected so why do i feel this way,
reminiscing the times we shared, owh how i wish you'd juz stay,
but now you're gone and i realised in time,
that i still love you so much even tho u were never mine.