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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I was born for Broadway, baby

I hate being in the center of attention... i'm ok if it's with my family or closest friends . but not really for others... yes, i'm that bias.. 2 good gestures this year but both made me feel like a horrible person for not appreciating it.. benci k.. no means no but i guess some ppl don't get the hint.. *sigh*

anyway, on another note, how does a loner spend her birthday? nothing different than other day, cuz really, there's nothing special about it.. i'll be 27 for 365 days, no biggie la... but i did however used it as an excuse to pamper myself.. what did i do? i went to watch hairspray Musical Live!!! woot woot!!!! although my bday is in Oct, but i had an early bday present for myself and went to watch the show in Sept..

ticket for one please  =b

yes, as a loner i went and watched the show alone.. i asked the obvious if they wanna go see but they all decline.. the next obvious person to ask was Mohsin but i was kinda broke so after giving it some thought (and although i have a strong feeling that he won't mind paying it himself), i decided to have some me time.. it did felt a little awkward but that awkwardness disappeared once the show started..

i didn't get much pics cuz it was kinda hard to... how was the show? superbly awesome!! it would've been more perfect if i got seats that were closer to the stage, but then those tickets cost a fortune.. i love all the songs and enjoyed every second of it, except the part when Link Larkin sang.. Zac Efron sounded much more lovely than he did.. Penny's one liners were laughable even with having the same script as the movie.. the woman who was Amber's mom was amazing, her vocals just hit it there.. i'm no vocalist expert but i dare to say that she was pitch perfect...

thinking about it just makes me want to do broadway.. i love singing and dancing and theater actors don't usually get the fame that comes along with movie star.. just my cup of tea.. i remember seeing Starlight Express as a young kid way back in London, and i definitely fell in love with it.. i remember thinking how awesome it was for them to actually race in the theater hall on their rolling blade.. if ever they were to have a show here, i'd definitely go again.. i'd go alone too if i had to... Grease on the other hand was a little downer experience.. the whole family went but we sat at the upper tier so sound system and effect wise was very minimum... would love to go to another show if they'd have one again.. 

Alas, what i can do now is just day dream about it cuz let's face it, being a broadway star is something i definitely won't be hehehehe till next time.. bye...


Sometimes you set goals to better yourself.. when you're me, you'll know that following through you're goals are very challenging especially when it's always the same goal... and when you're me, you'll know that setting goals usually ends in failure..  yet, i keep doing them.. Shaytober is no different with Shaytember or any other new year resolution i used to have.. yet, going through it, it did feel different.. for once, i really did do what i set my mind to.. although not completely, but i am happy with what i did so far.. and the one thing i had control over is the consumption of my food.. thinking about this in my head, i understand a little bit more about bulimia, anorexia or the opposite of it, obesity.. in short, i think i'm one step closer to understand how people have food disorder.. it is really the one thing that seems easy enough to take control of.. 

but having said that, and not being in denial or anything, i don't think i have a food disorder.. yes, i used to eat what i want, but i'll stop whenever i'm stuffed.. and now, although i pick and choose what i eat, it's a step for me to be healthy and eat healthy.. so when i had an 'excuse' to better myself (which is participating in Shaytober), this time, i did my best to set realistic goals and follow through them.. i won't list them out here, it's already depressing enough to read my previous goals.. but i have it all in my head.. i knew October would be a challenging month given the circumstances, but i had a plan in my head, compromising with myself, give and take.. 

I knew it wouldn't be easy, nothing really is.. so i don't strict myself too much.. i have my cheat days.. weekends.. two days a week should definitely be enough to devour my cravings right? off course it is.. just look at the first weekend itself.. but i try not to be so hard on myself because i decided to have those cheat days.. i decided how much is enough.. i won't consume and cover what i had deny myself of.. because then, what's the point of it right.. so i did felt empowered (in some way) about this.. 

but then it happened... i caved in... not to my temptations but to others' request.. and that one minor decision i made, to care about others more than my own principles, was a major downer.. all those resisting, restricting myself and saying no, feeling a sense of accomplishment and proud, somehow it all just evaporated... it was nothing really.. very petty to compare.. and yet it had a huge impact on things.. how fragile can these feelings be.. i shouldn't over think this actually, but it kind of summarizes things.. even though i did my best, the conclusion will still be that i failed.. and that's just the thing that's bothering me.. not doing things on my terms but on others instead... even if i did the 300 challenge workout, i will always be haunted by that one bite.. and that's how negativity works.. even the slightest little negativity.. it just shoves all the positive thing you build up aside and make them seem worthless.. 

and that, my friend, is what i call weakness...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Skohns Canteen

Yes, i'm going through the pics in my phone and just writing short entries of places we ate.. since we started our kitchen renovation, i guess u can pretty much say we eat out a lot.. one day we were thinking of where else to have dinner, and mama suggested this place at Damansara Perdana.. yes, since mama rajin browse2 fb die, byk gak tpt she found out and suggested to go.. Cupcake Chapters and The Little Gerai for example (and sumer pon jenis makanan yg same kan hehehe) so that day we drove to Damansara Perdana and round2 sket to look for the place.. as usual, papa xjoin for dinner sbb "i'm ok je..." hehehe nothing to story2 just some pics i want to dispose of...

we ordered mushroom soup.. which was yummy.. previously only pizza hut nye mushroom sedap, tp tu style ala2 campbell.. now i'm liking these sorta wild mushroom soup.. sedapp...

we also ordered garlic bread...

it's still #Shaytober boohoo... i thought of having some salad tp xde serve la plak..  instead i ordered this jack potato with chilli n cheese.. time order tu i was thinking of gooey cheese mcm kenny rogers tu.. tp ni just mcm pizza je.. nevertheless, sedap gak la.. just one comment, perhaps they should put this under main course or something cuz it's kinda heavy to be a side dish...

then yaya n izad had lamb chop.. one pic je sbb same kan, just sauce je lain..

mama had steak..  i only had one bite n xingat sgt the taste.. but pinggan mama licin, so sedap la kan hehehehe

they also had some pastry tp lupe amek pic... xingat total baper, recipt pon xtau gi mane hehehe but again, another low point for this place, cash only.. xperasan la mmg usually these restaurants are cash only ke ape, but lately mmg cepat pokai and i don't have enough cash on me.. anyway, if u wanna try this place out, here's the address: 

Skohns Canteen,
G-13, Perdana The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5G, Damansara Perdana.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Serai @ Paradigm Mall

xpayah la nak review this place sgt kan... kinda well known already plus eating for 3 pax, don't have that much pics to share anyway... but a few weeks ago, mama, yaya and i decided to have lunch outside.. susah sgt nk fikir a place to eat even though we kept telling ourselves to make a list of places to eat.. we didn't want to go very far, so decided to go to Paradigm Mall.. my first time there... aduhh boleh sesat la plak skejap kat dlm tu sbb xjumpe Serai.. apparently it was at the opposite building.. bagus la tu kan.. we almost gave up but then there was no other place tempting enough to go.. again, malas nk tulis panjang2, but this is what we had..

i had the Serai Platter.. so fulling and definitely not #Shaytober material.. luckily i haven't started then hehehehe

yaya had this chicken pramagiana...

mama had cantonese fried kuey teow i think (xingat sgt, tp sedap gak)

then all 3 of us drool over this kid dish, spaghetti chicken mushroom... sedap gler yummmm

for dessert, pavlova la since this is kinda like it's signature desert... mmg sedap cuz it's not too sweet so blh mkn byk... i think so far, Alexis n Serai has the best pavlova... Alexis win on the amount of toppings heheheh

after this, gonna have a desert session with yaya hehehe ngidam la plak... if i list down all the things sy ngidam nk mkn skrang, i'm not sure how long it'll take hehehe  anyway, till next time.. bye...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Papa

Ok, so this post will be short cuz basically, i'm not really in the mood to write hehehe Last saturday was my dad's birthday.. he's 62 years old and insyaAllah panjang umur.. so naturally, we celebrate by eating out.. we're currently in the process of renovating our kitchen and since there were workers at the house, we had to wait till their done.. so we decided to have dinner to celebrate.. had some things to do that morning then went to klcc for brunch.. since it's #Shaytober, i had 'salad' for brunch.. i'm loving the salad bar that isetan supermarket have.. although the ones i had that day, had some cheese in it so not really 100% healthy hehehe

 this is broccoli mixed with mac and cheese.. super yummy 

 sautéed vegies.. yummmm

and since i'm doing "no sugar' on weekdays, i kinda treated myself to a mini milkshake =b

after that we got home and rest.. then we got ready for dinner.. our place of choice? Here i.e. Cupcake Chapters at Ukay Boulevard.. Papa didn't join us the last time we were there.. and since the food wasn't bad, we decided to take him there.. the place was kinda empty the moment we arrived, but got full soon.. not much to cite2 here, we just ate and sembang.. normal family dinner.. i had the same thing i did the last time we were there.. sedap oooo mashed potato tu pon sedap gak.. just kurang vegie je utk side dish die.. and also bummer mushroom soup habis *sob sob*.. anyway just some pics to share to add on from my previous review..

i forgot what this was called.. but yaya and izad had something similar..

 this is the giant burger papa had.. doesn't look big but the patty itself was thick...

mama had this lamb chop..

we shared this desert since everyone was full.. too sweet for my liking..

the birthday boy.. Happy Birthday Papa.. we love u so much

apparently i was too hungry to snap a pic of my own food, but i had the same thing i did the last time we came.. don't remember the total for that day, but what i remember was the down point to this place.. cash only huhuhu imagine the horror on my face when i found out about it and had no cash on me.. terpaksa buat muke xmalu kat mama, pinjam duit sket.. luckily though yaya had some.. so Cupcake Chapters, pls get one of those swipe2 thing for credit cards.. even though the place is not pricey, not everyone have enough cash on them to pay the bill huhuhhu that is all...

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Your Move

Game of Thrones book series

Urban Decay Smoked palette


Prince Harry