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Monday, April 22, 2013

What Will You Do?

So this happened last week.. i think it was thursday.. we were having lunch at the hawker centre when we heard this hissing sound which sounded like it came from the 1st stall of the row (we were 3 stalls away).. we looked over and saw the worker there had a worried look and immediately thought it was a gas leak.. but we also had doubts since the sound was quite loud to be a gas leak.. and a few seconds later, there was a loud bang and we knew we were right.. at that point  the worker ran inside to perhaps tried to turn off the gas.. some staff eating nearby started to get up and was ready to leave.. then a few seconds later, a fire broke out and people started to panic.. with the amount of gas that leaked, based on the hissing sound, we assumed that an explosion could be big.. so we started to walk away... then other people started to ran away... the aunty in charge of the stall tried to put out the fire.. her worker already ran out.. some ppl also tried to take the fire hose but water came out or something.. i think i saw a man giving the no sign, probably because hosing down the fire with water isn't suitable for a gas leak.. then another guy got the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.. all these while ppl were starting to run away (even those from upstairs) but at the same time, kept their eyes on the stall.. us being humans, we're still curious to know and see what happens next despite the danger.. 

then later, it got me thinking.. that could consider being a dangerous situation, yet not many ppl react the way we'd normally think.. i mean not a lot of ppl tried to help put the fire out.. i could say maybe there were 5 ppl who did tried or at least was brave enough to stand near and in front of the stall and did something... the rest just fled.. imagine if everyone was like that.. everyone fled and no one had the guts to put the fire off, i'm sure there will be a huge explosion what with the other nearby stalls also getting caught on fire and with their own gas tank.. and how about the stalls upstairs, kedai air abang nan tu.. i'm not sure if enough warning was given to them (or maybe because they knew things will get under control).. 

and then i thought, what if the hawker really caught on fire and exploded, do we evacuate the building? we have a fire drill at least once a year.. i'm assuming those are for occasions when the building itself caught on fire or other serious things.. then we'd assemble at our evacuation point.. but if the hawker exploded, it's not exactly our building but it's so near to us.. and do we go to the same evacuation point? cuz to get there, we need to walk near the hawker center, which i think might not be safe for anyone.. some question that might be best posed to the fire department of the bank (or whatever department u call it)

so i'm kinda wondering.. if u were in a situation like that, what will u do? will u be one of those brave souls and try to help or will u fled?

i should've taken a pic or film some right? but i was too busy running away hehehehe

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Love You To The Moon And Back

they never let me down

Monday, April 15, 2013

I Hate It When I'm Careless

One little small error could bring me down for a day.. 
or worse even a week huhuhuhuhuh

Three Countdowns

Woww my progress kinda sux on posting things here.. truth is, i don't really know what to write (as if that ever stopped me before) and a few weeks ago, i can't really find the time to... anyways, with April already here, just to note that there are 3 things i'm super looking forward to within this two months..

the first 'event' is our treasure hunt!!! weehooo super excited for this.. this would mark my third treasure hunt and hopefully three times the charm right? hehehe i wanna win!! so last year we went to Kuantan, and this year we'll be going to Perak.. yeayy we even took another additional day off on monday since we thought off taking a drive up north perhaps hehehe need to go buy some titbits to munch2 in the car =)  will let u know how it goes.. and lets just say a big thanks to whoever scheduled the election the following week, hence we don't need to cancel the event yeehawww

moving on from that, on the election day, we won't be around... why? we're going to Perth!!! weehooo super excited for that too.. this will be our biggest family vacation to date.. biggest as in the furthest la heheheh need to help my sister with the itinerary and also plan on how much to bring there.. kind of a bummer that we bought tickets without thinking things through too much cuz apparently there's nothing much at perth.. but nevertheless, we'll find things to do and hopefully get to plan for our next vacation for next year.. hopefully somewhere more awesome.. but izad xdpt join? huhuhuh

and after that, end of the month is another chillax vacation with my homies (poyo hahaha) excited for that too.. but not so excited about the vacation blues i usually get after huhuhuh nk make sure on our to do list, nk include laser tag heheheh mcm cukup quorum je... roller blade?  ermmm kne consider dlu heheheh  =D  then sure sorg tu nk gi makan pelita.. then nk blikan die pavlova sbb die xpnh mkn.. yummy in my tummy, sedapnyeee pavlova Alexis heheheh ok dunnoe what else to write.. i'm just excited for all these three things coming up soon..

Let the countdown begin!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Love Hate Relationship

so i got a new phone.. haven't totally decide whether i like it or not.. the battery to my bb went wonka on me.. i had to charge it about 5 times a day and i'm not exaggerating.. that's kinda too much even for a smartphone right.. so i've been contemplating about getting a new phone for quite some time.. i also thought about getting a new battery instead but that left me no excuse of getting a new phone hehehe and finally, after our yearly bonus (weehooo) i bought an S3.. it's red and i love the colour  =b  a touchscreen phone wasn't really what i was looking for.. but then most new phones are touchscreen, even the new bb z10 huhuhuh why i hate touch screen? cuz of all the typos i make huhuh and i can't type with one hand, or while driving (oops) or while on the train standing.. i'm kinda getting used to it but it might take me more time to master it hehehe i like that i can screenshot though.. and the pics are clearer although i rarely take pic..

on another note.. i do miss my bb sometime.. i miss the sound of an incoming bbm.. i miss typing on it and switching off my alarm in the morning without even having to look at it.. i still charge my bb sometimes hehehe just to see how it's doing.. i can still tweet on it at home cuz of my wifi so it can still be used.. yeahh in other word, i still stalk my ex-hp hahahahaha