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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Half Way Through

And i'm still the loser who failed a simple Shaytember.. sucks..i kinda have an idea what my new year resolution will be for next year.. make no resolution and expect nothing from yourself.. =(  although having said that, i just took my first step to another thing i had in mind for a long time.. inspired by Shay of course.. i'm not telling till it falls through, which should be somewhere in early October..

anyway, kin is going to labuan next weekend huhuhuh i wish i can tag along.. why does timing always seems so off.. mama's leaving on the 27th so will have to send her to the airport.. then us sisters are planning to go to genting.. last time i went there was with kin n jue, a last minute kinda thing n we didn't even go to the theme park.. so this will sorta be like the first time i'll be there.. just going there for the day, not spending the night there.. taking the bus so hopefully the driver is a safe one that doesn't drive like a maniac... looking forward to that.. but also bummed that i can't join kin to labuan.. although i did kinda promised myself that i'll go there this year, by hook or by crook.. i just don't know when =s 

ok dh malas tulis.. need to go through my emails n print out mamam's flight tix huhuhuh i hope she enjoys herself there n larat nk jalan2.. worry about her kaki or lutut yg slalu sakit tu.. nk jln2 kt OU pon die penat ape lg for vacation.. so hopefully all goes well for her.. n since she won't be around, i think i'll start experimenting on cooking again.. which reminds me, i need to post my Quinoa recipe.. ke dh? well, not that anyone will be trying it.. saje je  =b  okbye

Monday, September 10, 2012

I Fail

It's as simple as that.. i don't have reasons, but i do have excuses.. i couldn't fathom the point when i was writing it, but what was i thinking?? Fruit day over meatless monday? i was starving last thursday.. i had a good start, i bought strawberries and raspberries for work.. not that they were filling but just to fill my tummy a bit.. then during lunch i bought more fruits.. i guess it was ok, but then it kinda was the wrong timing.. i had cherry berry so basically the trips back and forth to the loo kinda make my stomach empty and eating only fruits doesn't really help.. i got home n was too tempted by mama's sambal udang huhuhuh although i didn eat that much, it still made me fail my 1st Shaytember goal *sigh* and as for my crunches? i did 40 crunches and then did some other abs workout but didn't really cover the remaining 60 crunches i was supposed to do.. i suck i know.. i guess the other 2 goals aren't really something i could be proud of.. it just goes to show what kinda person i am.. i pick and chose which goals to accomplish as long as their convenient huhuhuh 

so anyway, i was thinking of switching my first goal from fruit day to meatless monday.. but then being monday today, i kinda break that goal too as i had chicken.. Shaycarl did say that the secret is to never give up.. and maybe, just maybe, i won't.. i just won't name the day but i'll do my best to have a meatless day.. not that it have a huge impact.. the weekend was my trial.. we managed to make quinoa salad, thanx to the Shaytards recipe.. we edit bits here and there but mostly the ingredients were the same.. we were kinda nervous bout how it taste, but it was surprisingly good.. izad n mama couldn't eat it so the definition of good kinda defers.. i'll put up the recipe later with pics, although the pics doesn't really seem to look that yummy.. so yeah, made that on saturday and had laksa.. not really meatless cuz kuah laksa ade ikan right? but i didn't physically ate a fish.. so i'm tricking my mind to say that was my version of meatless saturday  =b then on sunday, had quinoa salad for breakfast, ate quite a lot actually, then ahd dimsum for late lunch.. and also tosai n roti tissue shared with my sister for early breakfast.. dim sum was chicken so not really meatless either.. but i'm adjusting huhuhuh

packed some salad for the office but apparently, i can't eat it without chips.. owh i forgot to mentioned i eat it with tortilla chips.. but i didn't bring the chips to the office so i couldn't swallow the salad.. kinda weird.. so yeah i'm tweaking my Shaytember goals.. it seems like it doesn't matter what my goals are.. i need yaya to help me with something in the mean time.. and then my Shaytember will last till end of the year hehehehe  =b  long weekend this weekend weeee can't wait..

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Shaytember Is Here!!

And what are my goals exactly?  well, first off, i noe i owe a raya post (who's asking for one anyway) i haven't gotten around to get the pix, hat's why.. so maybe later? as for Shaytember, what the hell is it? i think only fans of the Shaytards will know.. agak poyo, but i'm looking at it in a fun way.. i know how i am so i won't set big goals, plus i haven't really given it much thought, so i'm gonna start small..

before i start babbling, just as an intro,Shay decided to use the month of September to set some goals to better ourselves.. he set three goals for himself, qualify for the Boston Marathon, able to do 100 consecutive push ups, and learn to play the guitar... and on top of those three goals, he has sub-goals to achieve those 3 main goals.. basically what to do everyday to be able to achieve the 3 goals..  what are my goals? i don't have any in particular, so i think this will be a trial run for me.. i know i suck at being discipline n all, but like he said, i need to have that fire within me (hahaha poyo) to keep me wanting to do it.. so after a brief thought in to it, i think i've come up with some things that are quite achievable..

1. Thursday is fruit day
they have meatless monday but i don't think i could do that just yet, looking at the way we cook our meals.. plus i just had crab last night so that pretty much fail if i do choose meatless monday.. Fruit day seems more achievable for me.. granting that i am able to find some fruits  =b  which reminds me, need to buy some grape for me to munch in the office to avoid being hungry.. 

reason why i chose this? i guess this is at least i could do to eat healthy.. i've never been the one to count calories and such, so i guess i'm just tricking my mind to think that this is a 'healthier' thing..

2. 100 crunches per week
yes i admit that i suck at sticking to working out.. i don't think i can manage to work out everyday even if it takes me 10 minutes.. but hey, i've done it once, maybe i can force myself to do it again.. beck when mum and sis went for umrah, i managed to do 15-30 mins of workout for at least 5 days.. check my tumblr for what i did.. i don't have a specific day to do this, so in case i don't manage to do any during the weekdays, my weekend will be full of crunches... hopefully i could download an app on my tab that could track what i do.. any suggestions?

reason why i chose this? isn't it obvious already.. i've always wanted to work out and if u may notice, most of 'goals' that i set has no result cuz i'm so unmotivated and indiscipline.. why would this be any different? it won't.. i may fail, but i hope i don't.. i want to slowly but surely have a flat tummy.. maybe not by end of sept, but someday perhaps, eh?  =b

3. No post whining and bitching bout work
ok so i might have failed yesterday, but that was supposed to be a backdated post =b (alasan).. but seriously, i wanna stop writing post about how much i hate my work and wanting a new job but not knowing what to do..  i'll try to write more positive post.. hopefully by end of each week, i'll report how my progress is and how i'm doing for Shaytember.. i might try posting through my tab cuz if i wait till i get to work, then it'll just be postponed till an update will seem so yesterday.. 

reason why i chose this? just a random attitude adjustment... i talk the talk but don't really walk the walk so this month is kinda like a chill pill for me... focus on ur work, and get that promotion u're aiming for.. pretty pls?

4. Finish a book
this may seem like nothing cuz i could easily finish reading a book by 3 days top.. but i've seen to stop reading for sometime now.. can't recall when i last read a book, although i know it was this year n and Agatha Christie book.. my aim is to finish this current book i'm reading, then i could go on and read Janet's Stephanie Plum #18...

reason why i chose this? just something to pass the time and feel i have been doing less lately when i should be doing more.. and maybe just another goal to add to the list that i know i can do so i could brag and said, at least i achieved one goal.. no? hahahaha


I don't have sub-goals, cuz these are just short-term goals and just testing the water at how am i able to stick to it.. perhaps i should try October for something more serious? anyway, as i mentioned, i might do progress update (bkn keje je ade progress update k), to see how i'm doing.. i hope that by each sunday, i'll be able to say, "i managed to go through thrusday with only fruits," and also "i did 100 crunches this week, boo-yahh.." the post and book thing, i think i can control.. izad, help me out pls?  =b

Monday, September 03, 2012

Mama Is Going To London!!!

It's true.. it happened so quickly.. one minute we're talking bout aunty gee's trip to london, the next mama said she wanted to come along and surprisingly, papa said yes  =b  so here's how it happened.. last saturday, after beraya kt serendah, papa told mama that tok's coming over for dinner.. we didn't manage to cook in time so papa bought some food outside.. long story short, we were asking when aunty gee n all are taking off to london to register for Faheem.. she told her dates n mentioned that kok long is going a little later.. as usual, sure la ckp bestnyer gi london.. plus aunty gee mention plan nk 'singgah' spain or paris or maybe jumpe abg omar kt belgium.. then mama kate bestnye, nk ikot boleh? aunty gee ckp blh, join la kitorg.. then mama hint2 kne tny papa (while subtly pointing at papa).. then she asked blh pegi x? n papa said pegilah.. but i didn't make anything out of it, knowing papa... maybe depan tok je ckp blh, but when tny again die akan ckp x.. but the next day mama mentioned, she asked again cuz she was thinking maybe he said go but pay urself.. so she confirmed with papa that she can withdraw her asb money to go.. weee syoknyer...

izad dh gedik2 ckp nk ikot.. i told papa n papa said "die ade duit ke?" muahahahaha at first mama mcm xnk bg izad ikot konon xfair sbb dpt gi aussie twice.. but then she also said later, kalau blh ikot, izad ikot la adelah org teman mama hhuhuhuh then izad konon xnk kawan cuz i didn't want to go... ehh hello, who could say no to London??!!?!  there's something to it's name.. kalau ckp gi australia, it's like yeahh, but if ckp gi london, it's like double woot yeahhh  =b actually akalu ikotkn hati mmg nk gi.. i got some savings then hopefully can withdraw asb gk huhuhuh but call me poyo but i was thinking about work... timing sgt xsesuai.. mom will be going on 27th sept till 7th oct, so if i wanna go too, it'll most probably be the same date.. n looking at my timeline, i've got things to settle by then.. my wbg dh nk handover by mid sept so that should be no problem.. but then i have to takeover the mtf since hani's on maternity leave and that's just about to start after having the conference call the other day.. n by 27th, we're supposed to be getting some figures from the others centre and god knows what else we have to do  =s  kinda bummed gk bout it but what to do.. we'll have to plan one family vacation where we all can go perhaps.. maybe next year? hehehehe