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Monday, September 10, 2012

I Fail

It's as simple as that.. i don't have reasons, but i do have excuses.. i couldn't fathom the point when i was writing it, but what was i thinking?? Fruit day over meatless monday? i was starving last thursday.. i had a good start, i bought strawberries and raspberries for work.. not that they were filling but just to fill my tummy a bit.. then during lunch i bought more fruits.. i guess it was ok, but then it kinda was the wrong timing.. i had cherry berry so basically the trips back and forth to the loo kinda make my stomach empty and eating only fruits doesn't really help.. i got home n was too tempted by mama's sambal udang huhuhuh although i didn eat that much, it still made me fail my 1st Shaytember goal *sigh* and as for my crunches? i did 40 crunches and then did some other abs workout but didn't really cover the remaining 60 crunches i was supposed to do.. i suck i know.. i guess the other 2 goals aren't really something i could be proud of.. it just goes to show what kinda person i am.. i pick and chose which goals to accomplish as long as their convenient huhuhuh 

so anyway, i was thinking of switching my first goal from fruit day to meatless monday.. but then being monday today, i kinda break that goal too as i had chicken.. Shaycarl did say that the secret is to never give up.. and maybe, just maybe, i won't.. i just won't name the day but i'll do my best to have a meatless day.. not that it have a huge impact.. the weekend was my trial.. we managed to make quinoa salad, thanx to the Shaytards recipe.. we edit bits here and there but mostly the ingredients were the same.. we were kinda nervous bout how it taste, but it was surprisingly good.. izad n mama couldn't eat it so the definition of good kinda defers.. i'll put up the recipe later with pics, although the pics doesn't really seem to look that yummy.. so yeah, made that on saturday and had laksa.. not really meatless cuz kuah laksa ade ikan right? but i didn't physically ate a fish.. so i'm tricking my mind to say that was my version of meatless saturday  =b then on sunday, had quinoa salad for breakfast, ate quite a lot actually, then ahd dimsum for late lunch.. and also tosai n roti tissue shared with my sister for early breakfast.. dim sum was chicken so not really meatless either.. but i'm adjusting huhuhuh

packed some salad for the office but apparently, i can't eat it without chips.. owh i forgot to mentioned i eat it with tortilla chips.. but i didn't bring the chips to the office so i couldn't swallow the salad.. kinda weird.. so yeah i'm tweaking my Shaytember goals.. it seems like it doesn't matter what my goals are.. i need yaya to help me with something in the mean time.. and then my Shaytember will last till end of the year hehehehe  =b  long weekend this weekend weeee can't wait..