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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Half Way Through

And i'm still the loser who failed a simple Shaytember.. sucks..i kinda have an idea what my new year resolution will be for next year.. make no resolution and expect nothing from yourself.. =(  although having said that, i just took my first step to another thing i had in mind for a long time.. inspired by Shay of course.. i'm not telling till it falls through, which should be somewhere in early October..

anyway, kin is going to labuan next weekend huhuhuh i wish i can tag along.. why does timing always seems so off.. mama's leaving on the 27th so will have to send her to the airport.. then us sisters are planning to go to genting.. last time i went there was with kin n jue, a last minute kinda thing n we didn't even go to the theme park.. so this will sorta be like the first time i'll be there.. just going there for the day, not spending the night there.. taking the bus so hopefully the driver is a safe one that doesn't drive like a maniac... looking forward to that.. but also bummed that i can't join kin to labuan.. although i did kinda promised myself that i'll go there this year, by hook or by crook.. i just don't know when =s 

ok dh malas tulis.. need to go through my emails n print out mamam's flight tix huhuhuh i hope she enjoys herself there n larat nk jalan2.. worry about her kaki or lutut yg slalu sakit tu.. nk jln2 kt OU pon die penat ape lg for vacation.. so hopefully all goes well for her.. n since she won't be around, i think i'll start experimenting on cooking again.. which reminds me, i need to post my Quinoa recipe.. ke dh? well, not that anyone will be trying it.. saje je  =b  okbye