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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What If This Happened To You?

sometimes, those are the only times that could test ur limits.. those are the memonts when u will trully noe how strong u r, how tough u r.. Shaycarl mentioned once, something between the line of, i wish something bad will happen to me just so i can see how i could get through it all... and i've thought of that before..not that we wish something aweful will happen to us.. but imagine urself in, lets say, a robbery... will u be one of those ppl who has the courage to try to stop the robbers? or will u stay quite n pray for things to end? what if they start hurting ppl, what will u do? n the list goes on.. but really, i might not want to noe my true strength that badly, cuz i rather not go through that all..

with the Oslo shootings, u just can't help thinking how those ppl went through that difficult time.. i read this and it's just terrifying... thinking that u might get shot anytime soon.. not knowing whether or not u'll ever see ur family again.. it's quite creepy.. luckily the girl managed to escape n hide behind rocks.. what's going through my head now is i might just lie down on the floor, faking to be dead or something (n maybe get some blood to make it real).. for the time being, i can't picture myself as a hero type.. the type that help others out n all.. i will try to call 911 or the police or some1 to let them noe what happen n all... n maybe when i noe the coast is clear, try to help anyone injured the best i can.. but maybe that's all.. n lets not start imagining being one of those that's been shot.. i don't noe if i'll just collapse and cry in pain n just give up on life, or try to get a hold of things n just stay strong knowing that sooner or later, help will come (or does that only happen in the movies?)

whatever it is, i pray that not just myself, but everyone i know and love will not have to go through that.. n it doesn't just stop there, no one in this whole world should have to go through that.. yes, answering World Peace in beauty peagent is so cliche' but it's still what we need on this earth.. ppl getting along and trying to understand one another.. this is wishful-thinking, but can't we all live our life withouht killing one another... seeing beyond our differences is difficult but not impossible.. this won't be the last tragedy of this knid to happend.. and as any other tragedy that strikes, the mourning and coping process after will bring us together.. bonds will get tighter although scars may grow deeper.. and when the culprit is caught n punished, still, no one wins..

Got Milk?

i'm sure all of u are familiar with this ad... the one where u have a milk mustache like these google pix below...

one of the most creative ad since u don't really need any wording and it's known worldwide... it's universal.. u see a pic of a person with a milk mustache and BANG!! u know straight away that it's a Got Milk? ad... talk about effective advertising heheheh (owh how i miss learning bout marketing so much.. should take some time to think about switching careers there  =b )

anyway, during lunch today, we saw an Anlene booth giving out free samples and selling Anlene milk.. i'm no big fan of milk.. in fact i only take milk with cereals which explain what i'm about to tell u... they also had this test/scan to see how strong our bones are...

so since we had time, we decided to have check... what they did was just scanning our foot below the ankle area.. n my result?

yikes my bones are in bad condition...i'm at -2.. maybe not superbad since it's in the amber zone, but it's bad enough for someone my age right? i mean i'm only 25 years old (in October that is... buy me presents!!)  so the person advice me to drink more milk, less caffein, exercise more (this again?).. so i'm thinking of giving this a try... after a month hopefully things will change for the better..

but i dun drink milk.. i mean it's not bad, but dun want this to be one of those wishfull thinking stuff where i plan to do something but don' follow thru.. so since it's almost the fasting month, i wanna try something along the line... i'm thinking of eating cereal everyday so there's my milk intake, and also eat yoghurt before i go to bed... n i could try to make youghurt one of my must snack at least a weekly things after the fasting month..  i'm not sure if it's the same thing cuz it's not concentrated but baby steps right?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming Soon

as if i dun already have enough draft, i'm now writing up on my Bandung trip hehehe got another day to go and for the rest, still have to add some pix to make things look interesting  =D  might be up by this week... but in the meantime, i'm finishing up on my other drafts that'll be backdated...

so scroll down   =b

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slow Down, Don't Be Too Quick To Judge

i guess by now, the most talk-about news is Norway's massacre... it's just shocking that a single person could shoot that many people.. anyway, i've been reading the papers and true enough, the first thought that came to most ppl's mind when the attack happened was that it might be some islam extremist and so on... u see how quick ppl get these conclusions.. whenever there's a terrorist attack or anything, they tend to link it to these muslim extremist... dun get me wrong, i dun quite agree with all the suicide bombings that they've orchestra.. but pls dun just assume all muslim do is attack ppl or bombing ppl away...

cuz it turns out that the attack was by a native Norweign (not judging just stating the fact)... so really, there a re other crazy extremist in the worl who does crazy thing.. lets see what kinda punishment will Andres Behring Breivik get... although they dun have the capital punishment there, i hope whutever punishment he gets is at par with the 60++ (previously was 90) lives that he took...

read this

why can't we all just get along?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bandung Trip - Part 3

too lazy to continue writing hehehe last part of our trip.. here goes..

Day 3 - Friday

we weren't going anywhere far this day so we met up a lil later than the previous day.. actually just half an hour later =b  went down for breakfast at 7:30am, they only had fried rice this day *boohoo*.. Pak Mat came around 8:30 so off we go.. 1st stop? Pasar Baru again huhuhu Hana wanted to check out some wedding cards n he recommended there.. so while she did that, my sister n i went to buy more fabrics.. we end up with 6!! that was less than half an hour i think.. then we went for more shopping... basically he just took us to different places so specific stuff.. not much pic for this day cuz we were already tired (or at least i was).. n i was in bad condition with my never-ending running nose and watery eyes.. such a bad thing to happen on a vacation *sigh*

anyway, he took us to this place where the sold jeans.. i was a big fan of jeans.. i remember owning about 7 or more back in high skool (and now the number reduces cuz i can't freaking fit into them!!).. so i saw this one jeans that i quite like n fit... turns out it was levis and cost rm200++ so not really cheap n about the same price with what we have in Malaysia.. so end up, didn't buy it.. next stop was some place that specializes in leather... not a fan of leather so wasn't into it.. we saw a shirt (batik la actually) that we thought our dad would like, but there was no smaller size *bummer*.. my sis bought 2 bags there, one she gave to our aunt.. had lunch then we proceeded to someplace call Riau where they had shops selling clothes.. it says factory outlets, so i was disappointed when they weren't factories at all.. i mean i thought it was like a warehouse sale or something.. bought 2 tops at different places, and also a handbag that i havn't used yet... tired... we went to our hotel again later that evening to freshen up before we head out for dinner...

 we left earlier.. since it was our last day there, we were disappointed not to buy any good souvenirs.. long story short, he took us to buy magnets n key chain at the guy selling on the streets, the one we've been declining throughout our time there cuz we wanted better choice.. i guess nothing really goes our way.. he later took us to Trans Studio which is an indoor themepark.. we didn't go inside, instead we just took pix outside.. we were there only for a bout half an hour i think, give or take.. then we went to The Palms for dinner.. is it bad to say that this place was the highlight of the whole trip for me? i mean it's a nice place to dine in.. they had an outside area where diners could eat near the ponds.. spent some time there before heading back to the hotel..

Day 4 - Saturday

Last day here.. looking forward to go home and get out of that place.. our flight was at 6am so we woke up and shoot to the airport at about 4am.. shortest day there so nothing actually happened.. we just went to the airport, thanked Pak Mat for his help n tipped him n waited for our flight... 

Once we reached here at LCCT however, we missed our bus to OU.. we touched down around 9:15 am n the bus was scheduled to leave an hour after that.. we managed to get there before 10am but i guess we overlooked it.. but we didn't noe it at the time.. we just thought the bus was late.. the next bus was at 12 so we had brunch first...

reached home and was exhausted.. overall the trip was ok.. will rate it 3.5/10 cuz it was really below my expectation.. i really don't know what all the fuss is about with that place so yeah, i won't be going there again insya'Allah... well, that's it.. we're saving up money for our next whole family vacation next year  =D  

Bandung Trip - Part 2

shall we continue?

Day 2 - Thursday

Woke up to the sound of a man reciting the Quran... was shocked cuz i seriously thought someone was in our room hahaha  turns out there was a surau just nearby and the speakers was facing our room... woke up, got ready n it was freezing... the itinerary stated that we're going to Tangkuban Perahu and Pasar Baru n since Tangkuban Perahu is a chilling place, i decided to wear 2 layers of clothes since i dun have a jacket.. Pak Mat was gonna pick us up at 8am (they are 1hour behind us so it's 9am here in malaysia) so we went down at 7am for breakfast... didn't get a picture of our meal there but they had fried rice and fried maggie only... luckily the hotel had wifi (which was only accessible from the lobby) so we managed to check twitter and fb.. how would we live without it right? hahaha

it was a long way there... the view was kinda nice as well driving up the hill... kinda soothing with all the flowers they were selling by the road.. but the road was a winding one so was a bit dizzy at time... luckily the Pak Mat didn't drive too fast, it was just the nice speed... He already warned us about the sellers there and i could still remember how it was years ago when i was first there with my whole family.. we were swarmed by ppl asking us to buy souvenirs.. we did a mistake of buying some so when they saw we were buying, more ppl came to us.. freaky.. but we learned from there n was much wiser now hahaha so if we didn't want anything, just say no.. n true enough they didn't bother us that much.. the view there was nice, but it was a volcano so it wasn't all colourfull or anything.. n the smell... well lets just say there's a reason why my lil sis closed her nose in every pic we took years ago (hahaha kn izad  =b)  yup i guess it still smells the same.. good thing my nose was a lil blocked (n still had my sore throat n coughing too)

some pix we took there...

the sun was glaring at our eyes, it's the only way to pose  =b

then when that was done, we proceeded to our next destination, Pasar Baru.. another long drive downhill.. i had the "honour" of sitting in the front seat (which seat should i take... ) through out the day... so had small conversations with Pak Mat.. some i could understand n some that i couldn't hehehe didn't take pic of the inside of Pasar Baru, but i gotta say, not what i expected.. the place was too crowded n hot.. the first thing we did once we reached there was had our lunch.. then only later on did we went shopping starting from downstairs then making our ways to the top (not quite).. the place (lower floor especially) was so stuffy that my sister n i had difficulties to just breathe properly.. my sore throat n coughing didn't help much either.. basically we only managed to go through 3 floors (there's 9 floors altogether) which was enough for us for that day... i couldn't really stand it n neither could izad.. huhuhuh sian dier.. so we went for prayers n later took off to the hotel to rest before our dinner...

  our lunch, Nasi Ayam Penyet
we had a good 1hour rest.. just enough time for us to freshen up.. met up downstairs around 7:30pm i think.. since we didn't have much time left, we went to Cihampelas Walk instead, where we had our dinner.. ate at this place call Kiosk (Rafshan did mentioned this to me).. we saw Tutti Frutti there but was too full to have some heheheh after dinner, we went to find some shirts, which was another low thing about that place.. it's so damn hard to find good souvenirs.. i know i'm supposed to be on a shopping holiday, but i really prefer those sight-seeing vacations n spend money buying souvenirs instead.. but all they had was the same key chain n magnets, that i've seen way too much already at my office  =b  anyway, we did managed to buy some.. when we're done, back to the hotel... tiring day so i didn't really stay up... went straight to bed hehehe

 we had dinner here.. that's the tour guide who was not with us most of the time, Kamal

the place where we bought the shirt (not the one behind us, it's actually in front of us)
end of Day 2

Bandung Trip - Part 1

went to Bandung for a short trip.. had an evening flight on Wednesday and took a morning flight on Saturday home... so overall, we spent 2 full days there.. conclusion? i'll leave that till the end of this post aight..

Day 1 - Wednesday

so woke up that day n got ready.. did some last minute packing like toothbrush, charger etc.. we only had one big lugage for the 3 of us, and had another 3 empty bags inside (which was neccessary).. our flight was at 3:30pm but we decided to take the bus from OU to LCCT since yaya's freinds were going too... the bus was scheduled to leave at 11:30am so we got ready early n went to OU around 10:50am to buy tickets and also look for an adaptor to charge any batteries.. the bus left on time n the driver drove quite decently.. i didn't feel like he was speeding or anything but we reached there after an hour drive.. checked-in our lugage n had lunch at McDs.. when all was done, we made it to our gate and board the plane... it was a 2 hour flight.. didn't do much but just slept throughout the flight...

we were about to land which was not in an isolated place like KLIA or LCCT... in fact, it was near some houses/smal buildings.. n the moment we touched down, i was saying to my sisters "where's the airport?" cuz i seriously didn't see any possible building that could be assumed as the airport.. what we saw instead was an abandoned Adam Air plane which i'm pretty sure had holes at the tail... anyway, we disembarked the plane, n yeah there was a small airport there.. kinda like the old airport in Membedai, Labuan... went through Immigation, took our bags, and saw a guy holding my sisters name.. unfortunately, we forgot to take a pic of that... our driver (Pak Mat), suggested that we go for shopping n dinner straight away instead of checking into our hotel cuz that could waste some time so we were up for it...

i guess my first impression was "omg, this is kinda dodgy" n what shud i expect, it's a third-world country.. but then again, for a place where i was told to be a 'shopping heaven' for tourist (or maybe just Malaysians) i thought it would be better than that.. what i could observe odw to our 1st destination, the houses were very nice.. they were big, almost bungalows like, but they were connected like terrace.. Pak Mat mentioned that those were "rumah orang beruang".. n 1st i was looking eagerly at the house, expecting to see a bear statue or sumthing.. only later i knew (from my sister) that he actually meant "rumah orang ber-uang" as in ppl with money hahahaha anyway, 1st stop was Rumah Mode..

lighting wasn't that good thus the quality 

 the place looks nice, but the prices for the clothes weren't that much different from here... n we weren't really familiar with the currency so we were a bit slow with converting etc.. managed to buy one top which i like the design.. after a while there, we headed for dinner.. we had Nasi Padang, which i guess would be a must for ppl visiting there.. done with dinner, we went to our hotel to check in... another low point of the trip.. we stayed at Hotel Cihampelas II and it was a dodgy hotel as well.. the room itself wasn't so bad, but the restroom... i would prefer something better.. sorry no pics of the room, but it's about the same with what is in the website... we had a king sized bed so we didn't used the extra mattress that they gave us.. especially it was super cold that night so we had a nice snuggle hahaha... yup, settled in and done with day 1...

Back To Work Again

After a long needed break, i've come to work today lazily but enthusiastic to start on with my new job scope.. ppl kept saying how my new boss have 'no work' so lets see what kind of 'no work' am i getting  =b

lots of drafts to finish off.. i dun really like drafts.. they tend to remind me how i dun usually finish what i've started.. sometimes i give up and delete the post completely... anyway, just got back from bandung, will have a post for that up soon hopefully...

owh i chopped my hair off.. like super short.. the shortest i've ever had in more than 10 years i think.. it's was only about time till i do it... i think i've kept it for 2 years now.. at first i thought of doing it after raya, but then my big sis said lets go so i was like yeah, why wait anyway... and so it was done.. chopped it all off.. will it be freaky to post a pic of my chopped hair? hahahaha

so fasting month is approaching soon.. it's the time when i could truly noe how evil i am  =b  maybe i should take this opportunity to really loose the weight n fats that i've been harbouring this 2 years  =b

i guess that's it.. shud be finishing up all my drafts fist before i start blabbering away

p/s: another tragic incident in Norway... sad thing indeed   =(

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wondermilk @ Uptown

so before we head for Bandung, my sister and i went for a 'ice breaking' session or a so-called meeting for our vacation on friday.. didn't discuss much tho cuz we didn't noe what else to check or talk about for the trip hehehe anyway, i noe the place if famous for it's cupcakes but i wasn't feeling like having dessert at that time.. instead, i just had this hot dog with extra mayo...

nothing speacial actually but the extra mayo gave it a better taste n hide the mustard (cuz i dun like mustard) had passion fruit soda for my drink... my sister had this mushroom melt sandwhich..

she had Pink Falmingo for her drink... sound fancy right? it's just air bandung with ice cream soda hahahaha  other things on the menu are as below (if u can't read 'em, then u have bad eye-sights hahaha)...

the interior of the place is also nice... i like the deco there... not a lot of pic since we sat outside..

overall it's a nice place to hang out.. the cupcake seems a lil pricey for it's size.. n maybe not a good place to go when u're super hungry (unless u're on a diet)... would wanna taste the s'more next time i go there...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Already Half The Year

and where am i with my so-called goals?  nowehere near it... remember this? lets try going through the list and see what i've acheived so far....

1. Climb Broga Hill twice within 1 year period and reaching the 4th peak at least once out of those attempts...

- well this hasn't happened yet, not even once..i guess it's a good thing i was aiming for twice which is reasonable, but as it's already the middle of the year with the fasting month coming soon, i'm not so sure when i can do this... izad jom la, ajak nik skali ker hehehehe

2. Save at least 5000 for the whole year (i've estimated this after paying for bills, my car n other essentials)

 - so far, this has been goin quite bad.. i have been slacking a lot in saving, that i dun just save less.. i sumtimes ending up saving none for a certain month and even worse, spending some of my savings... i'm not so sure how i got a little obsessed with savings, but i can't bear to think that a person with less bills to pay or other responsibilities could spend so much on things i don't even know... anyway, will try to work on that for the remaining months...

3. Have an extensive workout (1 hour straight hahaha) at least 3 times.. (i should mark this down whenever i do make it to an hour straight)

- haaa what was i even thinking?? another exercise goal?? i think i know myself well enough that i dun really excell in this part of life..

4. Track down my spendings for a whole month (only 12 chances for this, so i gotta do it right)

- haven't done this properly yet... 7 months down, another 5 more to go.. will it be considered cheating if i use the fasting month to track my spendings as i noe i won't be goin out much? hehehehe

5. Buy presents for my family on their birthday (there's only 4 anyway)

- another fail in my life... i can't even keep up with 4 family members, it's a good thing i dun have more than that... will treat u all to a great dinner n will have this for all goals in life for the rest of my life.. *winks*

6. Get my waistline back to 26" =b

- among the toughest one on the list... i dun think i can manage this within a year, what more the remaining months i have left now.. too much workout need and not so much on eating less or healthy... i mean if i cant even commit to #3 on the list, how am i supposed to acheive this??

7. Fit in my Goggles jeans comfortably (this one jeans used to be loose)

- have i not learn my lesson?? hahahaha another issue on the one thing i can't commit myself too.. a bit similar with #6, but this has more to do with my thighs rather than my waistline...

how crazy am i?  it's not like i have "build my own house" or "find a cure for cancer" on the list.. these are supposed to be simple things, achievable things... but whut do i end up with? things that i dun just not finish them, but havn't even start on yet... seriously, out of the 7 things listed above, which one am i most likely to achieve? perhaps #4 and #2 (depending on my bonus hahahha)  so yeah... maybe i should just narrow down the list to stuff like "being happy" and "hurt less ppl" or "say i love u more often to my family" n other kinda things that i noe i could really do...

but u noe what they say... aim high, shoot low... so this is as high as it gets... not a lot to aim for but at least it's a form of a personal achievement if it does happen...anyway, the year is not over yet... still got some time to patch things up...

let's do this!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google +

the new Facebook?

perhaps... just created a Google+ account so will need some time to explore the features there...  so far, i tried posting comments and post, and every time i do, my browser sorta hangs for a few seconds.. i dun think it's my laptop's problem, cuz it works fine on FB.. 

but what i like most about it so far is the Circle feature here... u could group ppl accordingly, whether they're ur frens or family members, or even a new group u created (separating high skool  frens with colleagues)... so whenever u post something, u could choose who could view it's not just made public... FB have something similar to that where u could choose whether everyone could read ur post, or just frens, or maybe till ur frens of frens level...there's also a customize function but it's a bit tedious if u wanna switch it up between post (not that i post too often).. i'm not sure if there is another way on FB for that, but in Google+, i could give a naughty shout out, n not have to worry bout my mum reading it muahahahah kidding2...

havn't finished exploring cuz i myself dun really noe how to use some features there, but still learning... might write some more soon  =D

Hammam Min Fes Review

so had another weekend to chill (yeah right) woke up on Saturday morning to an empty room... both my sisters left me for their fren huhuhuh  =(  didn't do much that day except for youtube-ing and also, managed to finish another book by Agatha Christie "Peril at End House"... i'm starting to love the Poirot series even tho the writings are a bit old fashion.. kinda put a twist to my usual readings... i love how it's a crime solving book, where i get to guess who the criminal is... kinda like CSI minus the scientific stuff...

so i had that whole day to myself.. my parents had a wedding to attend that night so when my sis got back, we decided to have steamboat for dinner!! woohoo!! finally... i've been asking them to have steamboat with me for quite a long time now but sumhow we never managed to do so... i even had satay with my mum finally on the day my sis left for Aussie cuz i told my mum i've been craving for it hehehehe so yeah, we decided to go to Johnny's at OU.. it was very full-filling indeed.. will take my mum there sometime soon...

then on Sunday had a good day out with my mum n sisters... it was already 11 when we leave the house, so instead of just have breakfast, we had brunch instead.. only my lil sis had roti canai, the rest had rice n it was yummy, but too much for me.. then we went to Shah Alam for some exhibition... went back home, then decided to go to Low Yat to look for some phone casing (did i mentioned that someone got a new phone?) so did some window shopping, n left around evening... we've already told my dad that we were gonna go out for dinner so we didn't get anything to eat for our tea break...

got ready that night n went to Min Fes.. it's around Mutiara Damansara it was a Moroccon restaurant.. dunnoe why my dad has a thing about these kinda dishes.. i'm not sure if we came at a bad timing or what, but the service sux big time... it was super slow even when there weren't many ppl there... the guy took our drinks order... took awhile for him to serve it to us, then we waited again to order, only for him to mention that we had to wait for 30mins for lamb... i was hungry so i opted for chicken instead... guess what, the lamb came first after about 40mins of waiting... which made me super cranky, especially after he told us that those orders with bread are not available cuz they ran out of bread... what the hell, u could've told us that 30mins ago.. it wasn't like there was a crowd of ppl barging in ordering bread right? anyway, i ended up eating something my lil sis order...

nothing special really.. the lamb seems like it was bought from Giant or something like that.. so it wasn't the usual whole lamb cook together with the rice like we had at other place.. but maybe that's their style of cooking... the rice was nice tho..

this is what my dad ordered.. Lamb Tangine i think.. it was ok (i hope my mood didn't effect my judgement... who am i kidding  =b ) 

even this nice fountain in the middle of the restaurant didn't save it's grace from the scorn of Shafinaz hahahah maybe cuz my back was facing it  =b

overall, the food was not worth the wait, n yeah i'm judging with emotions (unlike those jury from Casey Anthony case) when i say i dun really recommend this place unless u call beforehand, n u dun have high expectations  =b  yup, i'm rating it 1.5 out of 10 out of sympathy to our waiter/cashier cuz he said another person was on leave and my sis said he got scolded from the owner (at least she thinks they're the owner) for some unknown reason...


Look What My Lil Sis Got For Me

this superb Kate Hill handbag  =D

i'm so in love with this handbag right now, not just cuz it's purple, but also the strap is adjustable.. i've also have never owned a bag like this so it's kinda like a change of 'style' for me.. even last night i was sitting in my room n i said to my big sis about how i've abandoned my Miss Whatever skull handbag which was my previous fave bag cuz it was convenient... but i won't be ignoring it forever tho, it's just one of those seasons..

my lil sis also bought another two Kate Hill bags for my big sis n our mom.. dun have a pic of my mum's bag yet, but here's the one she bought for my big sis..

i love the colour of this bag.. nice design to it too... for my mum, she bought something a lil more mature to fit mym mum better... it has 3 compartments, just how my mum likes it...  we're so loving our new bags..

Thanx lil sis  =D

Market Risk Annual Dinner

so last friday, our dept had their usual annual dinner, n the theme for the night was Hawaii.. wasn't sure who came out with that but oklar, manage to find a dress the night before (very last minute) and it was orange (plus pink n yellow)!! n i rarely wear orange what more bright colours... the dinner was held at Royale Bintang Hotel somewhere in pudu so it was near our office... we got ready and went there after Maghrib... got a bit lost after we made it to the hotel cuz we kinda forgot that it was was a pool party... went to the right place n the first thing we saw?? it was Rimba Spa!!!  been wanting to go for a massage for so long... not sos ure when we'll be able to.. maybe if i have some money leftovers for next week's trip, i just might go..

so we went to register our names n collected our goody bags which was a shirt for us.. they've already started so by the time we came, the newbies were doing their 1st performance.. the sang and did a lil dancing as well... ady lawak kn hani hahahaha  =b  went straight to the bbq section after that... i had shrimps, chicken and sausages... the food wasn't good.. i was hungry when i went home later that night and ate about quarter of my mum's nasi lemak... i ate a lot os bread butter puding tho which tasted like it had corn in it, but they say it was oatmeal... might try to make some one day...

there were games which i wasn't really into, (since we were sitting far back n we can't really hear them).. then the newbies did another performance of macarena where they pulled others to come join them... overall, it was a so-so dinner la... only had fun chilling with the others n also baby qaseh  =D  curi some pics from hani hehehe

they had some fire dance performance... scaarryy....

my failed pout-attempt   =b

hishh ade bdk sebok plak =b

with baby Qaseh, she's soo cute, my lil sis is jealous hahaha

 uugghhh bad posture, need to learn how to pose the right way  hahahaha

with jacky right before she took off

didn't managed to get a pic with Dr John since he left earlier than the rest of us and Jacob wasn't there too...

will try to get more pics from others...  

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Only In Florida

Will i be able to have a daughter, found her missing one day, party for the next 30 days, and not be held responsible for it...

Picture this, if Casey Anthony were to tell the police the truth, as in told them she wasn't working with Universal Studios, she didn't hire a nanny named Zanny etc, she wouldn't be convicted at all...

If i had a daughter and got sick of the responsibilities that comes with it, i'll just ignore her, hoping that one day she'll go missing and walla, no more responsibility for me....

So now there's a petition called Caylee's Law, calling it a federal law that would make it a felony for parents to fail to notify police within 24 hours of a child's disappearance or within an hour of a child's death. Make sure to sign the petition here to ensure that a case like this will never happen again (especially those living in the States)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony NOT Guilty?!? What The Fuck

woke up this morning and read my twitter.. and in the time we live in today, news spread so fast that u don't even need to tune in the news to get update... so yeah, when i read that ppl was tweeting about Casey Anthony's verdict, it's so shocking and absurd... instead of being found guilty of 1st degree murder, child abuse and what not, she was just found guilty of giving false information to the police which only got her about 1 year in jail for each charges!! can u believe that?? i know the jury has a hard time to decide.. i mean being a jury itself, no matter what trial u're assigned to must be difficult.. what more of this kinda trial where u might be sending someone to their death... but having her guilty on just lies doesn't seem to cut it...  i mean although they were asked by the defense team, not to judge based on their emotions (kinda like what i'm doing now) but surely enough u could charge a person on 2nd or maybe 3rd degree murder...

i mean i havn't been following the trial religiously, but i frequently read the updates n based on the evidence provided, i'm sure Casey had something to do with her daughter's murder or  even just her disappearance.. lets face it, u have a daughter, n no matter how much or less u love her, u can't go on for a month n not knowing where she is... u can't just say she's with the 'nanny' and go on with ur life as normally as u would... n when confronted later on, admit that she was actually kidnapped.. even if she didn't kill her daughter herself, she must've have the slightest idea what happened to her... i ain't no mother but i know that's not normal!!! yes there are crazy mothers out there who do crazy things, and i'm sure Casey falls into that category.. cuz logically speaking, why else would someone lie about this kinda thing.. her other lies, yes maybe it makes sense.. telling her parents n the police that she works in Universal Studios... cuz that lies go way back even before Caylee went missing.. n off course when u're questioned by the police, u'll freak out alrite.. u might think that u can get away with it.. but with ur daughter missing, that kinda looks bad for u (watch enough tv series n u'll noe) 

but acting normal, partying and hanging out with frens when ur own daughter is missing, is unexplainable.. even if Caylee drowned in the family pool as the defense team claimed and that her death was accidental, that means Casey would be guilty of child negligent or manslaughter... anything serious enough to show that a crime was committed and not just false information given to the police... 

or is it i'm too caught up n convinced that Casey is the one at fault.. but even looking it from a different angel, it all comes back to the same conclusion... that Casey had something to do with her daughter's disappearance and maybe murder...well, i guess that's what it takes to be an observer.. u can't really do anything about it... and i think that's what frustrate a whole lotta ppl... the nature of the crime itself craves for a serious verdict... it's in need for someone to be held responsible for this child's death.. hopefully it wouldn't take 54 years to finally find the killer like this case and worst, the killer was initially a suspect but lack the evidence to actually have a charge against him...

yup, the world we live in... it could be cruel at times.. u won't be able to understand everything that goes on in it.. but without bad, there won't be good, and that's what matters more... the good things in life.. i guess we'll just have to live with it..

feel free to leave ur views... i'd like to read about 'em..

 RIP baby Caylee Anthony  

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The World We Live In

sometimes it's hard to fathom.. i read this just now... a girl was kidnapped and killed back in 1957.. she was just 7 years old at that time.. the killer was never found, until 54 years later...  it makes u wonder whether justice was served or not.. off course the vicim's family wants the killer to pay the price of the crime done..  but after living for 54 years, to bring back all the pain inflicted on, to remember the lil girls u once knew and will still love, will it be worth it? and i'm asking not to mean that the family wouldn't matter whether the killer gets hanged or what not.. but will they feel that finally, he gets what he deserved.. will they feel that for once, they get the closure they needed.. cuz frankly, the killer is now 71 years old... to know that he lived his life (whether happily or miserably) for 54 years, n yet the lil girl didn't, is absolutely unacceptable...

i mean, even if the man gets hanged, he's been living while there are others who suffer... so after living a full life, maybe jail or the death penalty doesn't seem to fit.. i don't know, it's just how i feel...

what do u think?

Monday, July 04, 2011


It's just not my time yet.......


Friday, July 01, 2011


It's Friday, Friday,
Gotta get down on Friday,
Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend.

Funny how this songs seems to be the anthem for friday.. although the rest or the lyrics are kinda ridiculous, but sumhow the chorus really show how excited we feel on Friday hehehe

went back early yesterday... good call for us cuz otherwise, we would be staying back till 11 for nothing since that's when they were about to start the reval.. so our mls batch was scheduled at 4am n there's no way for us to be staying back that late only to find our figures wrong, right.. so tonight will be the same drill... as soon as i got back last night, i immidiately went to sleep... my big sis asked if i wanted to join her for dinner with her frens but i was too sleepy to say yes.. woke up about 8:30 i think n texted her to buy me some sushi so she bought california roll for me.. thanx a lot... then while sorta waiting for updates, i watched the shaytards and managed to catch leverage!! wee hoo my new fave series is back on!!  havn't checked when glee, gossip girl n psych will be back on... but if they've started, then perhaps i'll catch up with them during the weekend...

dun have much in mind... i just wanna relax n unwind.. might pick up a book and read but we'll see... read a very disturbing book recently which i finished during my 5 days off.. wanna read something lighter this time.. still havn't got my new Stephanie Plum yet so if i have the time, might go book hunting for that... i guess i'll just sign off here... and again, have a good weekend y'all...