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Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Already Half The Year

and where am i with my so-called goals?  nowehere near it... remember this? lets try going through the list and see what i've acheived so far....

1. Climb Broga Hill twice within 1 year period and reaching the 4th peak at least once out of those attempts...

- well this hasn't happened yet, not even once..i guess it's a good thing i was aiming for twice which is reasonable, but as it's already the middle of the year with the fasting month coming soon, i'm not so sure when i can do this... izad jom la, ajak nik skali ker hehehehe

2. Save at least 5000 for the whole year (i've estimated this after paying for bills, my car n other essentials)

 - so far, this has been goin quite bad.. i have been slacking a lot in saving, that i dun just save less.. i sumtimes ending up saving none for a certain month and even worse, spending some of my savings... i'm not so sure how i got a little obsessed with savings, but i can't bear to think that a person with less bills to pay or other responsibilities could spend so much on things i don't even know... anyway, will try to work on that for the remaining months...

3. Have an extensive workout (1 hour straight hahaha) at least 3 times.. (i should mark this down whenever i do make it to an hour straight)

- haaa what was i even thinking?? another exercise goal?? i think i know myself well enough that i dun really excell in this part of life..

4. Track down my spendings for a whole month (only 12 chances for this, so i gotta do it right)

- haven't done this properly yet... 7 months down, another 5 more to go.. will it be considered cheating if i use the fasting month to track my spendings as i noe i won't be goin out much? hehehehe

5. Buy presents for my family on their birthday (there's only 4 anyway)

- another fail in my life... i can't even keep up with 4 family members, it's a good thing i dun have more than that... will treat u all to a great dinner n will have this for all goals in life for the rest of my life.. *winks*

6. Get my waistline back to 26" =b

- among the toughest one on the list... i dun think i can manage this within a year, what more the remaining months i have left now.. too much workout need and not so much on eating less or healthy... i mean if i cant even commit to #3 on the list, how am i supposed to acheive this??

7. Fit in my Goggles jeans comfortably (this one jeans used to be loose)

- have i not learn my lesson?? hahahaha another issue on the one thing i can't commit myself too.. a bit similar with #6, but this has more to do with my thighs rather than my waistline...

how crazy am i?  it's not like i have "build my own house" or "find a cure for cancer" on the list.. these are supposed to be simple things, achievable things... but whut do i end up with? things that i dun just not finish them, but havn't even start on yet... seriously, out of the 7 things listed above, which one am i most likely to achieve? perhaps #4 and #2 (depending on my bonus hahahha)  so yeah... maybe i should just narrow down the list to stuff like "being happy" and "hurt less ppl" or "say i love u more often to my family" n other kinda things that i noe i could really do...

but u noe what they say... aim high, shoot low... so this is as high as it gets... not a lot to aim for but at least it's a form of a personal achievement if it does happen...anyway, the year is not over yet... still got some time to patch things up...

let's do this!!!