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Monday, July 25, 2011

Bandung Trip - Part 2

shall we continue?

Day 2 - Thursday

Woke up to the sound of a man reciting the Quran... was shocked cuz i seriously thought someone was in our room hahaha  turns out there was a surau just nearby and the speakers was facing our room... woke up, got ready n it was freezing... the itinerary stated that we're going to Tangkuban Perahu and Pasar Baru n since Tangkuban Perahu is a chilling place, i decided to wear 2 layers of clothes since i dun have a jacket.. Pak Mat was gonna pick us up at 8am (they are 1hour behind us so it's 9am here in malaysia) so we went down at 7am for breakfast... didn't get a picture of our meal there but they had fried rice and fried maggie only... luckily the hotel had wifi (which was only accessible from the lobby) so we managed to check twitter and fb.. how would we live without it right? hahaha

it was a long way there... the view was kinda nice as well driving up the hill... kinda soothing with all the flowers they were selling by the road.. but the road was a winding one so was a bit dizzy at time... luckily the Pak Mat didn't drive too fast, it was just the nice speed... He already warned us about the sellers there and i could still remember how it was years ago when i was first there with my whole family.. we were swarmed by ppl asking us to buy souvenirs.. we did a mistake of buying some so when they saw we were buying, more ppl came to us.. freaky.. but we learned from there n was much wiser now hahaha so if we didn't want anything, just say no.. n true enough they didn't bother us that much.. the view there was nice, but it was a volcano so it wasn't all colourfull or anything.. n the smell... well lets just say there's a reason why my lil sis closed her nose in every pic we took years ago (hahaha kn izad  =b)  yup i guess it still smells the same.. good thing my nose was a lil blocked (n still had my sore throat n coughing too)

some pix we took there...

the sun was glaring at our eyes, it's the only way to pose  =b

then when that was done, we proceeded to our next destination, Pasar Baru.. another long drive downhill.. i had the "honour" of sitting in the front seat (which seat should i take... ) through out the day... so had small conversations with Pak Mat.. some i could understand n some that i couldn't hehehe didn't take pic of the inside of Pasar Baru, but i gotta say, not what i expected.. the place was too crowded n hot.. the first thing we did once we reached there was had our lunch.. then only later on did we went shopping starting from downstairs then making our ways to the top (not quite).. the place (lower floor especially) was so stuffy that my sister n i had difficulties to just breathe properly.. my sore throat n coughing didn't help much either.. basically we only managed to go through 3 floors (there's 9 floors altogether) which was enough for us for that day... i couldn't really stand it n neither could izad.. huhuhuh sian dier.. so we went for prayers n later took off to the hotel to rest before our dinner...

  our lunch, Nasi Ayam Penyet
we had a good 1hour rest.. just enough time for us to freshen up.. met up downstairs around 7:30pm i think.. since we didn't have much time left, we went to Cihampelas Walk instead, where we had our dinner.. ate at this place call Kiosk (Rafshan did mentioned this to me).. we saw Tutti Frutti there but was too full to have some heheheh after dinner, we went to find some shirts, which was another low thing about that place.. it's so damn hard to find good souvenirs.. i know i'm supposed to be on a shopping holiday, but i really prefer those sight-seeing vacations n spend money buying souvenirs instead.. but all they had was the same key chain n magnets, that i've seen way too much already at my office  =b  anyway, we did managed to buy some.. when we're done, back to the hotel... tiring day so i didn't really stay up... went straight to bed hehehe

 we had dinner here.. that's the tour guide who was not with us most of the time, Kamal

the place where we bought the shirt (not the one behind us, it's actually in front of us)
end of Day 2