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Friday, March 30, 2012

To Do List

i kinda suck at this but i'll do my best to force my self to  =b  i've been slacking for at least a whole month now.. i need to pick myself back up and challenge myself to at least follow through my plan.. so for this weekend,  other than following mama, i hope to do these things:-

- wash my car (by myself, for the 2nd time ever)
- finish polishing the wooden furniture and the glasses cupboard in the living room (did this half-way last weekend)
- find my jumping rope and do some toning and cardio girl!!!

it's only the weekend so i won't list out a lot of things.. trying not to get ahead of myself, and over listing things... i guess all of the above could be achieve if i could wake up in the morning n not continuing rolling in bed  =b  let's get pumping!! woot!!

p/s: 1 month to go till A7X concert!! can't hardly wait!!! i hope they don't cancel or anything.. which kinda reminds me that i need to top up my tunetalk, just in case they checked whether it's active or not...xsabar giler =b

Monday, March 26, 2012


i've always thought that reading the news is devastating.. and it really is.. some news are so heart wrenching that u can't even imagine being in the shoes of the victim or their families... having lost a loved one is definitely tragic.. but to know that no charges were pressed against the killer is in itself, killing you.. that's what happened to Trayvon Martin.. he was shot cuz the shooter thought he looked 'suspicious' n said it was self defense... although there were statements and evidence showing that it could be true, there were evidence that proved otherwise.. yet, that matter was not looked into... and now the shooter will not be tried and justice will never be served (for the time being).. hopefully the prosecutors can work their way to ensure that the killer does get caught n the jury will find him guilty...

so to honour Trayvon, people around the world (or at least throughout the states) are wearing their hoodies up, even to church, as a way to voice up.. if u read up on the story, u'll learn that Trayvon was shot cuz some guy thought he looked suspicious, what with walking with a hoodie under the rain and having his hands in his pockets... that still doesn't justify his action.. i could just pray that this doesn't happen to anyone i know..


So will someone come and carry me home tonight

i'm currently obsessed with this song... his voice kinda rock and i'm loving the Glee version of it too... whoopdeedoo... let's go karok this song sista!!

i can get lost in this song


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Talking Babies

my colleagues n i were sitting in Starbucks last friday n baby language popped up in our conversation.. one of us mentioned that babies could understand each other.. so i did the "ta ta ta ta ta" thing the talking twins did in a viral video... and none of them knew what i was doing huhuhu nevermind la.. so hani, ady n sharul, this is the video i was talking about, n was shown on ellen gk hehehehe enjoy  =b

they were having a real conversation k hehehehehe

Friday, March 23, 2012

My First Treasure Hunt

thanx a lot pak usu n usu for inviting me n yaya to join u guys for the treasure hunt.. we enjoyed our time throughout the weekend n looking forward to next year event heheheh i dun have much pictures cuz we were busy figuring out the clues n all so this will just be a short post..

woke up early on saturday at about 5am and got ready.. we were supposed to be at pak usu's office around 6:30am and since it wasn't that far from our house, we left at about 6:20am.. n surprisingly, we were among the first to arrive.. mcm kosong jer huhuh after some time, brla ppl started coming.. usu n pak usu arrived n we got our orange shirt.. went to change, had breakfast, n listened to the short briefing.. was already pumped up by this time.. heheh my very first treasure hunt =b got our clues, got in the car, n we're ready to go!!!

everyone dressed in orange... and the banner in front of their office... briefing before we start..

our first stop was around Wangsa Maju... we went around the shop lots, and what we had to do was guess one of the store as the answer to our clue... some of them were straightforward.. others were kind of hard to figure out.. the clues were throughout the whole journey from KL to Kuantan.. it was a bit tiring but super fun.. i'll try to recall some of the questions.. some i have pics of the answer, and some of them i don't.. 

 clue: half a circle and a place to learn (or something like that)
answer: 180 (degree) English Language Centre

 clue: penghujung 'Ombak Rindu'.. Jom membeli belah you..
answer: Pasaraya KU

clue: Founder of facebook..____ Zuckerberg 
answer: Mr. Mark

other clues which answers i didn't manage to snap a pic of includes:-
clue: Sir Ferguson new english team initially
answer: MU Net

clue: ONJ in Grease
answer: Sandy Saloon

clue: Masyarakat timur di alam siber
answer: Orange internet cafe

clue: car MD practice
answer: Klinik Wira

does the answers make sense? sometime u'll have to see the signage before u get it.. and on top of the clues, there were other quiz that we need to answer.. some were naming the traditional outfits and some were riddles that were known as 'rebus' or 'dingbats'... luckily we had Google and we did some of the riddles in Women's Weekly magazine.. wanna try some? (i'll write the answers in the comments below later)

since the main thing was a treasure hunt, there were clues we needed to figure out and get the items to be submitted once we were done with the race.. can't really recall them but the 1st one was something like "Reschedule Dutch footwear estimated time of arrival.. let me remind u the right one is not edible" heheheh the 2nd one was a bit longer, can't recall the clue, but we were supposed to bring a Glo dishwasher... and the 3rd one was a picture clue.. three pic.. a water bottle, a stopwatch, and a maid... answers to clue 1 and 3?

 answer 1

answer 3
manage to figure out why?

we only managed to answer the 1st one thanx to yaya.. we knew the 2nd was a dishwasher, just not what brand.. we reached the hotel and final stop right before 4pm i think.. registered n went to our room.. we stayed at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan.. we had separate room from usu n pak usu...our rooms were nice and very spacious.. 

 two seperate beds for us.. besar and sgt2 comfortable.. i love it so much...

 the tv place is also spacious... tp rs mcm susah tgk tv.. so that night, i pulled the two chairs there letak depan tv.. one for me to sit, the other for my legs.. best sambil tgk Arsenal vs Liverpool n the gunners won.. woot!! woot!!

 the bathroom was better than Haliday Villa too... ade both shower n bathtub.. nice indeed...

 didn't know why they had this space kt bath tub.. i used it to put my clothes n all hehehe maybe nk suit the 'spacious' theme the room has kot  =b

the shower place.. so overall the room was satisfying la kn...

i don't know how it cost, cuz we just paid rm100 for registration of the hunt n the rest was settled by the company.. anyway, we chilled a bit, n went to the mall 'next door' for lunch since we didn't have anything to eat yet.. only did some munching in the car hehehe so we had Kenny Rogers n jalan2 sket in the mall.. went back to our room.. tido jap =b then got ready for dinner... thankfully we had our late lunch n was already full cuz dinner wasn't really that amazing.. we had desserts n usu n pak usu ate very light.. the consultant showed a short montage of the race and announced the winners.. there were two categories, one for staff category and the other for the families..and the prizes weren't that bad too.. 1st place got rm800 cash n rm100 worth of hamper.. we got num 10 out of 23/26 (xingat baper).. so not that bad right? it was our first time, n we didn't really cheat heheheh we were quite proud of ourselves k =D muahahaha 

next morning, breakfast was spectacular.. i ate a lot from hot dogs, fish fillet, cereal, turkey ham, hash brown, croissant, some fruits and most importantly..... wait for it...... wait for it...... Dim Sum!!!!! yummmneesssss heheheheh i had 5  =b don't judge me... sorry no pics cuz i was enjoying my meal hehehe then we checked out early n went jalan2 to cherating =) went for some drinks n singgah bli keropok2, ikan kering and dapat gak satar but sket je la.. stop a few minutes to enjoy the view of the ocean.. silau je sbb it was tgh hari...

the sunlight was blinding our eyes hehehehe

singgah R&R temerloh for lunch.. yaya had her ikan patin tp termasin sket i think.. drove back n reached home when it was almost 7 i think.. usu n pak usu lepak a bit before heading home.. definitely was a fun experience for us, can't wait for the next invite hehehehe thanx a lot again usu n pak usu..

p/s: they are now performing their umrah.. hopefully all goes well for them and they have a safe journey...   

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holiday Villa at Cherating

sometimes when i think about it, rs malas sgt nk post this cuz i was soooo disappointed.. but then tulis sket2 jer pon jd la kn.. so anyway, i took 2 days off, n including weekend, i had 4 days break.. it was yana's wedding, and as mentioned, we stayed in cherating so it was like our family short vacation.. i have to admit, i didn't do much googling to find a hotel for us.. what i knew was i wanted it to be a good experience for us.. so i just typed "5 star hotel in cherating"... yup, for real.. was a bit picky sbb i can't recall our last family vacation.. i wanted to get East Pavillion, lg better but lg mahal.. n since we were staying for three nights, i find it a bit too much for us.. if we were to stay for two nights, maybe consider kot.. so i booked the family 'suite' cuz i thought of having the 5 of us staying in the same place instead of having separate rooms for my parents n us..

my parents said the room was ok, but i guess i was expecting too much when they called the room a 'suite'.. lemme start with the location of the room.. maybe it was my fault cuz i didn't ask up front, but our room was located on the 2nd floor.. so we had to walk up two flights of stairs to reach our room.. not a big problem for me n my sis, but both my parents knees were hurting so it wasn't convenient for them.. i didn't thought that hotel wouldn't have a freaking elevator.. and then once the doors were opened, it was like, BAM, what a bummer.. i didn't take pics immediately sbb nothing good to say about it anyway.. just took some when we were about to check out..

took this pic before check out so xkemas pon  =b  2 twin bed combine, jd mcm king size bed.. we slept here sbb bertiga.. see the room, nmpk cm sempit jer, cukup syarat utk jalan at the side and the feet of the bed...

at the side of the bed ade this small cupboard yg sliding door die keras nk mampos.. i cannot slide it that much so paksa tolak all to the side then xsentuh dh.. then there's a mirror n a little shelf to put our stuff..

here's the other room.. much smaller.. at first, by default this was our room sbb smaller.. but our parents sruh tukar cuz dorg sleep berdua n kitorg bertiga.. 2 single bed, combine jd mcm queen size kot.. and same thing, muat utk jln je kt tepi2 tu..

and at the side of it ade small place to put ur clothes.. n the right door nye screw tu dh tercabut.. haiishhh but maybe those things are normal kot.. it's just that it adds to my frustration..

this place have 2 bathroom gak but only 1 toilet.. this is one of it, with the toilet and ade shower on the side...

and the other bathroom was without the toilet but ade sink and a shower.. a bit down sbb xder bath tub.. sy hantu bath tub if stay kt hotel.. rsnyer if stay jer kt our room, blh la mandi 5 kali sehari.. berendam jer keje heheheh

then ade random sink in front of our bedrooms.. hairdryer pon ade gk here..

then for the living room, there's a long table for our fridge n kettle n all.. we use it to put all our stuff n junk food..

the tv and chairs and also a day bed for the living room.. mcm xbest sgt lepak sini and watch tv ramai2.. another down point for the living room, xder light langsung at this side.. there's one table lamp on the long table just now, n another light above the dining table, so mcm pelik sket but it wasn't that dark sbb the balcony had it's light so it kinda help a bit..

the dining table where we put most of our stuff... our place to iron our clothes gk hehehe seb baek bwk iron sendiri... ade budak syok sendiri in this pic =b tu bwk laptop tp xguner sgt sbb hotel tu xder wifi.. ade hot spot and it was chargeable.. about rm20/hour if i'm not mistaken so mcm mahal jer..managed to watch one movie jer, Alvin and the chipmunk...

didn't take pics of the pool n other things.. sgt2 xsker cuz i think i was expecting a nice suite.. not something that looks like an apartment.. my mum said an apartment will have a kitchen.. still that doesn't make it a suite cuz that word is so deceiving!!! geram la gak.. n i said, tp die 5 star hotel.. n yaya reminded me that hotel ratings are based on whether it has a spa, gym, swimming pool etc.. basically it depends on what facilities they offer.. hey, my bedroom is bigger than ur gym, lg nk berlagak 5 star ker?? =s  breakfast was so-so.. throughout the 3 mornings we were there, menu tukar2, n was quite ok la, but i prefer breakfast at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan even more... n not just cuz they had dimsum  =b

n the room was better too.. i'll make a short post on that if sy ingat  =b that was the hotel we stayed for the treasure hunt..delayed telecast, tp xpela kn.. bukannye org bacer pon  =b owh n speaking of better room, our Holiday Villa room was like a mini zoo, ade lalat, lipas mati, lebah mati, semut  =b  so instead of staying in our room, we went to a real mini zoo on Sunday hehehe  pics are on yaya's camera so might not be uploaded sbb it'll stay there forever  =b yg ade pic peacock botak jer hahaha sian jer tgk peacock tu.. kembangkn sayap but ade kosong2 huhuhu sian jer tgk...

so papa mentioned about our next family trip where we'll relax on the beach.. maybe cherating or redang.. i've started to surveyed for hotels.. thinking of using Berjaya.. ok ke? hopefully jd n will be a better experience.. kt cherating tu keje tido jer n overdose satar hahaha omg byk giler mkn, cm there's no tomorrow  =b but it'll be sometime before i eat them again so ok lar tu hehehe oklah, thought of writing something short but mcm dh pjg berjela je.. till we meet again peeps  =b

p/s: owh yeahh forgot to mention that it cost us rm490 per night.. we got free breakfast for 4 person for all 3 mornings so we had to pay rm22 for the other extra person (izad la tu heheheh)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Mommy Is Back!!!!

Us sisters went to pick her up at the airport last night, weehooo... but not before splurging ourselves with snacks for our short vacay tomorrow huhuhuh went to tesco with the intention to buy some junk food for munching and ended up paying about RM109!!! giler la.. utk junk food jer?? adelah selit one or two other things like toothpaste and my goober.. and then drove up to lcct with the hope of listening to our song but xder.. boohoo.. planned to have dinner there but how were we supposed to know that some of the stores doesn't have enough food.. we went to two places actually.. taste of asia and marry brown.. n taste of asia only had mee hun left so we went to marry brown, n time la gk dorg nk buat fogging at 11pm, so they didn't topped up their food.. so ended up, no more chicken.. agak down la gk cuz i was freaking hungry.. so only ordered for mum and yaya then me n lil sis went to mcd for take away...

ate some fries and was on the way home and i was freaking sleepy... i could confidently say i was munching fries in the car while half asleep.. i could barely open my eyes, but still nk ckp ngn izad to 'keep her company' la konon.. right before the toll, i said sleeplessly "sini la shikin accident tu" then sambung tido balik hahahah bengeng sgt.. anyway, got home, changed my clothes and went straight to bed.. didn't even eat my burger.. so i ate it for breakfast this morning  =b don't judge me...

so going to cherating tomorrow.. woot!! woot!! hopefully we have a good time chillaxing.. need to pack tonight, malas gler... but super stoke for our short vacation weee... kne munch2 otherwise bazir je bli semlm... most probably i'll drive since papa's leg still aches a bit.. let him rest la, lg pon kemaman dh xjauh sgt since ade highway right? right? huhuh

owh yesterday while waiting for yaya, there was a motor that 'terkena' my car a bit.. lg sket je nk freak out cuz my precious baby xpnh kne langgar or anything.. but luckily there was no scratch huhuhuh nanges la if ade =b my mind is blank, and i have numbers to look into.. pening dow buat bende ni.. dh la rs leceh sgt huhuhuh 

the word for this moment?? PERSEVERE!!!!! let's go...  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Will You Keep Me Plz

I'm doing it again,
I'm falling for some guy,
I ran and told my friends,
They said he'll make me cry,
His words sweeter than candy,
It ain't that hard to be deceived,
He send me back home daily,
Me, innocent and naive,
My friends told me to read the signs,
His scheming and his game,
But it's hard to read between the lines,
Every time he whispers my name,
Each day I fall deeper,
Right into his arms,
I feel like he's a keeper,
I can't seem to resist his charms,
He never uttered the words,
But i'm quite sure how he feel,
My friends tell me I'm absurd,
But I'll just wait for him to kneel.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Siti Nurhaliza @ Rock Corner, The Curve

Agak semangat la kitorg time tu hahahaha i got my tunetalk the day before from Kin (n we talked till 12 lbh!! gler xperasan time flies by) so i planned to buy my A7X tix soon after that... so the next day, when we planned to go out, we thought of having carbonara for lunch which we usually have at Dave Deli's OU.. but then lil sis mentioned that CT will be at Rock Corner the Curve and so i thought i could get my tickets there as well.. so we decided to go there and after that lunch... she was scheduled to be there around 3pm, n we reached there at about 2:45pm i think.. her posters was already there and there was already a number of people waiting outside..

so to keep the story short, she arrived and was ready to signed autographs.. but at this century, autographs are so all old skool, and taking picture is the new autograph.. so that was what my sis n i were trying to do.. so after some time of lingering there, hoping to get a nice shot, lil sis n i queued up so we could get a pic.. but the freaking ppl at rock corner said we can only take a picture if we had her album.. and thankfully, there were two gents in front of us who had one of her old album with them n we asked if we could borrow it just so we can get a pic with her..n thakfully, they were kind enough hahahah tau mmg kne buat muke xmalu time tu, but what the hell

so with that, we managed to get a pic with her for the first time.. lil sis was the one who went and asked for her autograph n i tok a picture of them, the lil sis took mine,, n she was shivering!! hahaha in between meeting CT and worrying about the rock corner ppl 'halau'ing us cuz we don't have her latest album. she was so nervous hehehehe cute sgt, n i'll never stop teasing her about it  =b  and so ladies and gents, i give u, the picture with a funny story to tell hehehe

n after that, kitorg feeling celebrity jap cuz when we were about to return the old cd to the guys in front of us, they wanted to take our pic!! hahahah xkesahlah asalkan xde manderem (xtau spell) ke ape hahahaha

owh n most importantly, i got my tickets to A7X freaking concert!!! super pumped to go  woot!! woot!!  muke xmalu n ajak mohsin sruh teman, cuz as much as i didn't mind going alone, mcm awkward la plak.. but maybe i should've asked my other cousins first, those who i knew listen to A7X, cuz at seremban yesterday, abang asked whether i'm going n said he wanted to go, so i invited him to join us, n lil sis tolong blikn tickets.. cousin bonding time!!! hahaha 

can't wait for April 29th!!! finally meeting my Shadows... if dpt amek pic with him n the whole band mcm the pic i got with CT, sure pengsan  =b hehehehe

Friday, March 09, 2012

You Had Me

Suffocating myself with the sound of your voice,
while cutting myself as if I had a choice,
It's not that i want it to end,
Cause I'd go through it all again,
I'll take each hit, each kick,
I'll sprawl on the floor even if it made me sick,
No matter how hard the touch,
I always felt the clutch,
Your nails sink within my skin,
My head smashed as the earth spin,
A cut for every beating,
Telling me how you weren't cheating,
I took it all in and embraced the pain,
It's the only thing that will keep me sane,
Inflicting these wounds, I know I'm making you proud,
I won't stop hurting myself, it's just as how we vowed.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Quote of the Week

"Me, I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for. You can never predict if they're going to do something incredibly stupid." --- Jack Sparrow.. Captain Jack Sparrow.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Think of a title for me pls?

went and send my phone in for repair last night.. the guy said it might take 2 or 3 days to be done and could cost about rm300  =s huhuhuhu pokai la sy bulan ni... because the phone is only 2yrs old, i decided to send it in for repair instead of buying a new phone, which could cost me more.. let's say if ade rosak2 lagi ke, then maybe will consider something new kot... but not for the time being, even though dh berangan nk bli Torch or iPhone hehehe  hopefully no more problem for my phone for a long time... if my phone was 5 yrs old, maybe dh bli baru kot.. but since br 2 yrs, n it's the 1st phone i bought with my own money, rs cm syg plak  =b 

only 2 days to go till the weekend.. xsabar la plak heheheh last tuesday after work, we went to selayang jap.. mama nk ckp2 ngn usu psl umrah.. so iasked usu bout the treasure hunt... it was the whole day on saturday rupenyer.. i thought it was till sunday too.. so usu kate, on sunday tu, if nk jln2 gi terengganu ke aper blh la.. yaya dh ajak mkn ikan patin hehehe n if ade satah (xtau spell) nk makan tu gk, even though blh mkn time yana kawen nnt  =b rsnye last time we went out ngn usu without my parents along was time kt penang dlu kot.. or if bkn overnight, maybe gi karok dlu2 kot, xingat la plak.. 

owh n i watched GG last nite!! just the ending i imagined it to be but with different details  =D enjoying it while it last hehehehe happy!!!!!