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Friday, March 30, 2012

To Do List

i kinda suck at this but i'll do my best to force my self to  =b  i've been slacking for at least a whole month now.. i need to pick myself back up and challenge myself to at least follow through my plan.. so for this weekend,  other than following mama, i hope to do these things:-

- wash my car (by myself, for the 2nd time ever)
- finish polishing the wooden furniture and the glasses cupboard in the living room (did this half-way last weekend)
- find my jumping rope and do some toning and cardio girl!!!

it's only the weekend so i won't list out a lot of things.. trying not to get ahead of myself, and over listing things... i guess all of the above could be achieve if i could wake up in the morning n not continuing rolling in bed  =b  let's get pumping!! woot!!

p/s: 1 month to go till A7X concert!! can't hardly wait!!! i hope they don't cancel or anything.. which kinda reminds me that i need to top up my tunetalk, just in case they checked whether it's active or not...xsabar giler =b