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Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Papa!!

ok so i'm 10 days late in writing a post about this.. but what matters most is that i wasn't late in wishing my dad =b  so last last friday was my dad's 61st Birthday... he's old hehehe but alhamdulillah still healthy.. what sucks that day was i didn't even meet him.. i drove to work cuz we had our department dinner that night.. our cars did pass one another so i just raised a hand and saw him briefly.. then i had the dinner and came back about 11pm++ almost twelve and off course, papa had slept.. we left a card for him just to wish him, and i text him to wish happy birthday.. owh well, as they say, it's the thought that counts hehehe so happy birthday papa.. i wish u all the happiness in the world, panjang umur, and murah rezeki.. if only u knew how happy we were (at least izad & i) about u last saturday.. i wish that remains forever..

Monday, October 08, 2012

Memory Lane

As u might know, mama went to london for the past 10 days or so.. i know it's kinda cheesy to post pics of vacation that doesn't belong to u or the ones u didn't go to, but i'm gonna make an exception here cuz mama send some pics that were among the earliest memory i had in life.. and this is even before labuan, even before i met my best friends jue n shikin.. i remember back then, my so called 'bff' were emma and aminah.. i remember going to their house after school, playing dressed up and make up.. i was so young then.. i wasn't even 6 years old... i was excited when i saw the pics, so i could only imagine how mama felt, when she was there again...

 the back of our house.. our house is the one on the left.. i remember going down this stairs to the backyard, which is a big garden.. and there are a bunch of christmas like trees at the back.. i also remember walking by that little path there on the left side... 

this is our school in london.. Holy Trinity Primary School.. i have a picture of myself in the school uniform (which i doubt i will post it here) so much memories at this school.. i remember participating in our school play.. i was the dancer for Grease Lightning.. i was also the purple teddy bear, one of the toys from Santa's workshop for the christmas play.. then i was supposed to be one of the orphans in Oliver Twist, but then we had to move back to malaysia..

This is the road we had to walk on the way to school.. maybe because we were smaller back then, but i remember this downhill road seems much more wider... the school's gate that we enter daily is about halfway down the hill (if i remember correctly).. 

this must have been funny and weird at the same time.. my mum taking pictures from outside the school hehehehe

so yeah, just a few pictures to share.. thought i'd have it in my blog, just in case.. so tell me, what were among the earliest memories u had in ur life?

Shaytard's Alpine Mushroom Pasta

Another recipe from the Shaytard Household that we tried.. we tweaked it a bit to suit our tasting... instead of meatless, we added some chicken fillet.. it's simple n tasty, just the way i like it..  so the recipe here is what we used (although we forgot about the cheese), so u can add whatever suits u...

1/2 packet of Fettuccine
Olive Oil
1/2 can of Button Mushroom 
Cherry Tomatoes
Chicken Fillet
Vege Broth/ Chicken Stock
Mozzarella Cheese (i forgot this boohoo)


So basically this all goes down to how much u like stuff, i.e tomatoes, asparagus etc.. if u like them, add more of them, otherwise, put less.. First off, diced all the ingredients such as onions, garlic  asparagus, tomatoes, mushroom and chicken.. i used 1/2 of the onion that was as big as my fist, but u could use more.. then i used about 4 garlic.. we cut the cherry tomatoes in half, sliced the mushroom to small slices, the asparagus was cut smaller but i would suggest about 1cm long.. the chicken was cut bigger then i hoped it'll be, so note to self, cut the chicken smaller.. 

this recipe is just mixing it all together, one item at a time.. first, the usual, will be the onions and garlic.. then add the chicken and mushroom.. remember, this is all done while the pasta is cooking, so make sure u check the pasta every once in a while just to make sure they're cook right and not soggy.. next add about 1/2 can of vege broth.. i didn't have this so what i did was used some hot water n mixed some chicken stock in it... then i added some flour to make it thicken a bit... when the chicken is cooked, add in the vege broth/chicken stock.. simmer it a bit and add in the asparagus and tomatoes.. 

have a taste if this to make sure it's ok.. i kinda missed this part huhuhuh i put a little too much chicken stock (at least i thought i did), and didn't add more salt and pepper cuz i thought it'll be salty.. big mistake.. so remember to taste n put some salt if it needs to be added.. once that's done, u're pasta should be cooked as well... drain the water out of the pasta, and leave about 1/4 of a cup of the water ( i didn't do this though cuz i already had a lot of water mixed with the chicken stock).. add in the pasta with the other ingredients... sprinkle some mozzarella cheese and mixed them well (i totally overlook this part huhuhu)

the end result??  Walla...

it looks good right? and i like the way it taste too, although more salt could be better (or maybe chicken stock) i guess it's good cuz izad can eat it (although xtambah) but also the downside, papa had to eat it with some ketchup huhuhuh but overall, trial and error.. will cook this for mama when she gets back.. she's coming home today weehooo

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Shaytards' Quinoa Salad

So, as obvious as it is, for some reason, watching the Shaycarl can be very influential.. i've been watching the shaytards vlog for perhaps two years now, and almost everything they say or do, i seem to want too.. for example, the food they eat.. especially now since they moved to LA, they've been eating salads a lot.. and once they showed how they made Quinoa salad which looks yummy.. plus the kids ate it so maybe the taste is 'tolerable'? heheheh so anyway, here's the recipe for the salad.. not exactly how they made them, we tweak it here and there.. not that anyone will try this out anyway  =b just for my future reference hehehe

1/2 cup of Quinoa (it's a type of grain/wheat, so look in that section)
2 Tomatoes
1 Onions
a few Cilantro
1/2 can of Corns
1/2 can of Red Beans
1/2 can of Chick Peas (kacang kuda)
1 Green pepper (capsicum)
1 Jalapeno (cili hijau hahahaha name nk class aje)

For dressing:-
2 Lime
4 tbspn Olive Oil
1/4 tspn Cumin powder (optional)

This is easy to do.. since it's a salad, it's just mostly dicing the ingredients and mixing them all up.. the above is a suggested amount n also for future reference.. we used about double of everything so it was a huge portion, seeing that only the two of us ate it.. so next time if i plan on making some more, i'll just use 1/2 a can of everything, or maybe use a smaller can if they have one..

so basically, diced everything up into smaller sizes (except for the dressing ingredients).. we didn't cut the corn n beans so that was the same size.. mix it all together n put it to a side.. take the quinoa and heat it with a cup of water... let it simmer till all the water are absorb and evaporates (make sure it's not too dry)... add the quinoa with the other ingredients and mix it.. this is the salad..

for the dressing, take the olive oil and mixed it with lime juice.. add a bit of cumin (i don't know what it taste like so u can just skip this), and salt n pepper for taste.. mix it well.. pour the dressing to the salad and mix well... wala, u got ur quinoa salad.. it doesn't really looks yummy, but i love the taste.. eat it with some tortilla chips and it's yummy.. i could survive a meal with just eating this hehehe

a thing that i'll change the next time i make them again (besides the portion) is to add more dressing n more lime, n lessen the onions n cilantro.. add more tomatoes.. yummyy... 

the end result...

lets eat more greens heheheh

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Just When I Thought Things Change For The Better

It got worse  =(

i hate when friends and work don't go together.. 

please don't cry Amethyst


I'm giving this another try.. no promises, just trying to change some habits.. i set my alarm early this morning but still i hit the snooze button.. that needs to be change.. trying to figure out how i decide to get up.. it's like after my sister is done, i HAVE or NEED to get up, cuz that comes naturally.. but when my alarm goes off but my sister is still in bed, it's natural for me to continue to sleep, even tho i've reminded myself why i need to get up 1st.. somehow, that part of me always lose the battle.. so i need to slowly but surely change that..

anyway, now that Shaytember is over, should i evaluate myself? i know that i suck, that can't be denied.. out of all the goals i had, i only managed to do one.. or rather not do.. and that's really not by choice.. my goals were to have fruit day on thursday, 100 crunches per week, no negative post about work, and finish a book.. i really thought that i could finish a book, but apparently not.. the only thing i managed to do was to not post negative things about work.. and that's cuz i was too busy to even open my blog during this one month time *sigh* not that i have anything negative to write, i was refraining myself.. i do feel like i've accomplish things during this past month.. Vince helped me out with the vba for my report, and i've managed to do some amendments to it.. which reminds me, i need to do some follow up.. and i'm starting to understand more things too.. so that's kinda good for me.. 

enough about work.. on a sad note, kinda got bad news about mama.. i hope everything is fine there.. trying to figure out some things from here, so i'm doing some googling.. kinda figured out the way but i'll ask her.. owh i took 2 days off last week.. went for my first massage... wasn't how i expected it to be.. it kinda hurt after, so i was disappointed that i bought the package cuz that'll be a waste of money... got influence with what wahida did huhuhuh but that'll be once in a lifetime thing.. no more massages like that after i finish using all my session.. and also we went to genting on friday.. weehooo havn't been to their outdoor themepark.. nothing to brag about but it was a fun time out with my sisters.. they managed to persuade me to get on the solero ride and yaya asked me to go on the flying something ride..out of the two, the flying ride was better.. solero almost gave me a heart attack cuz i felt the strap was loose and although i knew it was locked, i couldn't help but think i could be flung out... also my tummy had them butterflies and i couldn't tahan that.. the ship ride was a torture too huhuhuh it wasn't scary, it just gave me that tingling feeling in my tummy and i can't stop laughing...

wasn't much to do there... took the bus from OU at 9am, n got the bus back home at 6pm.. rode the cable car and i don't know why but it was scary for me.. yaya also got a bit scared and it was funny cuz izad was the only one who wasn't.. n i've rode the cable car in langkawi before this n felt that was supposed to be scarier but somehow wasn't.. overall was a fun time.. ok dh malas nk tulis n i forgot to post this.. got another thing to write..

Monday, October 01, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed

Dust yourself off and try it again

So that's what we're gonna do.. #Rocktober anyone?