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Monday, October 08, 2012

Shaytard's Alpine Mushroom Pasta

Another recipe from the Shaytard Household that we tried.. we tweaked it a bit to suit our tasting... instead of meatless, we added some chicken fillet.. it's simple n tasty, just the way i like it..  so the recipe here is what we used (although we forgot about the cheese), so u can add whatever suits u...

1/2 packet of Fettuccine
Olive Oil
1/2 can of Button Mushroom 
Cherry Tomatoes
Chicken Fillet
Vege Broth/ Chicken Stock
Mozzarella Cheese (i forgot this boohoo)


So basically this all goes down to how much u like stuff, i.e tomatoes, asparagus etc.. if u like them, add more of them, otherwise, put less.. First off, diced all the ingredients such as onions, garlic  asparagus, tomatoes, mushroom and chicken.. i used 1/2 of the onion that was as big as my fist, but u could use more.. then i used about 4 garlic.. we cut the cherry tomatoes in half, sliced the mushroom to small slices, the asparagus was cut smaller but i would suggest about 1cm long.. the chicken was cut bigger then i hoped it'll be, so note to self, cut the chicken smaller.. 

this recipe is just mixing it all together, one item at a time.. first, the usual, will be the onions and garlic.. then add the chicken and mushroom.. remember, this is all done while the pasta is cooking, so make sure u check the pasta every once in a while just to make sure they're cook right and not soggy.. next add about 1/2 can of vege broth.. i didn't have this so what i did was used some hot water n mixed some chicken stock in it... then i added some flour to make it thicken a bit... when the chicken is cooked, add in the vege broth/chicken stock.. simmer it a bit and add in the asparagus and tomatoes.. 

have a taste if this to make sure it's ok.. i kinda missed this part huhuhuh i put a little too much chicken stock (at least i thought i did), and didn't add more salt and pepper cuz i thought it'll be salty.. big mistake.. so remember to taste n put some salt if it needs to be added.. once that's done, u're pasta should be cooked as well... drain the water out of the pasta, and leave about 1/4 of a cup of the water ( i didn't do this though cuz i already had a lot of water mixed with the chicken stock).. add in the pasta with the other ingredients... sprinkle some mozzarella cheese and mixed them well (i totally overlook this part huhuhu)

the end result??  Walla...

it looks good right? and i like the way it taste too, although more salt could be better (or maybe chicken stock) i guess it's good cuz izad can eat it (although xtambah) but also the downside, papa had to eat it with some ketchup huhuhuh but overall, trial and error.. will cook this for mama when she gets back.. she's coming home today weehooo