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Tuesday, October 02, 2012


I'm giving this another try.. no promises, just trying to change some habits.. i set my alarm early this morning but still i hit the snooze button.. that needs to be change.. trying to figure out how i decide to get up.. it's like after my sister is done, i HAVE or NEED to get up, cuz that comes naturally.. but when my alarm goes off but my sister is still in bed, it's natural for me to continue to sleep, even tho i've reminded myself why i need to get up 1st.. somehow, that part of me always lose the battle.. so i need to slowly but surely change that..

anyway, now that Shaytember is over, should i evaluate myself? i know that i suck, that can't be denied.. out of all the goals i had, i only managed to do one.. or rather not do.. and that's really not by choice.. my goals were to have fruit day on thursday, 100 crunches per week, no negative post about work, and finish a book.. i really thought that i could finish a book, but apparently not.. the only thing i managed to do was to not post negative things about work.. and that's cuz i was too busy to even open my blog during this one month time *sigh* not that i have anything negative to write, i was refraining myself.. i do feel like i've accomplish things during this past month.. Vince helped me out with the vba for my report, and i've managed to do some amendments to it.. which reminds me, i need to do some follow up.. and i'm starting to understand more things too.. so that's kinda good for me.. 

enough about work.. on a sad note, kinda got bad news about mama.. i hope everything is fine there.. trying to figure out some things from here, so i'm doing some googling.. kinda figured out the way but i'll ask her.. owh i took 2 days off last week.. went for my first massage... wasn't how i expected it to be.. it kinda hurt after, so i was disappointed that i bought the package cuz that'll be a waste of money... got influence with what wahida did huhuhuh but that'll be once in a lifetime thing.. no more massages like that after i finish using all my session.. and also we went to genting on friday.. weehooo havn't been to their outdoor themepark.. nothing to brag about but it was a fun time out with my sisters.. they managed to persuade me to get on the solero ride and yaya asked me to go on the flying something ride..out of the two, the flying ride was better.. solero almost gave me a heart attack cuz i felt the strap was loose and although i knew it was locked, i couldn't help but think i could be flung out... also my tummy had them butterflies and i couldn't tahan that.. the ship ride was a torture too huhuhuh it wasn't scary, it just gave me that tingling feeling in my tummy and i can't stop laughing...

wasn't much to do there... took the bus from OU at 9am, n got the bus back home at 6pm.. rode the cable car and i don't know why but it was scary for me.. yaya also got a bit scared and it was funny cuz izad was the only one who wasn't.. n i've rode the cable car in langkawi before this n felt that was supposed to be scarier but somehow wasn't.. overall was a fun time.. ok dh malas nk tulis n i forgot to post this.. got another thing to write..