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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Quality Hotel, Parnell

Beds: 3 queens

Price: $432 for 2 nights (6 adults)

The last hotel for the vacation.. located in Parnell, the hotel is considered in the town. We didn’t do any major grocery shopping if I’m not mistaken cause we were going back soon and we didn’t want to have excess stuff.. but there are plenty of places to buy groceries from.. we even stopped by a halal butchery on the way to the hotel so we did managed to have sausages for breakfast (tp xsedap sgt huhuhu) the hotel was easy to find and checking in was not a problem.. we chose a 2-bedroom unit so everyone could sleep comfortably.. one bedroom had 2 queen size bed while the other had 1 queen..

there’s a bathroom with a big tub and shower.. the kitchen area was comfortable enough to cook in even with our bags scattered on the floor.. the dining area sits 4 person but with a nice big table, this time around we didn’t care much bout the seats cause we didn’t have a family meal there.. the only thing I wasn’t really fond of was the living room.. although it had a good space to it, but the couches was placed in such a way that we can’t sit down and watch tv comfortably cuz it wasn’t facing the tv.. so instead, we had to pull the small couch to the middle of the room to face the tv.. can’t recall if there was a balcony or not cuz we didn’t open the sliding door that much..

overall, I give the place 8/10 because of the bath tub and I managed to use a bath bomb heheheh.. so that sums up the hotel reviews yg cincai2 je.. dah basi la citer ni but it’ll all be captured here for future reading & reminiscence hehehe planning for our next vacation now.. toodles..

Coromandel Colonial Cottages Motel

Beds: 1 queen, 2 single, 2 pull-out couch

Price: $210 per night (6 adults)

2 more left then we’re done.. it feels like I keep repeating myself over and over again.. by the time we reached the motel, it was already dark, what with the long drive and winding road again.. we didn’t really get to see the pretty surrounding till the next morning.. Coromandel is a small town and finding the motel was easy.. didn’t go around town that much but if I recall properly, there’s only a mini market at that area.. Thames which is about 50 minutes’ drive will be a bigger town that has a supermarket (if I’m not mistaken)..

The front door opens up to a hall with two bedrooms on either side... one bedroom has a queen size bed, on the other had 2 single beds.. the hall leads up to the kitchen and dining area as well as the living room.. 6-seat dining table, and a nice kitchen to cook in.. the living room has 2 pull-out couch and another sofa to relax on.. very spacious living room, but we didn’t hang out there long.. we watched a short movie after dinner and planned the activity for the next day.. the lady at the office told us about a ‘garden’ and a pottery place where we can ride a mini train..

Although it’s a small town, there are a couple of things to do there which is ok if you’re just passing by.. overall, I give the place 7.5/10 also because of the pretty exterior of the place hehehe extra pics here for you...

Palmerston North Motel

Beds: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 single

Price: $218 per night (6 adults)

This was basically a touch n go motel.. not sure how many hours we spent between checking in and checking out but is definitely the shortest out of all (not sure it’s true but that’s what it felt like anyway).. it was dark when we reached there, around 9pm, but we did managed to find the hotel easily thanks to Samantha.. don’t really know if it’s near a supermarket cuz we didn’t go shopping for groceries.. 2-bedroom unit with a little weird bedding.. one room had a king size bed so izad n fiq got that room.. the other had a queen bed and a single bed so my parents and yaya took that room.. I got the single bed at the living room.. was a bit scary sleeping outside alone but we switched on some night light so I was fine.. plus it was quite tiring with the long drive hehehe

Nice kitchen area but we didn’t cook much.. we were tired for dinner so we only had light dinner but next morning we did make breakfast.. the dining table however wasn’t placed well so if we did have a full meal, we couldn’t even comfortably sit 4 people there.. it was compensated though with the 2 sofas at the living room, which is mostly where we sat and watched tv..

didn't managed to hang out much here as we needed to head out early the next day, as usual.. i rate the place 7/10, mostly cuz they have a nice living room.. but minus points for the dining table..

Gable Motor Lodge

Beds: 1 queen, 2 single, 1 pull-out sofa

Price: $245 per night (6 adults)

As time goes by, I’m starting to get confuse about the motels that we’ve stayed in.. I know this motel is near the supermarket, about 5 minutes’ drive as well.. I can’t really recall how easy it was to find it, but I remember us passing by the motel when we were on the way to Punaikaki.. a simple place, super friendly service.. 2-bedroom, 1 queen in one, 2 single in the other, and a pull-out couch (semakin lame mcm semakin malas nk tulis.. rs mcm repeat je byk kali)..i like the little small chair we had the moment we opened the door.. gives the place a nice touch..

nice kitchen area where we made dinner and had a good time eating.. mkn byk sgt nasi huhuhu plus salmon n cili hijau utk pedas nyum2.. 4-seater dining table so Izad n I sat on the floor.. 1 bathroom with no lock hehehe kinda got used to it as we come towards the end of our journey.. just give a heads up or do a head count before you enter =b

comfy place to stay in, I’d give it a 8/10 cuz there’s not much of a down point here.. 3 left then we’re done *wink*