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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Quality Hotel, Parnell

Beds: 3 queens

Price: $432 for 2 nights (6 adults)

The last hotel for the vacation.. located in Parnell, the hotel is considered in the town. We didn’t do any major grocery shopping if I’m not mistaken cause we were going back soon and we didn’t want to have excess stuff.. but there are plenty of places to buy groceries from.. we even stopped by a halal butchery on the way to the hotel so we did managed to have sausages for breakfast (tp xsedap sgt huhuhu) the hotel was easy to find and checking in was not a problem.. we chose a 2-bedroom unit so everyone could sleep comfortably.. one bedroom had 2 queen size bed while the other had 1 queen..

there’s a bathroom with a big tub and shower.. the kitchen area was comfortable enough to cook in even with our bags scattered on the floor.. the dining area sits 4 person but with a nice big table, this time around we didn’t care much bout the seats cause we didn’t have a family meal there.. the only thing I wasn’t really fond of was the living room.. although it had a good space to it, but the couches was placed in such a way that we can’t sit down and watch tv comfortably cuz it wasn’t facing the tv.. so instead, we had to pull the small couch to the middle of the room to face the tv.. can’t recall if there was a balcony or not cuz we didn’t open the sliding door that much..

overall, I give the place 8/10 because of the bath tub and I managed to use a bath bomb heheheh.. so that sums up the hotel reviews yg cincai2 je.. dah basi la citer ni but it’ll all be captured here for future reading & reminiscence hehehe planning for our next vacation now.. toodles..