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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Matamata Motel

 All my post weirdly disappeared so i had to re-draft some of these post.. bummer..
Now that I’m done with my NZ post (finally right hehehe) it’s time to move on to quick review of motels that we stayed there.. before we start, I wanna give a shout out to my baby sister who not only just helped take the pics of all motels, she was even the one who did all the survey & browse for the best possible places to stay.. she included all in the itinerary with the type of beds and rate, and all I had to do was made the reservations.. some we had to change cuz the ones she listed were fully booked cuz I was slow *boo* but even so, thank you so so much for all the effort hehehe ok, so first up is the Matamata Central Motel.. this motel sets the bar really high for the rest of our trip..

Beds: 1 King, 2 Singles and a pull-out sofa

Price: $260 per night (6 adults)

Matamata is a very small town but perhaps because of Hobbitton, they did have a lot of motels around the area.. we chose a two bedroom unit with a pull-out sofa and this was basically the standard units we were looking for throughout our vacation.. my parents took the king size bedroom while yaya n I took the two singles which both were just big enough to put our luggage.. each room have a small cupboard to hang our clothes as well which we didn’t use much since we were there for one night only..

the only downside to most of the motels there is that they only had 1 bathroom so we did have to take turns to shower n all.. but the bathroom here is the best one out of all.. it was very spacious and had a separate bath and shower.. again, it was a bummer that I didn’t forced myself to use the bathtub cuz that’s one of my favourite things to do when staying at a hotel hehehe and most importantly, the bathroom had locks on the door hahh!! Who would’ve thought that locks weren’t really a must-have on bathroom doors there.. (whuuttt?!??)

luas.. boleh tido sini kan hehehe

the unit had a nice kitchen area for cooking and a 6-seat dining table, so it was perfect for our first meal together.. the living room was quite spacious but we didn’t hang out much there since we were tired and slept most of the time.. of course izad n fiq conquered that area cuz they had the pull-out sofa to sleep on.. I hope it was ok for u two hehehe

Location wise, it was very easy to find.. it was located just opposite a supermarket which was very convenient cuz we needed to do grocery shopping.. we took a car there but it’s actually about a 5 minutes’ walk only.. we didn’t want to carry all the groceries across the street seeing that we might buy a lot of things.. overall, we were very satisfied with the place and service.. if I were to rate the place itself, I’d give it a 9/10 cuz really, it did set the bar high for the rest..