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Sunday, April 19, 2015

As Always

As always, it's been a while.. i miss this space so much that i'm actually smiling typing this down.. life so far has been very hectic, i need to step back and take a breather.. a few things have been going on with me.. i've had my ups and down a lot and it's just a quarter into the year.. but i won't dwell on that, not now anyway.. now i just want to stare at my screen and remember the time i've spent all these years just writing random stuff and ranting away.. i miss that feeling of just saying whatever is on my mind at the moment or how i feel, and knowing no one is ever gonna read it.. i miss having that avenue where i feel free and not giving a care to the world.. i need this.. i need this to keep me sane.. 

before i settle down, there are still a few things i owe here.. it's been a year now.. i should get them up by now, so that's my aim this week.. i hope you're ready..