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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Gonna Meet My Future Husband Soon!!!

or shall i say 'see'? just got news that Avenged Freaking Sevenfold are coming to Malaysia!!!!! Screams!!!!! i'm definitely going, regardless if my sisters wanna teman me or not  =b this is one concert i will not miss. period.. i missed christina, but that was in singapore, so it's explainable.. but this is malaysia, n stadium negara so it's a must for me...April 29th, mark ur calendar peeps... xsabar giler, i hope they don't cancel it or anything huhuh balik ni nk layan balik their songs weehooo... i'm gonna see my hubby M Shadows in the flesh (is that the saying?).. front tix will be for tunetalk peeps so not sure if i can get those, but will try to find a tix that's close to the stage... if tix are on sale this month, i'm ignoring the fact that i want to save up for a house heheheh my matt comes first  =b i hope it's as good as their LBC one.. lots and lots of fire.. n the uproar one had a man hanging on the stage.. a lil creepy but it sets the mood hehehe 

oklah super excited bout this news..  sure tido mlm ni termimpi2  =b  ngeng

i'm in love

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Morning World

it's been days, i know.. i didn't really feel like writing, that's all.. the long weekend is over.. hope everyone enjoyed it and had a good chill, except for kin of course.. cuz ko keje kn? muahahaha  =b  it's almost the end of the 1st month for 2012, how did it fare? mine was so-so.. there was a litlle hiccup in the middle of it, no thanx to some idiot cousin of mine who i no longer consider as a cousin n definitely someone who i'll never respect (not that u're respected anyway, u pathetic sore loser) sometimes it's hard to fathom that there are brainless ppl in this world, who are definitely not zombies, last time i checked.. i noe human beings are diverse but i didn't know humans could be that stupid.. but then again it could explain his 'condition'.. no one with a sound mind would want to hire an idiot so that pretty much explain why u can't even feed ur family.. at first i felt like punching him in the face n slitting his throat but that'll take a whole lot of effort on my behalf n he's just not worth it.. trying to take on my own advise n just ignore it.. it just prove to show that u'll never noe what goes on behind closed door so never assume..

anyway moving on.. i think i'm making progress in terms of working out (although at a super slow rate).. i'm trying ok, so don't judge  =b  i may not fully utilise what i have but i'm working on it at my own pace.. n comparing to what i've done now to what i've achieve (or lack thereof) last year, i think there's a big difference right? right? (say yes hehehe) i need to up my game but i think i'll do it slowly.. i don't have the strength yet n it isn't easy.. i've been watching videos n trying the moves (especially from CarlieStylez) but some are not that simple.. yes i can do it, but maybe about 5 time and then i feel out.. i try to have target although they are rarely met, so i'm not really depending on that.. i just go with the flow.. on top of that, i think i need to work on my eating habits.. this has always been my weakness, n i'm not sure how well i do here.. i won't really take it as a diet, but more towards being conscious about it.. cuz lets face it, with the rate i'm going at in both aspect, i can't really be expecting much results.. so it's something i should look at, but it's gonna be tough (no more carbonara tau izad =b ) i need to cut on fast food, or mcd in particular (although when the workers are clumsy and give us extra burgers, it's hard to say no heheheh) i'm also thinking of munching more so need to go shopping for that hehehe overall with the rate i'm going n the effort i could foresee myself taking, i would most probably to see some result by, lets say June? ok? attainable? well lets hope work for it  =D

so during the long weekend, we went for a drive to find a friend's house n i officially found my dream house/neighborhood.. i vaguely remember hani asking bout Ara Damansara but i didn't know where it was at that time.. but now that i've seen it, i want it so badly (affording it is another story, but no harm in dreaming right) the houses there are super awesome, i can't stop being amazed by it, especially going online n saw Seri Pilmoor houses... definitely to die for.. they're so beautiful n super expensive so the only way i could own one is to marry a millionaire  =b so now i'm eager than ever to save up money to buy a house.. although i'm very picky about it huhuhuh i can live with a 'cukup syarat' car, but i can't buy a house just for the sake of buying one.. my family always talk about the only way for us to move into a big bungalow is to move to nilai or other places that's far, but we always say no cuz it's too far from OU etc hehehe to us, ttdi is the perfect place for us to live.. it's near to kl for work (so far we only work in kl) n it's also near to shopping malls, namely OU, ikano, ikea, the curves (u noe the drill) n it is also said that a new mall is developing in sg penchala, so we don't need to go far or better yet, go out once a month hehehe so yeah, the first thing i'll look into is of course location.. n then i'm picky about size as well.. i dun really mind a small house (yeke?) but i don't wanna feel suffocated in my own home.. it needs to feel spacious, but again i don't want to limit my furniture in order to have that spacious space hehehe yer2 sgt2 picky.. n i want a big kitchen.. so it needs to have a backyard that i could potentially extend.. not that i love cooking or i'm gonna cook more or anything, but i wanna have an island hehehe i think everyone wants that.. n u can't have an island in a cramp space right.. plus, berangan nk bli corner lot gk (gedik!!) cuz i want a garden.. it doesn't necessarily have to be big, but enough to plant some flowers (mcm la rajin nk jaga)  haiishhh mcm2 kn... so, point now is to save up money to actually afford a house... 

but before that, my priority lies towards a family vacation.. our target next year kn korg? hehehe where? that's something to think of a bit later cuz we have loads of option.. yg slalu mention is of course New Zealand and Morocco.. but a few days ni, we're also thinking of Perth.. sebab? after Bangkok dat day, Uncle Aziz ajak papa golf kt Perth plak.. n sy bg green light sbb nk ikot muahahah so an 'excuse' for a family vacation.. n also lepas tgk Shaytards, kitorg teringin gi Disneyland.. mama said we went to Disneyworld dlu2 but i don't really remember it huhuhu but papa slalu mention tunggu izad keje dlu otherwise kne sponsor die plak, so izad, cepat2 la keje k  =b if xpon, buat la plan 250 mcm yg kitorg ckp kt kundang tu... cukup kn? hehehe go izad go, u can do it hehehehe

oklah.. too much ramblings.. bosan la plak tulis =b will write later (not necessarily soon)  toodles.. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

He Shoot.. He Scores!!!

time management

to expand the list

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Food!!

so last Sunday, we went out for dinner n surprisingly, papa joined too (ajak pon sbb izad rs papa mcm lapar) so we decided to go to Khan Baba @ TTDI.. malas nk gi jauh2, n dh boring ngn Santai so nk try something else la plak.. i know kitorg dh byk kali gi tpt2 mknan arab ni.. dh tu, order bende2 samer jer (sure nk kne ade lamb mandy hehehe) ni kedai arab gk.. yg ni pon ala2 arab gk.. n not forgetting this pics2 sumer mcm samer jer rupe hehehe anyway, we each ordered a meal..

papa tertipu ngn pics, nmpk cm sup daging.. rasa plak, mama masak lg sedap =b

yaya ordered spaghetti.. sedap n cheesy sgt.. yummsss

i ordered lamb kebab.. it was a bit dry for my liking but ok lar..

i also ordered cheese nan sbb mcm best jer  =b

mama n izad geng, ordered lamb mandy each (a must)

the verdict? we would fall back to Ar'Rawsha gk eventually.. even tho mkn lamb mandy jer, but it taste better (tp slalu ade hati nk try tpt2 laen haishh.. total damage was about RM133 for all the food plus 5 drinks..

then yesterday plak, mum cooked one of my favourite which is lemon chicken.. fuuhh yummeyyhhh hehehehe i like how sometimes we skip rice n have a different menu.. sometimes lamb n sometimes, like last night, chicken..  so yesterday we had a quarter of chicken each, along with some potato wedges and salads.. sgt2 yummyyy hehehe

can't wait till our new oven arrive.. our current oven dh braper zaman ntah so dat day papa bg green light utk bli baru.. provided (kononnyer) kitorg kne la masak leg of lamb la, roast lamb la etc.. siap sruh kitorg google2 recipe =b  but we have other things in mind as well.. which is baking!! i love to bake.. it may not be a hobby that i do that often, but i enjoy it.. i thing the main thing that i don't like about it is that kne kemas before n after tu... sgt2 leceh k.. i remember baking a cake with Jue (ingat x?) hhmm then that means mmg dr dlu minat la.. my sisters n i nk try buat Rainbow Cake!! we tried Rainbow Cupcake a few weeks ago, tp manis sgt.. not just the cheesy icing but the cake itself.. so now dh tau nk agak2 the amount of sugar, as well as change icing tu sket.. less sugar n it'll be icing sugar instead of castor..  

our cupcake plak trial n error in terms of rupa.. the layers was so thin it ended up mixing with each other a bit so xnmpk ade 6 layers (i noe rainbow ade 7 layers tp kitorg buat 6 jer).. but colourwise cantek la (eceh puji cupcake sendiri muahahaha) nmpk cm kek lapis pon ader gk heheheh xsabar for our 2nd attempt  =D 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Go And Have Our Family Vacation!!!

i'm so freaking excited... and no, not cuz of a confirmed vacation, but from seeing pics of it huhuhuh  browsed Groupon today and they had this awesome place in New Zealand n it's totally breath-taking.. weird enough that i didn't answer New Zealand when Jue asked me the question, but owh well... go here to check out the deal.. the rooms looked A-mazing and i'm completely in love with the scenery from the pictures they have there.. off course they could edit or photoshop the pics and stuff, but i'm totally sure that the real view would be much more better...  few pics from the site it self, n i dare u to tell me u don't feel like going there  =b

n here are some pics of Waiorau Homestead from the voucher..

don't they look heavenly? hehehe the only problem now with New Zealand is of course the frequent earthquakes that are happening there.. it says from Google Maps that it's a 5 - 6hrs long drive so should there really be an earthquake if we were there, i'm not so sure how we'll be effected.. but nevertheless, i'm definitely putting this down in my bucket list.. 

Monday, January 09, 2012

Thrifty? Frugal?

so based on my so-called financial planning, konon nk bli rumah in 2015.. hutang keta tinggal lagi 2 yrs so should be able to pay off sumer by Nov 2013.. then most probably nk rest for a year, n splurge my money on other things before taking on a house loan (mcm pnh mention kn, but who cares).. tp the problem with this kinda planning, kite xder set much limit on normal spending.. at first mmg la ade setkn amount for monthly savings, but slalu xikot plan.. konon nk spend wisely, tp end up slalu guner duit savings.. my major weakness?? off course la food.. rs satu family kite tu dh well aware with my weakness ni.. asal je kluar, nk mkn best2 (pastu complain gemok?) n if tau my money tu spend on what xper gk.. ni tiber2 tgk dh short on money n it's only been 4 or 5 days since dpt gaji? haishh teruk btol.. take this month for example, cuti 5 hari b4 new year tu je dh 'hilang' duit.. n with my 'short-term-memory-loss', kite blh recall sket jer n xtau lg rm200 tu spend on what.. huhuh xpe2 abaikn..

so even tho xder azam br nk spend WISELY, but off course kite slalu set myself to never overspend.. or spend within limit (even tho sometimes terpakai duit savings).. so if gaji seribu, biarlah guner the whole seribu, jgnla hutang2 guner credit card n all.. but if possible, save la sket kn.. tp this year plak, i was introduced to groupon.. actually dh lamer dgr but xpnh tau ade malaysian version (tau famous kt US jer la).. last week ade bli satu voucher.. foot spa, konon birthday present for my mum n sister.. dh sruh my sis amek cuti on the 30th, tp blom booking lg.. voucher tu 71% off so dpt RM15 for a 1hr foot soak & masque.. terexcited la plak.. pastu ni jap ni br nmpk facial plak.. izad minat facial so ingat nk blikn utk dier (oops dh xsurprise dh) hehehe but we'll see how.. izad nk x?

n speaking of groupon, jue ade usha2 for Bali vacation.. which made me think of our overdue family vacation... haishhh if only kitorg blh withdraw our ASB n guner utk cuti2 kn best  =b  blh x papa? n if kne tunggu izad keje, then hopefully izad dpt keje cepat yer ehehehe in our mind, nk gi New Zealand sbb nk choose tpt yg scenery cantek2.. n plus, izad nk tgk hobbits hahahaha but then tgk shaytards gi skiing pon mcm best gk.. so mama nk gi Alps Switzerland tu, blh la mskkn dlm list.. papa plak dr dlu nk gi Morocco... sbb? gi pasar malam die n mkn kambing yg die slalu nmpk dlm tv tu.. haishhh hahaha but whereever we go, mcm best jer buat roadtrip cm izad buat with her friends kt Aussie tu.. nk drive down the road n enjoy the view.. plus blh stop2 tepi jln amek pic.. haaahh best nyer.. n then if dpt gi Disneyland lg best gk.. kitorg gi time kecik2 dlu so mmg xingat ape2 sgt la kn.. the closes we can get will off course be USS, but that's another story...

kuat daydream ni, nmpk sgt xder keje kn.. the first week of the year has been quite ok to me.. i've managed to do what i wanted to do, maybe not as good as i expected it to be.. but good enough for starters..i've got something new that i enjoy doing.. and i hope i could see results pretty soon.. just gotta keep going on for these couple of weeks n i hope i don't fall back..

ok dh malas nk tulis.. got some ideas in my head last week but since i didn't write it down, it kinda evaporates into thin air so i'm kinda scrapping the back of my mind for it again.. =b  byeeeee

Friday, January 06, 2012


motif nk mengeluh kuat2? hhmmm remember this? my eyes dh start twitching again.. rase annoying jer... n mate same lak tu, yg kanan.. dh 1 week kot, hopefully stop cpt ler.. plus ngn pening2, xtau la sbb glasses ke ape, tp sgt xselesa huhuhu dpt verbal approval from boss nk cuti 16th n 30th.. saje2 cuti cuz ade 5 hari carry forward yg nk kne hbskn by end of march, so baek amek cpt2 nnt teroverdose bler end of yr mcm last yr  =b

anyway, since it's january, all my tv series will be back up... hopefully ade sambung Gossip Girl, Psych n Leverage.. Glee dh krg tgk sbb mcm kurang feel jer dh lagu2 die  =b the best song in the series will be Keep Holding On, rsnyer tu yg dorg nyanyi for Quinn.. sgt2 sweet n blh nangis  =b

haishh xder idea nk tulis ape.. thinking of Bali in June... with June? hehehe mcm interesting, we'll see how it goes.. tau2 jerla ngn mak kiter tu cmner right.. plg xphm (n xpuas hati) kitorg dh adult kot (even tho perangai still bdk2), perlu ke nk question lg? kite xleyh bygkn in 5 yrs time bler kitorg dh 30, still cmni lg ke? or mungkin it'll end bler dh kawen? haiishhh whatever.. xguner gk pkir2, things never change (terpoyo la plak jap)..

ok, dh mls nk tulis (ptt post on the 5th lgpon), cya soon... 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mari Menulis

Yer, post sblm ni pendek mungkin sbb xde bende nk citer kn? ke nk kite letak pic muke kite tempek2 ngn facial mask?  =b

hhmm thn ni mcm nk btol2 plan gi cuti.. thn lps konon nk gi johor tp xjd.. ade ape je pn kt sane kn, tanya kin pon die xtau hehehe so kitorg decide nk gi johor lps Legoland dh siap nnt.. at least ade gk tpt nk gi kt sane nnt kn.. n since Yana nk kawen march ni, izad ajak gi cuti kt cherating.. tp mama plak nk gi spore or solo (ke ape tah name tpt tu, kt indonesia) so xtau la jd ke x.. Family vacation tp xde mama? mmg xknla kn.. n thn ni gk kitorg berangan nk gi USS lg sbb xpuas dlu2 tu.. nk gi weekdays n hrp2 xramai org so blh naek sumer rides n xyah nk beratur pjg2  =)  tp berangan jer la sbb tgk ade budget ke x.. dh tulis plan cantek2 pon duit blh hilang kn.. hampeh jer (n still xpuas hati smp skrang tau izad, mane gi duit sy?!?? hahahah)

owhh n isinin lps 1st time cuci keta sendiri hahaha slalu papa yg cucikn, n pnh tolong skali dua jer.. skali dua jer? sbb kdg2 papa buat weekdays time org keje, or if weekends pon, pg2 time org still tido? so rs, ade ke nk gi bgn n cuci?  =b  tp thn ni, kater nk tukar mindset kn (muntah jap), so bgn pg ske n cuci keta, luar n dlm.. n sbb papa gi maen golf, dptla buat sorg2 hehehe tp setakat tu jer la yg rajin, xderla smp nk tolong cuci persona skali (tp papa dh cuci luar, tinggal dlm jer blom)  haishh... pastu? exercise la ape lg  =b  utk beginner, kite rate 4/10 hahaha mmg semput hbs tp mcm xbyk buat.. thn ni br je 3 hari, but so far xtertinggal pon (bangga jap).. tunggu smp hujung minggu ni, ade lg ke bende nk dibanggakan nnt?  =b

ermm itut, next post kiter buat rojak but lbh kpd bm la yer  =b

p/s: i know it's no fairytale, i just hoped that things would be better.. miss u

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

a.k.a Selamat Tahun Baru!!! haishh ade org tu suruh tulis dlm BM la plak..  sbb penat nk translate? err xtau ke "I sound stupid in malay" muahahaha baeklah, kiter akan usahakan *wink*..

miss u guys  =)