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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Morning World

it's been days, i know.. i didn't really feel like writing, that's all.. the long weekend is over.. hope everyone enjoyed it and had a good chill, except for kin of course.. cuz ko keje kn? muahahaha  =b  it's almost the end of the 1st month for 2012, how did it fare? mine was so-so.. there was a litlle hiccup in the middle of it, no thanx to some idiot cousin of mine who i no longer consider as a cousin n definitely someone who i'll never respect (not that u're respected anyway, u pathetic sore loser) sometimes it's hard to fathom that there are brainless ppl in this world, who are definitely not zombies, last time i checked.. i noe human beings are diverse but i didn't know humans could be that stupid.. but then again it could explain his 'condition'.. no one with a sound mind would want to hire an idiot so that pretty much explain why u can't even feed ur family.. at first i felt like punching him in the face n slitting his throat but that'll take a whole lot of effort on my behalf n he's just not worth it.. trying to take on my own advise n just ignore it.. it just prove to show that u'll never noe what goes on behind closed door so never assume..

anyway moving on.. i think i'm making progress in terms of working out (although at a super slow rate).. i'm trying ok, so don't judge  =b  i may not fully utilise what i have but i'm working on it at my own pace.. n comparing to what i've done now to what i've achieve (or lack thereof) last year, i think there's a big difference right? right? (say yes hehehe) i need to up my game but i think i'll do it slowly.. i don't have the strength yet n it isn't easy.. i've been watching videos n trying the moves (especially from CarlieStylez) but some are not that simple.. yes i can do it, but maybe about 5 time and then i feel out.. i try to have target although they are rarely met, so i'm not really depending on that.. i just go with the flow.. on top of that, i think i need to work on my eating habits.. this has always been my weakness, n i'm not sure how well i do here.. i won't really take it as a diet, but more towards being conscious about it.. cuz lets face it, with the rate i'm going at in both aspect, i can't really be expecting much results.. so it's something i should look at, but it's gonna be tough (no more carbonara tau izad =b ) i need to cut on fast food, or mcd in particular (although when the workers are clumsy and give us extra burgers, it's hard to say no heheheh) i'm also thinking of munching more so need to go shopping for that hehehe overall with the rate i'm going n the effort i could foresee myself taking, i would most probably to see some result by, lets say June? ok? attainable? well lets hope work for it  =D

so during the long weekend, we went for a drive to find a friend's house n i officially found my dream house/neighborhood.. i vaguely remember hani asking bout Ara Damansara but i didn't know where it was at that time.. but now that i've seen it, i want it so badly (affording it is another story, but no harm in dreaming right) the houses there are super awesome, i can't stop being amazed by it, especially going online n saw Seri Pilmoor houses... definitely to die for.. they're so beautiful n super expensive so the only way i could own one is to marry a millionaire  =b so now i'm eager than ever to save up money to buy a house.. although i'm very picky about it huhuhuh i can live with a 'cukup syarat' car, but i can't buy a house just for the sake of buying one.. my family always talk about the only way for us to move into a big bungalow is to move to nilai or other places that's far, but we always say no cuz it's too far from OU etc hehehe to us, ttdi is the perfect place for us to live.. it's near to kl for work (so far we only work in kl) n it's also near to shopping malls, namely OU, ikano, ikea, the curves (u noe the drill) n it is also said that a new mall is developing in sg penchala, so we don't need to go far or better yet, go out once a month hehehe so yeah, the first thing i'll look into is of course location.. n then i'm picky about size as well.. i dun really mind a small house (yeke?) but i don't wanna feel suffocated in my own home.. it needs to feel spacious, but again i don't want to limit my furniture in order to have that spacious space hehehe yer2 sgt2 picky.. n i want a big kitchen.. so it needs to have a backyard that i could potentially extend.. not that i love cooking or i'm gonna cook more or anything, but i wanna have an island hehehe i think everyone wants that.. n u can't have an island in a cramp space right.. plus, berangan nk bli corner lot gk (gedik!!) cuz i want a garden.. it doesn't necessarily have to be big, but enough to plant some flowers (mcm la rajin nk jaga)  haiishhh mcm2 kn... so, point now is to save up money to actually afford a house... 

but before that, my priority lies towards a family vacation.. our target next year kn korg? hehehe where? that's something to think of a bit later cuz we have loads of option.. yg slalu mention is of course New Zealand and Morocco.. but a few days ni, we're also thinking of Perth.. sebab? after Bangkok dat day, Uncle Aziz ajak papa golf kt Perth plak.. n sy bg green light sbb nk ikot muahahah so an 'excuse' for a family vacation.. n also lepas tgk Shaytards, kitorg teringin gi Disneyland.. mama said we went to Disneyworld dlu2 but i don't really remember it huhuhu but papa slalu mention tunggu izad keje dlu otherwise kne sponsor die plak, so izad, cepat2 la keje k  =b if xpon, buat la plan 250 mcm yg kitorg ckp kt kundang tu... cukup kn? hehehe go izad go, u can do it hehehehe

oklah.. too much ramblings.. bosan la plak tulis =b will write later (not necessarily soon)  toodles..