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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Go And Have Our Family Vacation!!!

i'm so freaking excited... and no, not cuz of a confirmed vacation, but from seeing pics of it huhuhuh  browsed Groupon today and they had this awesome place in New Zealand n it's totally breath-taking.. weird enough that i didn't answer New Zealand when Jue asked me the question, but owh well... go here to check out the deal.. the rooms looked A-mazing and i'm completely in love with the scenery from the pictures they have there.. off course they could edit or photoshop the pics and stuff, but i'm totally sure that the real view would be much more better...  few pics from the site it self, n i dare u to tell me u don't feel like going there  =b

n here are some pics of Waiorau Homestead from the voucher..

don't they look heavenly? hehehe the only problem now with New Zealand is of course the frequent earthquakes that are happening there.. it says from Google Maps that it's a 5 - 6hrs long drive so should there really be an earthquake if we were there, i'm not so sure how we'll be effected.. but nevertheless, i'm definitely putting this down in my bucket list.. 


Anonymous said...

i love i love!!!!!!! bile nk update blog ni.. -ms LITA-