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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Jeumpa D'Ramo

As you may know, my sister held her wedding at Bukit Bandaraya Hall in Bangsar.. since pagi tu nikah, then reception tgh hari tu, my parents thought that instead of going home to change and rest, the newlyweds could go to a nearby bungalow / hotel, Jeumpa D’ramo.. it’s actually two bungalows converted into a 18 room hotel.. cool right.. so my dad reserved two rooms, one for my sis and her dayang2, and the other for fiq and his family.. then after the event, since no one would be staying there and we’ve already paid for a night, we thought we might as well use it hehehehe

It was a short stay, we reached there about 10:30pm.. penat sgt so after mandi, straight away went to bed.. we had an appointment ngn org from unifi (our router blh rosak plak) the next morning at 10am, so had to check out by then.. that morning, quick tea break, then left the room.. managed to amek pic a bit of the place.. my mum said that they do held event there but kecik2 je kot cuz it’s not that big.. should I rate the place? I think it cost about rm250 a night.. so location wise, it’s a rather fair price.. the room isn’t that big but enough for a night over.. it’s not one of those hotels where u stay to lepak, this ain’t Hatten ok hehehe 

Thursday, January 02, 2014

My Sisters' Wedding

Brace yourself for a post probably full of pics.. so my baby sister got hitched last Saturday (21 Dec 2013).. I took two days leave prior to that with the intention to finish up the door gifts and other preparation… but sadly, papa kept urging mama and my sister to finish up the door gifts (especially the sweets) quickly, so xsempat nk buat sweets huhuhuh… basically most of the things were done except for a few left.. so that Thursday morning, we finished up whatever there is to be done.. then we had pretty much a lot of spare time left which was mainly cleaning up the house boohoo sgt x best hehehe except for the flowers deco, mama did all the hantaran herself.. impressive la gak for a first timer (or maybe second, if I include her own wedding) some relatives did drop by as well as izad’s friends.. opah came on that Thursday and slept at our house till that Sunday..

That Friday night, after pengantin dh berinai and the cousins joined in sbb amek nombor utk kawen next (hahaha) and then after everyone had left around 11:30 pm, we went to the hall where the wedding was to be held.. nk usha2 org buat pelamin patutnye.. smp2 je the doors to the small hall was locked haihhh mama got the person in charge to unlock it so after this and that, they only started with the pelamin around 12:45am.. papa dh ngantok cuz it was definitely past his bedtime.. long story short.. we stayed only till 2 am to look at the preparation… papa got cranky so we had to leave.. had late dinner (or supper) cuz xsempat nk mkn puas2 before that (we had pizzas, yumm) went to bed around 3 am (opah sempat buat lawak pagi2 tu hehehehe)

The morning after, woke up at 5:30am.. thought that there weren’t much to do left so I took things slowly (boy, was I wrong huhuhu).. pagi2 tu turun gi dapur, masak air and kopek2 telur.. there were leftovers from the bunga paha, so we’d thought we could make sandwiches.. papa went and gous breakfast then he n mohsin went to delivered the door gifts at the hall.. mama, usu n pak usu went later, add some bits to the pelamin and pasang banting.. skejap je dh it was almost 8am.. photogs dh smp but the make up artist blom lg.. after all izad’s friends arrived as well as the make up artist, we all got ready.. then izad buat lawak plak.. kol 8 tu la die nk sruh amekkan barang2 die utk reception  =s pagi2 dh berlari huhuhuh long story short, sumer dh siap2, took some photos then off to the hall.. dh lmbt sket, kol 9 cmtu baru nk kluar rumah.. majlis patut start at 9:30.. good thing that it was just nearby, and Saturday mornings wasn’t all jammed up..

The event was simple and didn’t dragged too long.. after all was done (and my sister has become someone’s wife) we had a brunch.. by then we were all getting ready for the afternoon event.. perut lapar, gi makan jap ngn usu but sadly, kambing xsiap lg huhuhuh then started greeting the guest.. keje xdela banyak mane, but maybe cuz I was wearing heels (wrong shoes but I don’t care) so my feet hurts a lot =(  though there was small glitches (budak2 qasidah sesat sket) everything went well, Alhamdulillah.. big thanks to our caterer Warisan Baiduri, for helping out a lot in terms of food proportion.. jarang la order catering, so not sure if it’s a SOP or what, but when they estimated that some of the lauk wasn’t enough, they called the kitchen to add more.. bayar tu lain kira la kan but at least the food didn’t finish while there were still more guest to come.. tu pon papa top up order for 1000.. imagine before that papa nk order utk 800 pax je adehhhh

Mood malas nk susun, here are some pics of the day (mix cam photog n aunt ozzie).. also selit a bit pics izad bukak present.. that night, we just tapau Homst for dinner sbb mmg xlarat nk masak.. ade leftover lamb je sket2 n not quite cooked huhuh after dinner they opened the presents.. then after a while, we head out to Jeumpa D’ramo hehehe dpt tido “hotel”  =b  ok enjoy the pics while I make a draft of another two post heheheh