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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Jeumpa D'Ramo

As you may know, my sister held her wedding at Bukit Bandaraya Hall in Bangsar.. since pagi tu nikah, then reception tgh hari tu, my parents thought that instead of going home to change and rest, the newlyweds could go to a nearby bungalow / hotel, Jeumpa D’ramo.. it’s actually two bungalows converted into a 18 room hotel.. cool right.. so my dad reserved two rooms, one for my sis and her dayang2, and the other for fiq and his family.. then after the event, since no one would be staying there and we’ve already paid for a night, we thought we might as well use it hehehehe

It was a short stay, we reached there about 10:30pm.. penat sgt so after mandi, straight away went to bed.. we had an appointment ngn org from unifi (our router blh rosak plak) the next morning at 10am, so had to check out by then.. that morning, quick tea break, then left the room.. managed to amek pic a bit of the place.. my mum said that they do held event there but kecik2 je kot cuz it’s not that big.. should I rate the place? I think it cost about rm250 a night.. so location wise, it’s a rather fair price.. the room isn’t that big but enough for a night over.. it’s not one of those hotels where u stay to lepak, this ain’t Hatten ok hehehe