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Friday, August 24, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya

Nnt2 jer buat full post blh? a bit too late (since raya ptt 1 day jer) but saje wanna wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya.. dgr citer ade org tu beraya sakan smp ke overseas lg tu.. hebat nyer hahahahha taking monday off.. nk gi beraya mkn kuih raya la plak.. will gather raya pics (although still xsempat nk amek pic ngn opah sbb opah penat huhuhuh) then post some of them here...  overall, something felt missing this raya.... maybe cuz we were more organised n weren't really rushing the last minutes.. but either way, it was still fun.. didn't eat as much as i wanted to though..

anyway, that's about it.. and again,

Selamat Hari Raya


Thursday, August 16, 2012

You're Never Fully Dress Without A Smile


Today I is very the happy hehehehe Maybank will be giving a speacial ex-gratia to most of it's staff... meaning, we'll be getting RM1000 for freeeeee  weehooooo cover duit raya nk bg my relatives hahahaha or maybe Galaxy tab i bought tu  =b (but need to bare in mind the EPF and tax that will be cut from there boohoo)  

anyway, just a quickie.. Raya is approaching very soon.. just wanna wish u all Happy Hari Raya.. those spending raya as new wives (muahahahaha) good luck with that.. xyah gadoh2 plih nk raya mane kn? untung husband korg dpt wife cm korg kn.. hahahaha i hope this raya will be a festive one for me.. can't wait to celebrate it with opah.. hopefully die sehat.. looking forward for the food.. dh terliur heheheh oklah that's it.. saje je nk kecoh2  =b

Selamat Hari Raya y'all  =)  be safe..

Monday, August 13, 2012

1 Week To Go

post ni backdated tp nk post gak sbb dh penat tulis.. boleh?  =b


So we have about a week left till Raya.. and i still haven't gotten my period yet.. i'm pretty damn sure i ain't pregnant =b it's friday and initially i thought of taking a day off.. two to be exact, today n monday.. but xjd... why?? well, i dun wanna get into it huhuhuhu so i might have to go tudung shopping tomorrow or sunday.. only one weekend left.. confirm ramai org n sesak gler huhuhu then have to really get down on the number of ppl i have to hand out angpau for this yr n the amount.. agak lambat sket la for this yr.. my dad's side tu yg pening sket.. nk kne list out the name so that no one will be left out.. bygkn la that day dh buat list n ade 61 org.. this is just kazen2 n anak buah (kazen nyer anak).. naseb baek not that much extended family members.. stakat tok chik jer n luckily cucu2 die sket n sng ingat.. mama's side la plg sng.. adam, isa ilyas.. haa kn sng 3 org jer  =b  but mama's side ade extended family... usually xlist out their names cuz depending on sape yg dtg.. just make sure ade enough to give jer.. even with the extended family pon rsnyer still lagi kurang dr family papa hehehehe

anyway, looking forward to this raya (as always)... xsabar nk mkn byk cuz sedap nyum nyumm... mama kate nk masak nasi lemak... rsnyer thn lps ckp xnk masak byk2, and tu mcm ayat standard for each yr, tp end up mesti masak byk gk hehehehe xperla, asalkn hbs mkn right... hopefully opah sehat this yr n blh amek pics with her byk2.. there was one raya when she fell down n hurt herself.. end up raya die terbaring jer sbb sakit nk bgn huhuhuh also looking forward to our kazen outing that they usually have 1st night raya tu... last yr xgi jln sgt, stakat supper jer tepi pantai tu.. the previous yr, we went to watch a movie.. about 21 of us.. gler rombongan cik kiah.. pastu after wayang, gerak gi a&w sbb lapar heheheh the yr before that plak xjoin dorg.. smp PD lmbt sket.. smp2 jer dorg tgh siap2 nk kluar, and by that time dh penat sgt so mls nk join... tp dorg gi dinner best mkn bbq n buffet bagai if xsilap.. 

i think both kampung contrast gler when it comes to raya.. now i think it's already our custom to spend the 1st day kt selayang..  since opah is considered the eldest sibling yg still ade on her side, most of her younger siblings will come visit time raya..  so mmg penuh sgt time raya.. i don't think i knew this about 5 yrs ago cuz usually blk PD tgh hari cmtu so xsempat nk tgk the relatives that come by.. but i think about 3-4 yrs ago, mama has asked to stay longer to help out..  since opah's kid xbyk cm tok, xramai sgt nk tolong2 masak.. it's just mama and us and angah n usu.. pastu if masak sket je xper gk, slalu each yr menu same byk jer.. sumer teringin this and that kn..  so before raya (last day of fasting) usually dh start busy with the preparation.. and on raya morning itself pon pg2 dh start buat keje.. i think that 3 yrs ago (the yr xjoin kazen outing kt PD tu) was like a 'culture shock' for me.. penat gler yg xterbyg la konon.. sbb ppl came non-stop so nk hidang etc mcm terlbh penat plak.. so yeah, on mama's side mmg terasa raya la.. ramai2 dtg over and we ate a lot of raya food.. but on papa's side (from what i remember) only the morning felt like raya.. wake up in the morning, makan some raya food (i don't even know who cooks them) then gi kubur kot, n sesi salam2 n collect duit raya... photo session sket, then done.. then it feels like blk kg cm biasa... bygkn ade one year tu, kitorg overnight kt selayang so 2nd day raya br blk PD.. pg2 tu semangat la pakai baju raya (zaman bli baju raya more than 1).. smp2 PD, sumer ngn baju tido la, baju biasa2 jer smbl layan drama korea huhuhuh ni raya ke ape weh?? so xkn kitorg je yg melaram baju kurung.. masuk bilik tukar baju.. hahh amek ko, pakai baju raya dlm keta jer.. so since then baju raya cukup 1 jer.. utk pics kat selayang  hehehehe that's one thing i don't like to raya kt PD... dh la crowded.. mkn pon susah (hahaha complain lbh nmpk).. they have a way there.. biar guys mkn dlu... problem is, guys makan xingat org blakang.. n malas la nk rebut2 mknan ngn dorg.. end up usually skip lunch kt PD.. some of the time mmg food xcukup pon... padahal dh berzaman masak utk ramai2, still xleyh nk budget  =b (complain lg).. then sometimes no dinner provided.. just utk fathers2 jer.. tu yg ade outing kazen2 utk cari mkn tu.. then another thing, tido.. baek chop tpt tido cepat sbb nnt xder tpt.. hehehehe ade one yr tu xde tpt, so join aishah n family tido marina... naseb baek ade tpt 'extra' huhuhuh

but even after all that 'complaining', those are the 'memories/experience' of raya on my dad's side..  mcm dramatic je cr citer tp actually x pon.. on my mum's side feels more homey and warm, on my dad's side feels more ermmm loud? hehehe well that's about it.. depending on my mood, i'll update about this year's raya maybe with some pics...

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well, i'm not quite sure how to work this out so that'll explain why my title is in black.... anyway, went shopping today and got myself a Galaxy Tab woot!! woot!! got the Tab 2 yg 10.1 cuz i'd figure that my parents may wanna use it and a 7inch screen might be a little too small for them.. plus if i got a smaller screen, i might as well get myself a new phone instead right? so here i am in my sister's room at 2:42am, godek2 my tab...haven't gotten a lot of games yet... just watched some Shaytards a bit just now... actually got a post drafted but not yet finish so might out that up tomorrow perhaps... another week till raya.. can't wait hehehe miss my frens a lot... somehow, low yat reminds me of them for some reason.. going off to bed now.. night night...

Monday, August 06, 2012

There's Only One Solution

I know it, you know it, and it's pretty damn obvious.. but why can't i take that 1st step and do what's necessary?? why can't i decide for myself for once in my life.. i've been talking and whining about it long enough and that should by right make my decision easier right?? and what am i talking about? my job of course.. i'm sure ppl are tired of reading about it (ade ke yg bace?), and i'm damn sure tired of writing about it.. bout how i don't have the skills and knowledge to excel in this job, bout how i don't have the passion and drive and all that shit.. then also bout this is my comfort zone and it isn't easy for me to let it go, and also how i don't have any clue what to do if i do quit and also the fear of going through interviews and making new frens all over again (cuz let's face it, i suck at that)..

and then it hit me, i've never really gone job hunting before... i've only had two jobs and both of them wasn't really initiated by me.. all i did was merely go for interviews... Jue used my Job Street account to apply for jobs right after i graduated and one of the company she applied for was Marcus Evans.. i got a call and i went for the interview... n my current job? well, my dad asked me to send my resume to his friend, and when i got the call, i went for the interview... see? i merely just went for interview after other ppl helped point the direction.. so really, i have no clue where to start.. and in order for me to end my misery here, i need to take that one crucial 1st step that could help me move one step further to where i am now.. so now, i have to figure out what to do now..

i guess i have to 1st decide what i want to do.. whatever it is, i'm not gonna jump back in this field, so i definitely have to start from scratch.. and let's be realistic here, it wouldn't be easy for me to nail something which i have no basic in.. ppl out there aren't really looking for noobies, hence another set back in my plan.. then i have to start looking, which i haven't been doing or haven't even tried.. and now all the things that's holding me back becomes clearer.. i just wish there's a test i could take that could determine what i can do in life.. i kinda have a brief idea, but not one that most would agree upon.. i want to work for and NGO.. mainly things that deals with people, use more heart rather than my head.. and it may seem lack of enthusiasm on my behalf, but i don't want anything that needs to be studied 1st (like what i'm doing now).. cuz i'll admit it, study isn't my strengths.. or in other word, i'm stupid.. so yeah, i would prefer something more like that..

and now, after i've set all these down (for the umpth time) the question is, what the hell do i do now?  *help* 

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Today Is Not A Good Day

suddenly everything (well almost everything) for me went wrong.. i woke up still unable to figure out what my boss asked me to do.. then when i got to work, this son of a bitch keep pestering me with this one task i needed to do... and in my head, i keep calling him all these bad name that directly hilangkn my pahala puasa.. he is officially a fat pig to me, and i want no association with him what-so-ever.. it's one thing being annoying but being cynical about it with that ugly face of urs doesn't really help.. that was enough to set my mood for the day... then there was this meeting i was unaware of.. she tends to do that sometimes.. i know it's cuz she has a lot in hand, but i feel like i've been ambushed.. suddenly i have to bring this and that, and all the while recalling what the hell she's talking about.. then when i can't figure it out, i finally asked her what meeting was this for.. and she was like "i didn't tell u?" hell no u didn't.. then i have to sit there explaining to some guy about things i did that i wasn't sure of... it was definitely one of the point where i felt like quitting.. i don't know why i still torture myself by having this job anyway.. there's nothing about it that makes me wanna stay, and the only reason i am staying there (for now anyway), besides not knowing what else i can do, is because it seems that my parents want me there.. and i'm an expert at doing what they want.. i took a degree course that they wanted me too, and know i have a job that they want me too... *sigh*


and yet again, another back dated post... so yeah yesterday didn't go well for me.. needed some music to calm me down.. then i figured i might as well do something on my task to at least move half an inch further..and so i decided to stay back.. and since it's the fasting month and the rest of the family had terawih, i told lil sis to fetch me once they're done.. left the office n went to klcc to buy some food... sanggup semata-mata nk minum gong cha.. bought some sushi and cucuk2 and that's what i had for my break fast.. then went back to the office at around 8:15 and it was already empty.. managed to do add on some things but it's still incomplete.. they reached around 10:20 so i left then.. went home n watched some tv.. slept at almost 2am... n now i is very the sleepy *yawn* wanna take a day off next week, not sure when though.. this morning, still can't find the motivation to work.. i know i have a new motivation, our next vacation, but it didn't seem to work this morning... oklah, malas tulis.. backdated post 'plop' tu...  bye