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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Well, i'm not quite sure how to work this out so that'll explain why my title is in black.... anyway, went shopping today and got myself a Galaxy Tab woot!! woot!! got the Tab 2 yg 10.1 cuz i'd figure that my parents may wanna use it and a 7inch screen might be a little too small for them.. plus if i got a smaller screen, i might as well get myself a new phone instead right? so here i am in my sister's room at 2:42am, godek2 my tab...haven't gotten a lot of games yet... just watched some Shaytards a bit just now... actually got a post drafted but not yet finish so might out that up tomorrow perhaps... another week till raya.. can't wait hehehe miss my frens a lot... somehow, low yat reminds me of them for some reason.. going off to bed now.. night night...