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Friday, September 30, 2011

Take It In With Pride

i remember that day when i cried a little,
i couldn't believe it was true,
i wanted to be someplace else,
but u said "that wouldn't happen to you,"
i was down for a couple of weeks,
everything around me reminds me of it,
nothing can be done, it was all sealed,
my disappointment will never be revealed.

Two Out of Many

i had nothing better to do.. so sue me!!  =b

or maybe this??

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quote of the Week

"Sometimes you put up walls not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down." --- Unknown.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Before Syawal Ends

we had our raya celebration at our department... it was a modest celebration with good food.. though i didn't eat that much, cuz i was already half full hehehe don't have much pix.. just did a quick snap of the foods that they had, which include rendang ayam, daging, ayam msk merah.. then there were lemang, nasi impit, n also satay... a few deserts as well.. yummeyhh

forgot to take pics of dessert... owh well...

Bad News, People

my lil just informed us that the Sims aren't working.. some sort of error.. nnnooooo!!!!! how can we live without u????

we have outdoor living and generation to add to that collection

i played last night n everything seemed fine except that the relationship between the mother n the daughters aren't just that.. they've become frens *sigh*  i guess that's a hint for a new laptop right? hehehehno money la.. as what my dad will say "save your money for your retirement".. i noe right, i've barely worked for two years n now i have to think about retiring.. n not the relaxing retiring part, it's the where do i get money retiring part  =b

whatever it is, i miss u Sims  heheheh

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ramblings... and a lil Babytard to go with it

another day another dollar... been chillaxing, with an empty mind.. feel like writing but nothing is coming.. currently have this cravings for Kickin' Shrimp hehehehe

it taste so heavenly... also still finding some time to slot in  our family dining.. went to Istana Hotel website but it doesn't list Chikuyotei as one of it's reataurant anymore huhuhuh will need to call n make sure.. otherwise my heart will be broken... we need our Chikuyotei for our Jap food supplies otherwise it'll won't be the same huhuhuh i already mentioned it to mum n she was very excited about it.. i wouldn't have d heart to tell her if it's true n our restaurant is no longer there huhuhu

will be having our Raya makan2 today at our office.. forgot about it this morning so i didn't wear my baju kurung *sigh* but then raya is not about what u wear right? it's about what u eat hahahaha no? owh well.. didn't play sims last night n was catching up on my Shaytards... babytard seems to vlog a lot now n she sounds so funny... she's trying to sound grown up but is too cute for that =)

owh yeah that's babytard on the cover of James Blunt  =)  that's my sister

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Round of Blabbering

i notice i dun blog at home.. prefer to do it in the office.. hmm wonder why... i hope the amount of post on thursday made up for the lack thereof during the weekend.. been simming a lot, i'm addicted to it once again.. my 1st daughter is a young adult, n turned her imaginary fren to a real boy, my 2nd daughter became a child, n my mother re-married again n they have a son together..carzy!! anything can happen in sims  =b  next plan is to move out the 'imaginary fren', ask my sis the renovate the house or maybe move them altogether to a bigger one.. but will depend on how much they have.. the new husband just started working.. wanna make the eldest a babysitter, havn't tried that before.. n take my mother to china again for a sparring tournament which i wasn't able to the last time hahahaha (psycho)

on another note, had a good chat my my fren.. i miss her so much.. it's so true, no matter how much life drifts u apart, they're the only person u can honestly rely on.. i was wrong about a lot of things.. it makes u appreciate things more.. cherish the ones we have.. n when i utter words to her, the truthfullness of it just hits a spot.. it becomes so real that it overwhelms u.. that emotional feeling i get all the time, it never fail to make me cry.. n once again, i was that young girl, clinging to u for that happiness u bring to my life.. it's true u do... so looking forward to meet u again  =b

here i go again, blabbering *sigh* it's what i do best... hehehe on another boring note, i get all the ALCO hype now.. managed to do two sets of ALCO slides, for the BNM CRR n also the UBS Rouge Trader.. loads of help from my supervisor which i totally respect muahaha still, doesn't mean i've settled.. ok done bye..

finding time to go have our family lunch/dinner (since vacay won't be a show) thinking of Japanses food.. owhh yummeyyhhh  =b

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sleepers, One of My Fave Movie Ever

there are a couple of things a movie needs to have for it to make it on my list.. one of it is off course when watching a movie, i like to have the same feeling i had when i 1st watch it.. so movies that i was really moved by it would be Coach Carter, Slumdog Millionaire, Finding Nemo =b to name a few.. and off course, the title of today, Sleepers.

first watch this movie way back in Labuan n totally fell in love with it.. lots of stars in the movie but i think it's a lil underrated.. Kevin Bacon is in it weehoo perhaps the only movie with Bard Pitt that i love.. hehehe i guess i've always had a thing about tortured souls and revenge..i like the way their revenge was paid... those lil boys going through all that just because of one lil mistake.. n i like that it naver fail to make me cry each time i watch it.. i like how they were still looking at each others back despite going to different directions.. kinda make me miss my frens =D i still love them, but might not show it that much now..

n to think of what Father Bobby did for them.. it definitely means a lot.. n also the look on Michael's face when Carol told him that Shakes told them everything.. the pain in all their eyes watching Furguson on the stand as a witness.. brings back so much dark memories.. watch it, u just may like it.. 

not a monthly movie review.. just that i watch it last night n fell in love with it all over again.. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

RIP Troy Davis

remember this post? Cornelius Dupree had, at least, the little luck of being freed from jail.. others, like Troy Davis, wasn't that lucky.. there are cases like these happening and somehow the system failed to end it.. policeman forcing witness to change statements or even confessing to murders.. it seem believable enough especially in the old days where racism is at a high.. my love goes out to the Davis families as well as the MacPhails.. if it just so happened that Troy is innocent, MacPhail's real killer may still be free...

Isn't It Ironic

that the moment i updated my resume and went job hunting, the following week of work was very interesting for me... it kinda make me wanna be a journalist more hehehe so last thursday, the story about UBS broke on how one of it's trader was charged n caused $2.3billion of loss.. it kinda amazed u doesn't it how a single person could incur such a thing.. we're not talking bout millions here but rather billions.. so my task for the week was compiling info regarding this and made some slides.. also worked with the ORM team on doing a summary report n input some info's somewhat related to Market Risk aspect.. so the fun part was mainly reading various of articles regarding this n learning a lil bit about ETF (which is a bit too technical for me).. it also helps that i switch cubicle n now is sitting in front of the tv.. although the news are a lil recycled at times hehehe

so yeah, it was interesting to do sumthing different.. although i know this won't last, cuz there won't be much progress until the full investigation is done.. so in the meantime, i'll still have to do the other work, esp the benchmarking which hasn't progresed that much... *sigh* why la do i talk about work here  =b  anyway, today a little relax compared to the last 3 days, that's why i managed to sneak in a couple of post =D owh n i bet the whole Maybank staff is happy.. got our remaining bonus today weehoo woot woot (over)  so for sure will go eat Japanese food with my family... just got to find a time to slot in cuz my parents have loads of wedding invitation.. Johor is uncertain but it'll be very nice if we manage to have a family vacation.. October seemed appropriate cuz school holidays hasn't started.. n also it's my dad's n my birthday in Rocktober hehehe but then things wasn't planned well, so we'll see if we can make it around january after skool holidays or something..

owh well, can't wait to get back home.. wanna hug my lil sis so tight muahahah (sorry la for kicking u last night)  let's go shopping, i blanje k hehehehe

Quote of the Week

"Rather fail with honour, than succeed by fraud" --- Sophocles

Delayed Updates

hello, how y'all doing... been a quite busy week so far for me... didn't manage to post about our long weekend.. so here's a delayed entry.. went to 3 malls on friday, starting with Mid Valley where we sorta went job hunting.. woke up very early, then head out there and had breakfast at McD.. amazingly the line to GSC was already super long.. n the counters weren't even open yet... err havn't u guys heard of buying tix online??  =b who cares if they charge extra 50 cent per tix if that's what it takes to avoid the long queues hehehe anyway, went to the job fair later on a bit.. i saw Sean and Desmond from ME hehehe went back around noon i guess, then rest for a bit before heading out again around 3pm for lunch.. we went to Kenny Rogers cuz lil sis wanted to have Mac & Cheese which she saw Princesstard made.. and so, mac & cheese it is then..

Izad's mac & cheese

Yaya ordered some Ceaser Salad to share

As well as jack potatoes (d 1st pic was wrongly sent, she actually ordered the ones with, whut else, mac & cheese)

i ordered spaghetti n mum had sandwiches.. can't believe i didn't took pic of that hehehe owh well... walked a bit n went home... dat nite, yaya n i watched Johnny English  =)  fun fun fun.. a must-see movie

then on Saturday, watched some tv n mum said she was bored n wanted to go jalan2.. she suggested Golden Palm Tree so we agree, except papa off course  =b  so off we go.. it was already noon at that time n we reached there at 1pm.. it was so hot, the sun was shining right at us.. the heat was so strong u could feel it burning ur skin.. anyway, they capped the amount of visitors there to only 30ppl, which they had passes.. we just wanted to have lunch so they suggested the Perahu restaurant which was a lil outside the compound, but when we got there, they said that they close at 2pm.. by then it was already 1:30pm cuz of the Q&A with the guards n the walking.. so we decided to eat elsewhere, even though they say they can delay it till 2:30pm.. it just won't be dat fun n relaxing, knowing u have a time limit...

so went back to where we came from n d guards said they had 3 passes but will let us in nevertheless.. but then the ppl inside said that we had to book or make reservations to eat at their restaurant inside (stupid la tpt tu) so we ended up at their cafe instead, the Sepoi Sepoi Cafe.. for a resort that charges bout rm500++ a night, or in our case of 5pax, rm1500++ per night, it didn't really felt like a luxurious place.. service wasn't much special.. although we weren't residents there, we were still guest.. the food was ok, wasn't bad, but wasn't great either..

i had Prawn Mee... kuah pekat gler for a prawn mee..

yaya had Chicken Rice..

Mama had Wanton Noodle

Izad had Chicken Wings..... n French Toast

so yeah, from the outside, xdela nmpk best sgt tpt tu.. overrated perhaps? or maybe we need to stay there to really know... ntah la... moving on... went back home.. reached home around 5pm i guess... then slept  =)  keeping it short, since papa didn't follow us, we assumed he's hungry (but he never wants to admit, yet when we buy dinner, he keeps taking our food  =b ) so izad wanted Brownies (which we were supposed to have on Friday but was already full) so we head on to Chillis OU, minus mum n big sis.. wasn't so hungry so didn't ordered too much heavy food..

papa had this Ribeye steak.. (yummy la plak bler dh mkn tu)

i ordered the Buffalo wings and some mashed potato

n izad ordered the Ice Cream Brownies..

we all shared the food so it was the perfect amount for us.. went home with a full stomach and sleepy eyes  =D  didn' do much on Sunday.. mostly we just chilled at home and more Sims!!!  hehehe okies.. back to work, again...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Johnny English Review

1st official movie review.. although i'll just keep this short cuz i'm so tired n for a start, it hasn't been the best day or week to blog..

i guess when it comes to Rowan Atkinson, you can't do no wrong... his character as Mr Bean is EPIC, n i'm sure it surpass any other character he takes.. even as Johnny English, you'd still get that sense of watching a Mr Bean show..

in terms of plot, it's somewhat the same with Get Smart (a lil spoiler there), but let's face it.. Steve Carrell could never beat the Bean  =b  funny moments everywhere.. it's really a stress reliever movie.. even the 1st sceen could crack you up to bits.. n it wasn't much.. just a shot of him standing in a pose for kung fu or something..

oklah, i dun really noe how to right movie reviews.. i kinda suck at it.. but what i can say is that i'll rate it 9/10... very fun movie to watch and it's one that could be watch repeatedly  =D  oklah, back to work...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


baby, it's raining outside,
did you know that reminds me of you?
it was the moment you asked me to be your bride,
that moment when we decided to say I do,

Thank You

for pointing out my flaws...

picked up my new glasses last tuesday.. was a little disappointed with my own eagerness.. "it's not you, it's me".. hehehehe whutever it is, will be trying to wear it during this extended weekend.. hope u have a good one..

Quote of the Week

i'm re-naming this to Quote of the Week instead of Day since it's a weekly thing.... and each quote will be relevant to whut i go through in the week... this weeks' quote is.....

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" --- Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Know That I'm A Crazy Chick

I do what i do when i feel like it....

not such a good start to the day.. train had technical difficulties and i came in at 8:10.. still early but a bit late from my usual schedule.. having to read what i read a few seconds ago didn't help too *sigh* anyway, my new glasses are ready and could be picked up yesterday but didn't have time so might go there later... in a few hours, i'm a brand new geek hehehe been simming social a lot now.. addicted to it cuz we've got goals to achieve  hoyeahh nothing much going on.. same ol- same ol...

didn't feel like writing much about the 10th anniversary of Sept 11.. i'm sure lots can be read throughout the web.. more interesting stories from ppl who survived the attack and also those who were supposed to be in the 4 flights that crashed.. there were tv shows that even showed messeges from the passengers of the plane, which i yet to watch.. so yeah, nothing much to write about it except that i could still remember that night when we got a phone call from my dad's fren, asking him to tune into CNN (at that time i thought he said St. Anne)... n to our horror, they showed the clip of the 2nd plane crashing into the building.. n i think i've been following up on the news for like 2 weeks, before slowing down.. the news channel was constantly on (say no to MTV hahaha) n it was devastated indeed..

anyway, that's all for this morning... no other outro than to sing it... sing it with me y'all

and that's why i smile,
it's been a while,
since everyday and everything has felt this right,
and now,
you turn it all around,
and suddenly you're all i need,
the reason why i smile...  =)

Monday, September 12, 2011


months passed and i kept asking why,
my heart hurts as i jabbed my eye,
why wasn't i chosen, how could it be,
what was i to do to have you pick me,
i was sideline as i watch others go,
down the path i dream of, as my pain slowly grow,
they told me to forget about it but i see them dwell,
on what could be their path, as i live in hell,
practice what you preach, i was once told,
but you can't walk the walk, you wouldn't let it roll,
i hear them argue, bout equality that was promised,
i can't help but feel your sense of dishonest,
i start to question my self-worth,
i questioned my belonging on this dreadful earth,
did i not meet the expectation, were they better,
u didn't even bat your eyes at me, didn't even breathe a letter,
i curled up in my emotions, that i carelessly hid,
but they didn't noticed, not even one bit,
i guess i should've shouted at them, told them how i feel,
bout the path i wanted, bout not having a deal,
month passed by and i still wonder why,
have u never come to me and look me in the eye,
mouthed the words i long to hear,
opening the doors while they stand near,
months passed by, it was never meant to be,
for me to be there, for you to set free.

Fade Away

i had a beautiful dream one night,
everything about it felt right,
there was love in the air,
that pure love we share,
i was in your embrace,
was just staring at your face,
being in each others company,
that's our purpose, just where we should be,
such a beautiful dream that was,
nothing else matter just because,
the world was ours, ours alone,
everything else was left unkown,
i woke up from my dream, with a warm fuzzy feeling,
i smiled to myself while remembering everything,
within seconds, it got hard to remember,
everything within my grasp slips further,
my dream was slipping away, they started to fade,
slip into nothingness as if it was never made,
i had a wonderful dream one night,
everything about it felt right,
now i'm wishing it'll become reality,
here i'm wishing you would come back to me.

~~: flames to dust, lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end :~~

Friday, September 09, 2011

No Pics

i know i said pinky promise, but i might not post raya pics here.. not that there were many taken anyway.. later i'll just might filter some (depends on my mood)..

but during lunch just now, my colleagues n i did managed to do a quick snap before heading up back to the office.. we're having our 'open bank' today hehehe

L-R: Sangeetha, me, Hani, Huda, Aja, Erni, Mira

Hope everyone had a good Raya..

Hoping For The Best

i guess it's decided, i'm gonna update my resume, n go to the Job Street Career Fair next week with my sister, in hope of finding a new job.. otherwise, i guess i'll switch department.. i'm still in limbo about what i wanna do with my life.. career wise that it... i haven't really have a true passion, which would be awesome if i could turn it as a career...but i wanna find something i enjoy doing n most importantly UNDERSTAND, rather than doing something just for the sake of it... i'm already a zombie/robot, going thru day by day without really putting much thought in it.. i dun think i can survive being this for another year.. but we'll see.. i ain't no risk taker, n i rarely leave my comfort zone (not that i'm saying where i am is comforting).. but i think i need to man up and do something right for once.. i guess i havn't really put much thought to it cuz i've been day-dreaming of marrying a rich man n being a housewife n mother to my kids *pukes* muahahaha something like my mother.. but that ain't gonna happen girl, so now i need to take charge.. 

n i'm taking the fair as my 1st step... in the meantime, i might ask around from college frens n see what they're doing.. actually i do noe what some of them are doing, just keeping my options open.. i'm just a little nervous starting from square one.. i've never really been good at it.. if u ask me what kinda job i'm looking for, i havn't really got a clue.. i would enjoy something less technical.. something that i dun really have to pick my brain (dream big, girl).. other than the fact that i'm lazy (say whut?), i guess that havn't really been my strength from start... owh yes, in short, i'm stoopid  =b  i think i enjoy a job that deals with ppl.. i love Marcus Evans where i need to talk to ppl, it's just the lead research that i hate.. i'm thinking of being a volunteer, but not so sure how that could be a career..

i'm starting to have flashback where my aunt suggested me to be get a job working with old ppl, cuz she saw me taking care of my grandma when she had her operation.. i guess that would be good, but come to think of it, they were my grandma.. of course i'll take care of them cuz i love them.. but with strangers, not so sure.. maybe over the time i'll learn to love them.. but as for now, i'm still undecided on what to do.. i need help.. who do i go to for help??

so what kinda job is suitable for someone with a Marketing & Management degree but with a 1 year experience in Market Risk (which doesn't say much)

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Quote of the Day

With all the Petknode fiasco going on, i'd like to dedicate today's quote to the cats around the world...

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" --- Gandhi

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Petknode Fiasco

well this isn't really an up-to-date post... many have been posting about this and also tweeting about it.. i personally get the updates from Joe Lee's twitter.. long story short, there were two fucktards from Petknode who scammed ppl (yes, it's considered a scam) by running a 'cat hotel' but then abandoning them.. n we're not talking about 2 or 3 cats here.. we're talking bout 200++, and some are still missing.. a whole lot of activist, media n volunteers came together to help rescue the cats, who were left starving and in great trauma.. some were even dead when they got there... it's obvious that if u are offering service to take care of ppls cats, AND getting PAID FOR IT, you will have to do ur duties... using the excuse that u were shorthanded doesn't do u justice... why would u take in so many cats then?? this is off course based on their so-called apology in facebook here.. which i'm sure everyone know is only crap.. the only thing they are sorry for is that they got caught (it's cliche' but it's true)..

having family members to clean out the premises doesn't help u either.. and the absurd part is that they were stupid enough to report of breaking and entering, when the volunteers were on a rescue mission... i mean, if i trust u to take care of my cat and found that u just left it to die, i would want to have it back n i dun need ur fucking permission to go get it, regardless of where it is... even 'No Trespassing' has it's limit.. u don't walk by a private property, see it on fire and hearing screams n not do anything about it because there's a stupid sign that says No Trespassing.. fine, maybe it's not exactly the same case but anyway, u don't be idiots n think that u can get away with it...

the police ain't much help either from what i hear.. i try not to hate on d cops, cuz my grandfather was one.. but the cops on this case are ridiculous.. of course it's animals we're talking about here and not children, but lives are at stake here... u can't diss this off n assume it's a petty thing for ppl to abuse animals.. i thought by recent revelation bout how cruel ppl could be to animals, from the puppy who was forced to stand n thrown around, to the cats being hit n kicked at so many times, the authorities would realise how serious this is.. i'm not an expert bout who should be responsible in making sure that laws are enforced or what not, but i trust the reporters and NGOs does.. n when they say that no serious action was taken, i believe them... so hopefully, this would be the last case of this such to happen.. otherwise, it'll take the whole world to condemn us as a country and only then will the government react.. and by react, i mean menggelabah mak ayam...

anyway, the main reason why i wanted to post this (other than giving my two cent) is to have a bunch of links n info that might help out..

- Read here for more info on this (there's more links there) and also more pics of Petknode (as dark as i am, my heart ain't strong enough to post those pics here)
- The NGO actively helping out here and here...
- Contact the Department of Veterinary Services by emailing them at or (send it to Dato' Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin himself) or call/sms 019-5136055..
- Go harass Shahrul Azuwan and Yushairi, the owner of Petknode by calling or texting them at 012-6606423 (although not sure if they're abandoned that number too) and their recent address at H-16-05, Block 11, Tingkat 16, No 5, Flora Damansara, Jalan PJU 10/8, 47820 Damansara Damai.

That's all i have but i'd recommend following twitter for recent updates either Joe or KTAJ or nsurendrann (sorry no link but i was told he's the lawyer for this case) n if any of the links doesn't work, lemme noe cuz Maybank blocks several site so i can't test them out..

p/s: Najib (as in our PM) will be at Maybank this Friday 9 Sept 2011, for some perasmian logo n Raya Open house.. we should get him involve n have him aware of this case (not sure if he is) i don't noe if that info helps..

Freddie Mercury

so the most talk-about thing this week (besides the Petknode fiasco) is Freddie's 65th Birthday... celebs are giving him shout out n all.. so i ain't a big Queen fan, it wasn't really my era.. but i did grow to love Bohemian Rhapsody superbly so much ever since my mum first mentioned it a long time ago... so at his supposed 65th birthday, Google did a doodle tribute to him, which is where i first heard Don't Stop Me Now, which is an equally awesome song... 

so here, i'm putting the song here, just for the sake of it..

also, if u havn't heard of Bohemian Rhapsody before (which is one of my fave song to karok to), here it is...

hope u enjoy... cheers

Stand Tough

I'm older and wiser, I've learnt a lot since then,
I'm no longer that little girl who got her heart broken,
I got up when i fall and had my head held high,
I'll no longer leave myself in the dark to die,
I love myself more now, more than you ever will,
I'll no longer screw around just for the thrill,
When I look in the mirror, I don't just love what I see,
But I'm even proud of myself cause I am finally free,
I'll no longer have to put up with your smothering,
And all your brainwashing about me being worth nothing,
In my rear view mirror that's where you'll stay,
Cause I'm older and wiser now, I'll no longer be your prey.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Hello there my love,
How are you today?
I hope you're alright,
Hope everything is OK.
We haven't talk for awhile now have we?
There's just so much things to say,
From the shit i go through at work,
To those very rare lovely days.
But enough about me, I want to know about you,
How's that tummy of yours and your favourite sport too?
Did you miss me a bit while I was away?
Please tell me the truth, whatever the price I'll pay.
You seem thinner now, anything bothering you?
It's stress you say, I wonder what you're going through.
I hope you'll share things with me, make me your confidant,
Cause I care so much about you, no I'm not nonchalant.
I miss talking to you, and staring into your eyes,
I've bared my soul to you, even more that I realise.
Even after all that, there's one thing I still wish I could do,
To be in your embrace, knowing that you love me too.

Family Portrait

a little girl in a lonely room,
suffocated by the noise, all in gloom,
voice rising, each louder than the other,
it's been the same through thick and thin weather.
a little girl with no shoulder to cry on,
if she knew her fate earlier, she'd wish she was never born,
to the outside world, they lived happily,
behind closed doors, they suffered miserably.
a little girl stuck between a broken marriage,
nothing can be saved, everything was damaged,
they're at it again, she prayed it will all end,
the heated arguments and shouting, she can no longer comprehend.
a littler girl hugging her old teddy bear for solace,
and imagined herself in a peaceful place,
that is filled with butterflies and double rainbows,
soft green grass between her toes.
a little girl, now back to reality,
breath held for a minute that felt like an eternity,
the door slammed open, and there stood a guy,
unshaven and dirty with a swollen eye.
a little girl watched him takes off his shoes,
let out a sigh while letting his tie loose,
a bottle fell out of his hand,
crashes to the floor on top of a pile of cans.
a little girl wants this all to stop,
she misses her parents a lot,
she don't see them that often, always staying hid,
she can't make them stop, after all, she's just a kid.
a little girl looking up at a portrait,
smiles on their faces, for once they looked great,
she tried to reminisce the old days when they were happy,
sadly she can't think of any.
a littler girl all torn up inside,
just waiting for her pain to subside,
laid her head down on a lonely pillow,
cried her eyes out in deep sorrow.

Thanx A Lot Party Pooper

U have officially ruined it for us


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Quote of the Day

"iIf you see something and think 'someone should do something about that' , remember, you are someone" --- Unknown