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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Isn't It Ironic

that the moment i updated my resume and went job hunting, the following week of work was very interesting for me... it kinda make me wanna be a journalist more hehehe so last thursday, the story about UBS broke on how one of it's trader was charged n caused $2.3billion of loss.. it kinda amazed u doesn't it how a single person could incur such a thing.. we're not talking bout millions here but rather billions.. so my task for the week was compiling info regarding this and made some slides.. also worked with the ORM team on doing a summary report n input some info's somewhat related to Market Risk aspect.. so the fun part was mainly reading various of articles regarding this n learning a lil bit about ETF (which is a bit too technical for me).. it also helps that i switch cubicle n now is sitting in front of the tv.. although the news are a lil recycled at times hehehe

so yeah, it was interesting to do sumthing different.. although i know this won't last, cuz there won't be much progress until the full investigation is done.. so in the meantime, i'll still have to do the other work, esp the benchmarking which hasn't progresed that much... *sigh* why la do i talk about work here  =b  anyway, today a little relax compared to the last 3 days, that's why i managed to sneak in a couple of post =D owh n i bet the whole Maybank staff is happy.. got our remaining bonus today weehoo woot woot (over)  so for sure will go eat Japanese food with my family... just got to find a time to slot in cuz my parents have loads of wedding invitation.. Johor is uncertain but it'll be very nice if we manage to have a family vacation.. October seemed appropriate cuz school holidays hasn't started.. n also it's my dad's n my birthday in Rocktober hehehe but then things wasn't planned well, so we'll see if we can make it around january after skool holidays or something..

owh well, can't wait to get back home.. wanna hug my lil sis so tight muahahah (sorry la for kicking u last night)  let's go shopping, i blanje k hehehehe