Check This Out

Monday, September 12, 2011


months passed and i kept asking why,
my heart hurts as i jabbed my eye,
why wasn't i chosen, how could it be,
what was i to do to have you pick me,
i was sideline as i watch others go,
down the path i dream of, as my pain slowly grow,
they told me to forget about it but i see them dwell,
on what could be their path, as i live in hell,
practice what you preach, i was once told,
but you can't walk the walk, you wouldn't let it roll,
i hear them argue, bout equality that was promised,
i can't help but feel your sense of dishonest,
i start to question my self-worth,
i questioned my belonging on this dreadful earth,
did i not meet the expectation, were they better,
u didn't even bat your eyes at me, didn't even breathe a letter,
i curled up in my emotions, that i carelessly hid,
but they didn't noticed, not even one bit,
i guess i should've shouted at them, told them how i feel,
bout the path i wanted, bout not having a deal,
month passed by and i still wonder why,
have u never come to me and look me in the eye,
mouthed the words i long to hear,
opening the doors while they stand near,
months passed by, it was never meant to be,
for me to be there, for you to set free.