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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Johnny English Review

1st official movie review.. although i'll just keep this short cuz i'm so tired n for a start, it hasn't been the best day or week to blog..

i guess when it comes to Rowan Atkinson, you can't do no wrong... his character as Mr Bean is EPIC, n i'm sure it surpass any other character he takes.. even as Johnny English, you'd still get that sense of watching a Mr Bean show..

in terms of plot, it's somewhat the same with Get Smart (a lil spoiler there), but let's face it.. Steve Carrell could never beat the Bean  =b  funny moments everywhere.. it's really a stress reliever movie.. even the 1st sceen could crack you up to bits.. n it wasn't much.. just a shot of him standing in a pose for kung fu or something..

oklah, i dun really noe how to right movie reviews.. i kinda suck at it.. but what i can say is that i'll rate it 9/10... very fun movie to watch and it's one that could be watch repeatedly  =D  oklah, back to work...