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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Delayed Updates

hello, how y'all doing... been a quite busy week so far for me... didn't manage to post about our long weekend.. so here's a delayed entry.. went to 3 malls on friday, starting with Mid Valley where we sorta went job hunting.. woke up very early, then head out there and had breakfast at McD.. amazingly the line to GSC was already super long.. n the counters weren't even open yet... err havn't u guys heard of buying tix online??  =b who cares if they charge extra 50 cent per tix if that's what it takes to avoid the long queues hehehe anyway, went to the job fair later on a bit.. i saw Sean and Desmond from ME hehehe went back around noon i guess, then rest for a bit before heading out again around 3pm for lunch.. we went to Kenny Rogers cuz lil sis wanted to have Mac & Cheese which she saw Princesstard made.. and so, mac & cheese it is then..

Izad's mac & cheese

Yaya ordered some Ceaser Salad to share

As well as jack potatoes (d 1st pic was wrongly sent, she actually ordered the ones with, whut else, mac & cheese)

i ordered spaghetti n mum had sandwiches.. can't believe i didn't took pic of that hehehe owh well... walked a bit n went home... dat nite, yaya n i watched Johnny English  =)  fun fun fun.. a must-see movie

then on Saturday, watched some tv n mum said she was bored n wanted to go jalan2.. she suggested Golden Palm Tree so we agree, except papa off course  =b  so off we go.. it was already noon at that time n we reached there at 1pm.. it was so hot, the sun was shining right at us.. the heat was so strong u could feel it burning ur skin.. anyway, they capped the amount of visitors there to only 30ppl, which they had passes.. we just wanted to have lunch so they suggested the Perahu restaurant which was a lil outside the compound, but when we got there, they said that they close at 2pm.. by then it was already 1:30pm cuz of the Q&A with the guards n the walking.. so we decided to eat elsewhere, even though they say they can delay it till 2:30pm.. it just won't be dat fun n relaxing, knowing u have a time limit...

so went back to where we came from n d guards said they had 3 passes but will let us in nevertheless.. but then the ppl inside said that we had to book or make reservations to eat at their restaurant inside (stupid la tpt tu) so we ended up at their cafe instead, the Sepoi Sepoi Cafe.. for a resort that charges bout rm500++ a night, or in our case of 5pax, rm1500++ per night, it didn't really felt like a luxurious place.. service wasn't much special.. although we weren't residents there, we were still guest.. the food was ok, wasn't bad, but wasn't great either..

i had Prawn Mee... kuah pekat gler for a prawn mee..

yaya had Chicken Rice..

Mama had Wanton Noodle

Izad had Chicken Wings..... n French Toast

so yeah, from the outside, xdela nmpk best sgt tpt tu.. overrated perhaps? or maybe we need to stay there to really know... ntah la... moving on... went back home.. reached home around 5pm i guess... then slept  =)  keeping it short, since papa didn't follow us, we assumed he's hungry (but he never wants to admit, yet when we buy dinner, he keeps taking our food  =b ) so izad wanted Brownies (which we were supposed to have on Friday but was already full) so we head on to Chillis OU, minus mum n big sis.. wasn't so hungry so didn't ordered too much heavy food..

papa had this Ribeye steak.. (yummy la plak bler dh mkn tu)

i ordered the Buffalo wings and some mashed potato

n izad ordered the Ice Cream Brownies..

we all shared the food so it was the perfect amount for us.. went home with a full stomach and sleepy eyes  =D  didn' do much on Sunday.. mostly we just chilled at home and more Sims!!!  hehehe okies.. back to work, again...