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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ramblings... and a lil Babytard to go with it

another day another dollar... been chillaxing, with an empty mind.. feel like writing but nothing is coming.. currently have this cravings for Kickin' Shrimp hehehehe

it taste so heavenly... also still finding some time to slot in  our family dining.. went to Istana Hotel website but it doesn't list Chikuyotei as one of it's reataurant anymore huhuhuh will need to call n make sure.. otherwise my heart will be broken... we need our Chikuyotei for our Jap food supplies otherwise it'll won't be the same huhuhuh i already mentioned it to mum n she was very excited about it.. i wouldn't have d heart to tell her if it's true n our restaurant is no longer there huhuhu

will be having our Raya makan2 today at our office.. forgot about it this morning so i didn't wear my baju kurung *sigh* but then raya is not about what u wear right? it's about what u eat hahahaha no? owh well.. didn't play sims last night n was catching up on my Shaytards... babytard seems to vlog a lot now n she sounds so funny... she's trying to sound grown up but is too cute for that =)

owh yeah that's babytard on the cover of James Blunt  =)  that's my sister