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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Merdeka!!

yeah i noe there's only about an hour left till 31st August ends, but nevertheless, Happy Merdeka Day everyone.. i may not be patriotic, but i love my country, mainly just cuz it's Home.. i may grow up in other parts of the world, but at the end, this is where i truly belong i guess... yeah they may still have a few imperfection in this country but that's what makes it more real.. i dun think there's ever a country that's perfect so this is as good as it's gonna get... i could live with that...

so on that note, Happy 53rd Birthday Malaysia..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm too weird to live but much too rare to die

awesomeness... so far, among the most interesting guitar solos by them... i like how it suddenly switches to another beat..

sometimes i dunnoe why, we rather live than die

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm not insane, I'm not insane

come back to me it's almost easy....

slacking at home this weekend. not much to do anyway.. thinking of going to my kak suzy's house tomorrow to drop off her angpau n visit her as well.. not sure whut other things to do, but might wanna buy some pants.. gotta watch my spending as i'll be getting a car soon n with the duit raya i'm giving away, it's a lil out of my usual budget.. not that i'm complaining, i mean i dun really have to but just to get in the festive moment..

going in the 3rd week of fasting already n once again i'll be mentioning that Raya is just around the corner.. can't wait... had Subway just now... very full.. now listening to my A7X as always.. can't get enuff of 'em tho i slowed down my pace a bit n i dun think of them 24/7 hahaha currently digging Synister Gates guitar solos.. they're awesome.. n being the person who always dream if playing the guitar but have sucky hand coordination (n not forgetting the fact that i'm lazy to practice) i really envy him... they had a concert in Singapore back in 2008... hopefully with their new album out, they'll be touring worldwide again soon
.. although not so sure about that cuz Rev has passed.. but if they do, i still doubt that they'll stop by Malaysia.. but i guess if they at least make a stop at Singapore again, i'll try to find a way to get there... aaahhhhh the life =D

nothing much to say... hope everyone have a good weekend..

Friday, August 27, 2010

There's always a reason

Never mix business with pleasure... that's what u always hear right? well, not really commenting about mixing business with pleasure, just about family affairs.. where to cross the line etc... so following the previous post, i actually wrote something on Fb.. and when my mum saw it, she commented must u write this?... basically the reason why this blog is private anyway.. yes, i noe i dun talk like this really, but here lies my alter-ego... i'm very vocal in here... shafinaz and amethyst doesn't really have the same personalities.. we're different.. so that's why i dun let ppl in that easy.. it's hard to sumtimes show that there's two sides of me (ye, tau.. mmg poyo)

but yeah, basically that's why i dun wanna add u on my fb... it totally cut out my social life (not that i have any to begin with anyway) so called frens can't really say a thing cuz they have to think twice.. filter2.. no effect anyway... whutever, it's just sumthing that happen that made me wanna say this...

Maybank and its sucky service?

i was still living in Labuan when i heard the first complain of Maybank's service.. it was from Mrs Kang, our English tutor.. she asked whut does our father do and so we answered.. tell ur father, Maybank service is sooo slow.. wasting time only... (more or less like that) 10 years down the road, it's never ending.. during a small gathering with my sis fren (the one @ Pavvy), Lynn mentioned that she had problems with Maybank ATM card.. seriously, it was such a tedious thing so something so petty... personally, i haven't really experience any super bad things that made me give up on this bank (well my dad loves this bank, so can't really run anyway)

even after today, i still don't think it could be called as something major, but it still made my list for those 'wtf moments'.. so as u noe, i'm trynna get a new car, most probably just in time for raya (well, probably not then)... so i did all the things that i was supposed to, like withdrawing my ASB money for deposit etc.. i even went to get the application form for the loan n distinctively remember that i asked the girl @ the counter whether i was eligable for the staff rate or not.. she even double checked with someone on the phone and said that as long as i'm a confirmed staff, i'm eligable.. so my dad went n book a car n all n i hand in the form on Tuesday, and confirm how many years of loan i wanna take on Wednesday...

then suddenly today, during the morning knowledge sharing, another person called me (the one i gave my form to) and told me that i can't take a loan from them cuz i haven't serve a year yet..seriously, after all the hassle i went thru, this is what i get.. can't they at least have the decency to employ proper ppl to at least now the most basic thing when applying for a loan.. or is there anything else that's more basic then that? well as long as u're alive, yeah u can apply.. why not..

yeah i noe, was just kidding... there might be other things that they would consider more crucial, but still, if they had told me earlier, i would've gone to another bank from the start.. now i definitely won't get my car by Raya..

and to think that the girl asked me to wait till december to apply, fuck u bitch

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The War is Over.. But who won?

31st August
Malaysia became independent

31st August
Jeff Hardy was born

31st August
Princess Diana passed

31st August
The war on Iraq should be over

Obama announced that the remaining US troops will be withdrawed from Iraq.. so this isn't exactly brand new news.. just read an article on it n it made me think.. what came out of it? whut's the point of it?

50 years from now, we might watch a document on this on History Channel (if we still live then) what speculation will the next generation have on this..

if this was war, then who won?

Now Your Nightmare Comes To Life

remember this book? i think i first started to read it early this year.. remember when i was reading non stop? miss that a lot.. i dunnoe why i'm not that eager to finish this book as i was with the other books i read.. maybe cuz the side story wasn't all that interesting.. the main story was good, about a man killing his dying wife who asked him to, so should he be prosecuted? but the side story was about a husband having an affair, which was so-so.. i guess there might be a connection somewhere, cuz Jodi's book always does, but sumhow it didn't fit it.. still craving to get back to my Stephanie Plum.. miss her (could u ever miss a character from a book?) i miss the whole book actually, Lula, Ranger, Morelli, and especially Steph's Gramna Mazur.. she's like the highlight of all scenes..her 16th book is suppose to be out, but i can't find any of her 15th and 16th anywhere.. some help? if u happened to stumble accross it, just lemme noe..can't wait to get back on my reading horse.. still not sure when i could get the literature kinda books that i want.. they're cheap but i want to borong a lot heheh

so we're already moving to our 3rd week of fasting.. Raya will be around the corner.. can't wait.. already did my Raya notes changes.. first time to be giving out money to the kiddies.. (well actually i gave some to my parents n kazens on my mum's side last year).. i hope i dun get broke.. will be sharing an angpau with my sis so it won't seem like we gave little hahahh this week will be busy till before raya cuz we have loads to do for limit set ups.. then hopefully, i could get a day or two off after raya so i could relax with the fam.. since there's a slim chance that i'll be getting two days off before raya, that makes a total of 5 days of leave that i had to cancel to accomodate the project... so yes, should 've taken leave when i had the chance to huhuhuh but nevertheless, hopefully as soon as UAT is over, i could get a long break n get into my lazy mode... who noes, i might be able to find a good book to read..
title has nothing to do with the post.. was just singing-a-long

Slow Down Baby

lets tone it down a lil' bit.. i dun write that much anymore... merely cuz i'm tired most of the time.. i used to post when i'm in the office but work needs to be done, so i choose to delay my post (although i have drafts as usual, they're just not complete).. n since it's fasting month, tho i get home a lil bit early, i have to help my mum out a bit for our break fast.. den get some rest... i get sleepy pretty early too, but sometimes i manage to watch a few tv shows.. i just dun go online n sit in front of the laptop to write.. i think it takes too much effort =b

read the papers this morning.. depressing as usual.. horrible flood in Pakistan, hijacked bus ended badly in Manilla, jet crash in China, death everywhere in Malaysia... yup, just the norm..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Human Nature

huhuhuh racist remarks made by the principle..if it were someone from another race, they would be condemn like hell, but when a malay says it, the politicians don't act much of it.. how fair is this?

well, this is how we are... no matter what, we will always try to protect those who have similarities with us, regardless how fair it is.. but to me, u should walk the talk.. i'm not saying that it's ok for ppl of other race to insult us (in fact, it shouldn't be about race or religion) but if u are talking about equality, n trying to assure ppl that this country is different cuz we treat each other with respect, then u would have to prove it... take action to those who abuse as how u would with others...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sakit Jiwa jer

btol cakap N, mmg blh buat kite sakit jiwa je dpt boss cmnie.. chop die bkn boss kitorg pon.. nk memandai je appoint diri sendiri.. ko ingat ko tu bagus sgt ker? GP gler kot.. masuk2 jer nk conquer sumer kn.. dh la xtau ape2, tibe2 je nk nyelit celah2 kn.. ye, kitorg tau kitorg se-expert maner tp xpayah la nk poyo gelabah semcm...

hahaha seb baek N terer habis.. so now kitorg xyah layan sgt dier..dh la sebok tanye soalan pelik2, random gler kot... hahah xpe2 abaikn je la die tu...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

These people do exist

idiots that is...i noe this world is made up of some of them, n there are a population of them here in this country..where am i getting at here? well, i just read the papers about Teoh Beng Hock's case.. honestly, i don't really follow on whut is happening in this country in that sense... mostly cuz there's just too much drama, n there are other important things that should be addressed instead of these petty things that our politicians decided to do.. it's all about power, n really about heart.. so whutever they do, they'll come first instead of the people.. but i guess that's why it's the governtment.. i bet most countries are like dat..

anyway, what caught my attention in todays' The Sun was related to TBH inquest.. let me quote it since the paper is right next to me.. Her findings was, however, challenged by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Comission (MACC) prosecutions head Datuk Abdul Razak Musa who told the coroner's inquest that Teoh could have strangled himself before he fell to his death on July 16 last year. Asked by the counsel for Teoh's family Gobind Singh Deo how the 30 year old political aide could have done so, Abdul Razak gripped his neck in a throttling motion to demonstrate his contention, much to the amusement of those present in court.

and there u have it ppl... this is actually the person who is representing ou MACC.. what kinda person, in their rightful mind, would suggest that sumone could commit suicide by choking themselves with their bare hands?? i mean, that's so absurd.. u could tie urself to a noose.. or maybe wrap a plastic on ur head n tie it up N tie ur hands as well.. u see, no matter how hard u try to kill urself (in that sorta way), there's always that few seconds before u really run out of air, where u try to revive urself.. i once read sumwhere that u could never kill urself by holding ur breathe.. don't believe me? try it.. i have.. den let me noe if u survive =D even if u watch movies where a person hangs himself, after kicking the chair down, his hands will be on the rope around his neck trying to stop choking...

anyway, my point here is that how can we have these type of people representing us.. i mean if i was in MACC, i'd be embarrased.. this is a court trial about someone's death, not a comedy sitcom.. this might be among the entertainment the ppl in court get.. but really, it's so dumb.. he's a lawyer so i doubt he's stupid.. it just goes to show that some people just don't think before they talk, especially when it matters the most....


Possibilities.. Without 'em I guess we wouldn't be thinking dat much.. It's like alternatives.. With no alternative, it's a dead end..

this post has no point actually... was angry when i wrote it...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


bored here.. it's actually 20.08.2010 (again) n i'm trying to fill up any draft that hasn't been completed yet.. so this week was a bit progressive in terms of getting my first ride *yeay* as u might noe, i'm getting the new limited edition MyVi 1.3 E2L (whutever that means).. most probably getting the black one but then both my sis kept saying how the Dazzling Red a.k.a the pink one is not dat bad n r trying to persuade me to buy dat one instead.. currently it's undecided.. the colour itself is not so bad, but for a car, i'm not too sure about it...

the car

the interior... nice...

so... whut do u think?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

To Build or Not To Build?

Right, so it's not exactly built at Ground Zero, but that's what news reports are reporting.. over a couple of months already, this has been a huge issue worldwide.. Should a Mosque be build two blocks away from where the WTC used to be? as a Muslim, off course i'd say go ahead.. besides, it's not actually build on the exact spot.. instead, it's build on a private property.. so they're not really breaking any laws..

others argue that these people needs to be a little bit sensitive towards this situation.. sure, 9/11 has in fact effected a whole lot of ppl.. i could still remember that night when we got a phone from my dad's fren asking him to watch CNN prompto, and so we did..n to our horror (n others too) a plane (make that two) crashed into the WTC.. the building burnt for a few while before collapsing altogether.. it was such a disaster and i remember following the news religously just to noe if there were any survivors found.. no more MTV or Channel V at home.. it was CNN or NBC throughout the way.. got home from school nad i'd ask my mum if there was any update...

done with flashback, moving on.. so maybe there would be a possibility to be a lil wee sensitive but then, just because they claimed that the terrorist were Muslim, do we have to appologise on their behalf? do we have to sacrifice this bit? it's like me saying, ok i won't raise or adopt a kid cuz apparently, girls make babies and just dump them.. unrelated? whutever.. "The problem with stopping this Islamic center is that it implies that the Muslim world is responsible for [the Sept. 11 attacks] when it's al-Qaeda that's responsible," -Keith Ellison.

so... thoughts?


good article written by Ziad Haider in The Sun paper on 2nd Septermber 2010.. can't find a link tho...


whut's that? well people, that, my fren, should be the day i went to the post office to renew my driving license... believe it or not, my license expire 6 months ago.. yes, 6 freaking months!! which means all these while, i could actually be jailed or sumthing (i could, right?) imagine getting into a car accident and having to pull out my license.. whut big trouble i could get into.. or maybe the cops were doing a road block n i so happen to be unlucky dat day.. damn.. i remember my dad forgot about his license earlier this year i guess.. n it didn't even occur to me to check.. thank god for the will to buy a car, cuz otherwise, i might not remember about it at all..

so i'm planning to buy a car (not my precious beetle, or audi tt, or even accord).. just the limited edition myvi (if there's still more left) so dat we have more options.. thanx papa for paying half of it =D so i'm gonna take a 25k loan from maybank n with the staff rate, i hope i could survive.. well, back to the story on hand.. i took the application form yesterday as to really take the first step, cuz i've been delaying it long enough.. then i was about to prepare the paperwork (paperwork la sgt) by making a copy of my ic n license.. so that's when i realise that my license expired.. imagine me being ignorant n just carried on with it.. how embarrased it'll be for me to get my application rejected cuz of dat hahaha so yeah, i guess i'll renew my license tomorrow (with the help from my mum, that is)..n hopefully get to hand in my application by end of this week... yeay!! a new car!! boo!! at my expense!! hahaha not sure when i'll get it tho...

The Gunners drawed their first match of the season against Liverpool... Barely made it out alive, so thanx Reina!! =b

Monday, August 16, 2010


so maybe at first glance, this title might look like a typo.. that's whut i thought at first too.. but i was also confuse cuz it didn't make sense.. how could Kamal said "Yasmin what the fuck" right? turns out, it wasn't a typo after all.. it merely means for the win... now that definitely make sense.. i read an article by Nury Vittachi, about kids nowadays and their language.. i can't be very specific, but basically he mentioned about his daughter having a Facebook account and having her picture tagged or something..when he read the comments for the pic, all consist of a one word sentence such as yeah, cool, lol etc.. so his whole point was how kids communicate differently..

and speaking of which, my team leader just asked me a question which i find very amusing.. "Shafinaz, bile org type lol dlm email, ape meaning die?" so i told her laugh out loud.. and ironically, she did hehehe "kalau double dot, D, double dot, P?" it was a bit hard for me to visualise so i asked her to wrote it down... and wala, whut do u get? :D :p

kids nowadays...idk whut's becum of 'em.. neway, ttyl...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

nothing to say actually... just wanna post something on this day (backdated as today is actually 20.08.2010...

just filling up my time.. about to apply for my car loan but will wait for Jackie to return n sign my papers..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words By Him

So try and love me while you can
And take the time to understand
As long as I can touch your face
You know I'll never leave this place


Now I think I understand
How this world can overcome a man
Like a friend we saw it through
In the end I gave my life for you

Gave you all I had to give
Found a place for me to rest my head
While I may be hard to find
Heard there's peace just on the other side

Left this life to set me free
Took a piece of you inside of me
All this hurt can finally fade
Promise me you'll never feel afraid

I hope it's worth it
What's left behind me
I know you'll find your own way
When I'm not with you

So tell everybody
The ones who walk beside me
I hope you'll find your own way
When I'm not with you tonight



Fasting month has officially started... went for Tarawikh last night n had sahur early this morning.. hopefully this yeah, i'll manage to fast fully for the month.. looking forward to Raya =D i have training later today up till 27th August.. we get to go back 30mins earlier tho it won't make a big difference.. yaya get to go back @ 4pm.. kinda feel bad if she have to wait for me to get back.. imagine having to go home just the same either way...

just a quickie.. need to sign off soon... hope everyone have a good day n Happy Fasting..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We're On A Roll Here

this must be some kind of record here i'm making right? i can't even count how many post i have here for the past few days... n yes Kin, sometimes ppl do have several post in one day =b whut i wanna have for this post (inspired by Hani) is to post pics of my collegues here i have in Maybank.. as u may noe, i dun have dat much frens (aawww c'mon) n i dun get along easy with others.. my frens in high school, n frens in college n even Marcus Evans all consist of non-Malays.. yes, sometimes a get a long better with them... not racist or anything, but before this, i never seem to fit in the malay clique (or maybe there are other reasons contributing to it) so the frens i make here in Maybank could be considered the 2nd batch of malay frens i make (not dat i care what race they are anyway)...

so here are some pics from our MRM dinner... Enjoy

Glow in the Dark


Look @ Sam (Guy in Red up front)

Presenting Sam!!!

With Baby Qaseh (Celebrity of the Night)

Doing the poco poco (Work it Baby)

Such a fun night...

It came Unexpectedly

so i haven't been writing much far a long time now.. up until last night, i can't even recall the last time i manage to write something that i was proud of (which was within my standards of course).. i remember once i had this enthusiasm n wrote about 4 poems in a row.. n the coolest thing was dat i didn't even had to try dat much becuz it all just seems to fall into place perfectly.. i guess the harder u try, ther harder it gets.. so yeah, last last was something good for me.. might not seem like a big fuss to most, but to me it did matter sumhow.. now i noe i ain't the type to write non-stop or at least once a month.. i mean if u look at my overall blog, it's not just poetry as i would like it to be.. instead it's just a bunch of stories which i can't seem to tell more beautifully (not dat my poems r ever beautiful haha)..

so what i did last night was kinda like one of those moment i used to have.. where it just came out of nowhere n the words started to flow... i think it's up a level where i don't use cliche' words that much... or is it just me? hahaha i was about to write more about A7X, particularly M Shadows but after browsing pics of him to post and making up captions to go with it, i suddenly felt like the urge to write.. n when i did, my imagination seems to wander.. n finally i ended up writing about 6 sets right? all within 5 mins.. so i guess when songwriters say dat they write a song in about an hour, it kinda make sense.. mine is just more lousy dat's y it took a shorter time to finish =b

right, so u may think, no biggie (n if so, scram u!!)n i feel like throughout this post i'm just repeating myself, but really, i just needed it.. i guess when it all feels right, then it's right.. i hope i get back on the horse soon again, but till then, we'll just see.. i might come up with something dark, which i quite enjoy now after hearing these songs..

my lil sis walked into our room once while i was listening to them n asked since when did i listen to these music... i guess i could never really say.. we used to like the same music.. n whutever music @ bands dat i like n introduce to them, n they seem to like it, my love for them seems to grow so-so... but with Christina Aguilera @ Taylor Swift or maybe even Avenged Sevenfold, they don't seem to bother much n i don't seem to care cuz i'll just love them more =b


seems like a long one right.. so we might start fasting tomorrow.. managed to have breakfast with my collegues this morning... hope this will be a good month.. can't wait for Raya to come.. the gatherings, the food, the gatherings, and more food.. yeah girl, stop drooling.. gonna take pics pics pics.. gonna give money money money... yikes.. alright i'm bored n my brain is sleeping...

Monday, August 09, 2010

And so it goes on

yes, i noe it's annoying but i just can't help it.. it just kinda happened at the time when i have nothing better to do, n when i feel like putting in the effort (which hardly occurs).. so yeah another post which i must mention about them...

he's hot as hell, so u can't really blame me

with a killer smile too.. i could totally do him..

just one glance and u caught my eyes,
i'd never stood a chance but at least i'll try,
to get closer to u, n maybe, just maybe
be that one person for u, who u'll never set free

my hands are sweating as i try to find the words,
for this fairy tale to finally incur,
i walked straight up to u while u were hanging with the boys,
n thought it's now or never, n i'm making a choice

u saw me approach u, u didn't hesitate,
to offer me a smile, one that i could never hate,
we started talking, u told me more about you,
u told me things, that i never thought i'd knew

u were gonna head off, but u gave me ur number,
u didn't manage to get mine, but u'll never call me that i'd figured,
so i just laid back n watch this hell of a guy left,
n curse my lucky numbers for not taking that bet

a minute or so passed n my phone rang,
i wasn't in the mood so i just left it hang,
i got home dat night n listen to my mailbox,
u left a message saying that he had a good talk

"Maybe we could do it again sometime"
oh heck, i would mind,
so i lay down in my bed n started to wonder,
about how my life would be like with Matt Sanders...

u see what inspiration can do to ur life? fuck i miss writing...

The Little Things in Life

u noe how they say that sumtimes, the little things in life is what matters the most? well, on d way back from work just now, while in the car, we were listening to the radio and Aerosmith was on so we sang-a-long to them.. as i was looking out of my window, whut did i see? d driver in the car next to us was singing the same tune.. u can't hear a thing, but he was clearly mouthing the words to the song...



just had lunch... such a lazy day today... currently listening to my playlist of A7X... had an obsessive weekend of 'em.. Nightmare is growing on me.. they sure have a bunch of great songs (and quite long too) super great chorus, which i can't seem to get off my mind... how is it that i haven't heard of them until 2 years ago?? right, cuz i was more of a popchick then n the most hardcore of rock dat i listen too weren't that heavy n involve less screaming.. i guess dat trip to Genting really pays off then.. Dear God was on constant replay on Ajs' radio n i've since then dat has been one of my favourite song, musically n lyrically... n currently my ringtone for my dearest BB... would prefer to have it sooner but with dat nokia of mine with limited space, i only used songs that i already had as my ringtone, which is basically Beep by PCD, n for Jue n Kin was Pimp by 50 cent, n for family was some techno song which i havn't heard of before i got dat phone...

so after learning to cut song (thanx to our dinner performance for MRM), i decided to cut some songs as my new ringtone.. i can't seem to let go of Dear God's intro, so i opt to use the chorus of Afterlife for my sisters and d chorus of A Little Piece of Heaven for Jue n Kin... well, since i dun get dat much call anyway, so i'll jest settle for that for the time being.. yup, continuing the A7X obsession so we'll just see how it go..

on another note, it's kinda funny (not funny ha-ha) dat i keep my phone on silent in the office.. i mean, it's not like i'm in a library or in class anymore right.. i mean, i hear other ppls ringtone all the time to the extent that i can call dat person's n say their phone is ringing if their not around..


sleepy sleepy lazy lazy... went back to PD during the weekend... got loads of rambutan.. it was Baby B's 2nd birthday!! so cute i wanna preserve her like dat forever hahaha i miss Basirah so much.. she's a big girl now, already halfway through her 1st yr in primary school.. i could still picture her as this very little girl who i used to play with.. Selamat Hari Raya Kak Inaz.. ..Sape penah tido otel?.. i dah pandai godek... kite lagi suke kak epa sbb rambut die panjang n cantek... hehehe those are basically a few of her words which really lands a spot in my heart.. i think i really had one of those "look how fast they grow up" moment wehn i look at her.. i can't imagine having my own baby n really seeing her growing up before my eyes... hmm kinda makes me appreciate my mum even more hahahha yeah, i'm quite a disappointment sumtimes, so sorry for dat.. i didn't really turn out the way u'd thought right?

right so stop stop stop.. u're starting to blabber girl.. stop now!! hahaha yes i'm dat bored n i really dun wanna continue working.. but she's back sitting right behind me so i guess i better go..

You should have known, the price of evil....

Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Latest Addiction

ok, so i noe A7X just released a new album (which is currently #1 on Billboard) but i can't seem to get this song off my head... definitely my latest addiction.. M Shadows is so yummy... too bad he's married...


So Far Away

I love you
You were ready
The pain is strong enough despite
But I'll see you
When He lets me
Your pain is gone, your hands are untied
So far away
And I needed to know
So far away
And I need you to need you to know

Synister Gates

Friday, August 06, 2010

Billionaires' Charity Pledge

so here's d scoop, would u give half of whut u have to charity? well apparently a few billionaires will... this Billionaires Charity Pledge is dedicated to wealthy men contributing to society by donating 50% of their funds to charity.. Warren Buffet, a renowned billionaire, said that he'll give away 99% of whut he have, and even with the remaining 1%, he's able to live comfortably.. "More than 99% of my wealth will go to philanthropy during my lifetime or at death. Measured by dollars, this commitment is large. In a comparative sense, though, many individuals give more to others every day." read his full pledge here -->

so whut i admire about this guy (my dad's reading his book i think), is dat even though he's giving away almost everything, he's still such a humble guy n think that whut he does here, ain't that much.. "Moreover, this pledge does not leave me contributing the most precious asset, which is time..Gifts of this kind often prove far more valuable than money."

n how how so true is dat.. i've always imagine myself being filthy rich n all (well who doesn't right), n always think to myself that, with all that money, i can do good.. i can provide my family a better home, give a few to my relatives n whut not.. but truely, whut i should have been doing, is actually giving whut i currently have n not whut i might.. start small aight.. i mean, by right, if u honestly wanna help out, u should be giving whut u cherish most.. and deep down, i'm sure it's not money dat i cherish most.. it should be my time n energy (which i may not realise)...

so that's why we Muslim have Raya Korban =b yes tibe2 je topic sesat hahaha but bottom line, u can make a change with whutever u have, cuz even if u feel like u have nothing, always noe that all human are equal when it comes to time.. we all have only 24 hours a day..

World Peace =b