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Monday, August 09, 2010

And so it goes on

yes, i noe it's annoying but i just can't help it.. it just kinda happened at the time when i have nothing better to do, n when i feel like putting in the effort (which hardly occurs).. so yeah another post which i must mention about them...

he's hot as hell, so u can't really blame me

with a killer smile too.. i could totally do him..

just one glance and u caught my eyes,
i'd never stood a chance but at least i'll try,
to get closer to u, n maybe, just maybe
be that one person for u, who u'll never set free

my hands are sweating as i try to find the words,
for this fairy tale to finally incur,
i walked straight up to u while u were hanging with the boys,
n thought it's now or never, n i'm making a choice

u saw me approach u, u didn't hesitate,
to offer me a smile, one that i could never hate,
we started talking, u told me more about you,
u told me things, that i never thought i'd knew

u were gonna head off, but u gave me ur number,
u didn't manage to get mine, but u'll never call me that i'd figured,
so i just laid back n watch this hell of a guy left,
n curse my lucky numbers for not taking that bet

a minute or so passed n my phone rang,
i wasn't in the mood so i just left it hang,
i got home dat night n listen to my mailbox,
u left a message saying that he had a good talk

"Maybe we could do it again sometime"
oh heck, i would mind,
so i lay down in my bed n started to wonder,
about how my life would be like with Matt Sanders...

u see what inspiration can do to ur life? fuck i miss writing...