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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm not insane, I'm not insane

come back to me it's almost easy....

slacking at home this weekend. not much to do anyway.. thinking of going to my kak suzy's house tomorrow to drop off her angpau n visit her as well.. not sure whut other things to do, but might wanna buy some pants.. gotta watch my spending as i'll be getting a car soon n with the duit raya i'm giving away, it's a lil out of my usual budget.. not that i'm complaining, i mean i dun really have to but just to get in the festive moment..

going in the 3rd week of fasting already n once again i'll be mentioning that Raya is just around the corner.. can't wait... had Subway just now... very full.. now listening to my A7X as always.. can't get enuff of 'em tho i slowed down my pace a bit n i dun think of them 24/7 hahaha currently digging Synister Gates guitar solos.. they're awesome.. n being the person who always dream if playing the guitar but have sucky hand coordination (n not forgetting the fact that i'm lazy to practice) i really envy him... they had a concert in Singapore back in 2008... hopefully with their new album out, they'll be touring worldwide again soon
.. although not so sure about that cuz Rev has passed.. but if they do, i still doubt that they'll stop by Malaysia.. but i guess if they at least make a stop at Singapore again, i'll try to find a way to get there... aaahhhhh the life =D

nothing much to say... hope everyone have a good weekend..