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Friday, August 27, 2010

There's always a reason

Never mix business with pleasure... that's what u always hear right? well, not really commenting about mixing business with pleasure, just about family affairs.. where to cross the line etc... so following the previous post, i actually wrote something on Fb.. and when my mum saw it, she commented must u write this?... basically the reason why this blog is private anyway.. yes, i noe i dun talk like this really, but here lies my alter-ego... i'm very vocal in here... shafinaz and amethyst doesn't really have the same personalities.. we're different.. so that's why i dun let ppl in that easy.. it's hard to sumtimes show that there's two sides of me (ye, tau.. mmg poyo)

but yeah, basically that's why i dun wanna add u on my fb... it totally cut out my social life (not that i have any to begin with anyway) so called frens can't really say a thing cuz they have to think twice.. filter2.. no effect anyway... whutever, it's just sumthing that happen that made me wanna say this...