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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


whut's that? well people, that, my fren, should be the day i went to the post office to renew my driving license... believe it or not, my license expire 6 months ago.. yes, 6 freaking months!! which means all these while, i could actually be jailed or sumthing (i could, right?) imagine getting into a car accident and having to pull out my license.. whut big trouble i could get into.. or maybe the cops were doing a road block n i so happen to be unlucky dat day.. damn.. i remember my dad forgot about his license earlier this year i guess.. n it didn't even occur to me to check.. thank god for the will to buy a car, cuz otherwise, i might not remember about it at all..

so i'm planning to buy a car (not my precious beetle, or audi tt, or even accord).. just the limited edition myvi (if there's still more left) so dat we have more options.. thanx papa for paying half of it =D so i'm gonna take a 25k loan from maybank n with the staff rate, i hope i could survive.. well, back to the story on hand.. i took the application form yesterday as to really take the first step, cuz i've been delaying it long enough.. then i was about to prepare the paperwork (paperwork la sgt) by making a copy of my ic n license.. so that's when i realise that my license expired.. imagine me being ignorant n just carried on with it.. how embarrased it'll be for me to get my application rejected cuz of dat hahaha so yeah, i guess i'll renew my license tomorrow (with the help from my mum, that is)..n hopefully get to hand in my application by end of this week... yeay!! a new car!! boo!! at my expense!! hahaha not sure when i'll get it tho...

The Gunners drawed their first match of the season against Liverpool... Barely made it out alive, so thanx Reina!! =b