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Friday, August 27, 2010

Maybank and its sucky service?

i was still living in Labuan when i heard the first complain of Maybank's service.. it was from Mrs Kang, our English tutor.. she asked whut does our father do and so we answered.. tell ur father, Maybank service is sooo slow.. wasting time only... (more or less like that) 10 years down the road, it's never ending.. during a small gathering with my sis fren (the one @ Pavvy), Lynn mentioned that she had problems with Maybank ATM card.. seriously, it was such a tedious thing so something so petty... personally, i haven't really experience any super bad things that made me give up on this bank (well my dad loves this bank, so can't really run anyway)

even after today, i still don't think it could be called as something major, but it still made my list for those 'wtf moments'.. so as u noe, i'm trynna get a new car, most probably just in time for raya (well, probably not then)... so i did all the things that i was supposed to, like withdrawing my ASB money for deposit etc.. i even went to get the application form for the loan n distinctively remember that i asked the girl @ the counter whether i was eligable for the staff rate or not.. she even double checked with someone on the phone and said that as long as i'm a confirmed staff, i'm eligable.. so my dad went n book a car n all n i hand in the form on Tuesday, and confirm how many years of loan i wanna take on Wednesday...

then suddenly today, during the morning knowledge sharing, another person called me (the one i gave my form to) and told me that i can't take a loan from them cuz i haven't serve a year yet..seriously, after all the hassle i went thru, this is what i get.. can't they at least have the decency to employ proper ppl to at least now the most basic thing when applying for a loan.. or is there anything else that's more basic then that? well as long as u're alive, yeah u can apply.. why not..

yeah i noe, was just kidding... there might be other things that they would consider more crucial, but still, if they had told me earlier, i would've gone to another bank from the start.. now i definitely won't get my car by Raya..

and to think that the girl asked me to wait till december to apply, fuck u bitch