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Monday, April 30, 2012

One Year Ago Today

Who could ever forget? it was that anticipated moment.. that was our very first attempt and we weren't so sure how things would come about.. some thought that we were doomed from the very beginning, but that didn't stop us from trying... that was the moment when the sleepless nights begin.. things were a bit chaotic and i found myself somewhat loss with everything going around.. the waiting game was another story.. we were exhausted, but were exhausted together.. all those long hours did manage to take a toll on us at some point.. but we had to pick ourselves up n keep going..

It's been a year and i still could picture that night, and each remaining ones.. a good experience for me but not something that i look forward to do again.. once will be enough..

good times indeed..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pissed Off

is umrah that of a simple thing to do that i could just pack my bags and go?? 
stop asking me why!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I can get through this!! hell yeah!! i realised how much i've been mentioning about it and over thinking it, n this will be the last time i dwell on it.. so from now on, imma stop talking about it =b and perhaps focus on something else? like my training or something hehehe  since i'll be updating more about it somewhere else, i might just put some shorties here... maybe sometime later when i'm in the mood (hahaha sgt xngam with the topic) but i'm determine to force myself to do this.. 

big run.. here we go...

It's No Biggie Right?

I think i'm over-thinking things too much..maybe i should just chill a bit and don't dwell too much on their absence.. they'll be back soon anyway right, so it's no biggie.. i think it's cuz how it's too quiet, and i'm not really used to it.. just got a pic just now and almost became this cry baby.. siot la.. imagine how i'll be if i'm head over heels for someone.. crazyy how i get with the people i'm obsessed with.. 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

13 days starts now

or rather yesterday, so to speak.. sent of my mum and sisters yesterday.. i hope it all turns out well for them and goes smoothly.. hope they'll come back safely too.. i cried a bit when we bid farewell cuz i'm such a big baby, but i kept making mental notes to myself to keep it all in.. the car ride home was also a bit hard the first few minutes and it continued on when we got home.. i don't really know why i was feeling that way, cuz it's kinda weird.. but when i got home, the house did felt empty, maybe mostly cuz i was thinking about it too much.. i think cuz i'm too attached to them hehehe but 13 days will be over with before u know it right? 

so while they're aren't around, i've been focusing on my training.. i haven't quite made the right plan yet, just the basis of it.. and i'm trying to update it daily, or as often as i could... working on my legs' strength first before proceeding to cardio.. i'm getting mixed feelings about this.. i'm excited to do it, but my mind keeps having this negative thought on how i won't be able to, and it's kinda discouraging.. but i'll try to make it work eventually.. as what Kaitilette mentioned about a quote she read from a book, which goes something along the line of the mind controls your action, and your action makes you who you are, so as long as u can control your mind, you can control who you are.. and i'm kinda struggling with that cuz i don't ever think i'm strong mentally in this sense, but i'm slowly proving to myself, that if i'm determine and enjoying it, i could actually do it..

anyway, that will be my focus for the next 13 days.. while their away, i'll be working on my diet as well in terms of eating healthy and such.. i need more greens and fruits.. and also cuz we won't be cooking that much, our menu might be a bit limited.. i really hope i could complete this challenge of mine.. i guess it's something i'll need to do for myself  =)

i miss u guys so much...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Am Crazy

I have a weak mind and an even weaker body.. i think my biggest problem is laziness.. it's kinda hard for me to overcome.. but this time, i hope i'll continue to do what i can (how many times have i said this?) so yeah, yesterday, after a little persuasion from my fren, i've decided to do it.. although i've already have this negative mentality that no matter what i say, i always seem to fail, i'll just take it as this year's challenge.. if Shaycarl can do it, i can do about half of that... right? no it's not even half n neither a quarter... more like a snippet heheheh Kaitilette is about to do the same thing, so i'll take a que from her then  =b rs poyo sgt, but i think it's something i need to do for myself.. this would certainly be a huge accomplishment for me.. rs nervous sgt, but i need to force myself to do it.. n like what Kayli said, i need to find a reason to fight a little harder.. so that's what i'll do...

let's pray that i can do this... step by step baby 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Habib Umar =)

This is the 2nd time i've seen him, the 1st was at Masjid Wilayah a few years ago.. well yesterday, took the day off to follow mama to Masjid Al-Fallah USJ since Habib Umar will be there.. he'll be going to probably Kedah n Johor next so i won't be joining that.. n i heard he'll be going to kampung captain ismail, but mama will already be going for her umrah then, so maybe tak join that one too.. 

1st time at Masjid Al-Fallah, the interior cantek, doesn't really match the outside but who cares right.. but semlm blackout huhuhuh tgh2 Habib Mahdi bg tazkirah plak tu.. they tried to turn the lights back on but xdpt.. it only came back on when we started Isya' prayers.. then after bacer maulid, Habib Umar gave his tazkirah translated by the one and only Habib Ali =D excited sgt nmpk dier heheheh

 sempat camwhore jap before majlis start... nk jeleskn yaya heheheh

 tgk kat tv screen jer huhuhuh if dpt screen besar lg best  =b 

 the pic gets blurry as i zoom closer..

 Habib Ali  =D

they are actually that far...

the qasidah wasn't as it was usually... Ya Hanana mcm laju sket tempo die.. and Qad Kaffani was using a different melody.. nvm, all is good anyway..

on another note, my mum and sis will be leaving this saturday boohoo gonna miss them a whole bunch... what am i gonna do without them... 13 freaking days huhuhuh *weep*

Monday, April 16, 2012

How Did You Celebrate Your Birthday?

So this is a bit outdated since it was one or two weeks ago.. aja invited us to her kids birthday party.. luckily i took my lil sis with me since no one else was there huhuhu xperla, dpt jumpe aja for a while since we canceled our lunch date that week.. didn't thought of doing a post but i realised i had pictures in my phone, so what the heck.. short post, cuz just wanna show the cute candy buffet aja had but looks untouchable.. just grab one macaroon, n lil sis took a choc bar..

the theme was Mickey and Minnie.. cute!!

 the Candy Buffet... cantek sgt n rs mcm xnk kacau.. 

 The Macaroons and some cotton candy...

 cute cupcakes... there were mini mushroom cupcakes as well.. lil sis had one of those...

 and she took one choc bar too...

 rs cm nk amek satu jer.. some lollypops..

 cake yg super cantek... i'll have mine with a Deathbat on it...

 ade clown n mickey (blurry i know)... a bit random, but serioulsy the clown reminds me of someone.. kurus2 errrr 

thanks for accompanying me.. otherwise sy dh patah balik kot... 

didn't snap a pic of the gift i had for them but i bought them clothes.. i think i went over the top with the size n got Qaseh a big dress.. hopefully she could fit in it later hehehe overall, it was a nice occasion.. thanx again for the invite aja  =)

so how did u celebrate ur birthday when u were a kid? i think the only one that stood out (or maybe cuz it's the only one i had) was the one celebrated in McDonalds.. not so sure whether we were in New York or London by then.. all i remember was that it was cool, and i had Laura.. she's a doll, a gift from someone..  one of my fave dolls i had back then n was with me probably till i was in form 1 or 2.. can't really recall but she was with my in Labuan.. i remember cutting her brown hair *sigh* i miss all my stuffed animals.. especially Ducky huhuhu that little one arm penguin.. i miss u buddy heheheh so anyway, how did u have urs? 

Countdown: 2 Weeks To Go

Halamak... over excited la plak.. can't hardly wait till the 29th arrive.. i'm going to an Avenged Sevenfold concert!!! finally!! and i'm dragging my cousins along with me.. abang n mohsin (shikin's favourite) hahahaha well, adam is going there voluntarily actually.. sian ilyas can't follow cuz he got school the next day.. boo hoo.. already planned what to wear, although it does seem a little clishe' but what the heck.. hopefully this won't be one of those concerts where u have so much hope about it and it turned out just average  =s i just hope it don't suck...

i've already been listening to their songs just in case i forget (will i ever?), n also listening to songs i wasn't really familiar with.. n i just hope mohsin already 'studied' the songs i sent him (nnt shikin risau) hahahaha kin xnk gi ker? wan dh tny psl tix, rsnyer still ade lg.. kn best if korg confirm awal2.. kite yg over excited n xsabar langsung dh made plans cepat2 =b i freaking miss u guys la.. June seems such a long way to go..  but till june arrive, i'll be looking forward to the 29th.. 

wan, to spot me in the crowd, i'll be the girl NOT wearing the Deathbat...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tskk Tskk Part 2?



sedih giler huhuhu this morning i drove to work and there was this smacking sound.. it turns out that something fell on my car (n i still don't know what it is) n now my front mirror is cracked!! it might be just a little crack (as big as my pinky finger) but it's still a CRACK!!  i thought i had to change the whole thing but ady said i could just go tampal it.. i hope it won't cost a lot n won't leave any kesan on it.. i jaga my car the best i could (poyo padahal malas cuci etc).. but die bersih xbyk junk dlm tu, n try xlanggar anything since i'm such a pro driver muahahaah tgklah, maybe my checklist for the weekend...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tskk Tskk

I left my phone at home huhuhu  feel so awkward not being able to check twitter *sobs* i noe dun tweet much but i think it's become a habit for me to check it every now and then (perhaps i've mentioned it before right?) so i'm sitting here in the office, phoneless  =( n i'm bored, cuz this work sucks.. n xdpt nk whatsapp with my frens n sisters gk (poyo, padahal skejap jer)

didn't do much during yesterday 1 day off... only slept a lot and have a new series to follow woot!! i had a Revenge marathon, 2 nites in a row... quite an awesome series.. current;y showing on star world.. but xthn so i watch it online... watching suits as well, but with my lil sis hehehe sorryla xtunggu tgk Revenge same2...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Wondering

if you have a crush on a girl, do you do the things that she like to impress her?
or do you stick to what you like and hope she likes you for you?
i understand getting to know the thing she likes, but do you need to change yourself slightly to make her notice you?
will she appreciate your effort of trying to get close to her?
or will she think you're fake and trying too hard?
will you settle with being just friends?
or will you take offend?
and so i ask you again,
if you have a crush on a girl, what would you do?

Light!! Camera!! Action!!

so the liquidity team needed volunteers for their contingency funding plan (CFP) exercise.. since i saw a bit of the vids of their last exercise, n it kinda sounded fun, i decided to volunteered.. so last thursday (this post is so outdated), we had to act as Maybank's customer.. we were separated into a few groups to indicate different branches..  the first scene was at the ATM where there was no cash left n the queue was super long.. and people were complaining.. we did that in 3 takes hehehe oklah for amateurs right? then we had to wait up for a bit for other teams to settle their scenes first before we did ours.. it was a bit funny cuz we were given scripts but was not just limited to that.. we were supposed to add in some other stuff to make the scenes more believable i guess.. but when we were acting, we kinda repeated ourselves and wasn't really sure what to say... there were some time when we were all silent cuz we really2 didn't know what to say and was just waiting for the director (i think i can call him that) to say cut.. if we were in a movie, i could imagine the cricket sounds in the background heheheh that was done n we had our dinner...

that was part one.. part two, i was an anchorwoman.. paavitha actually approached me when i was on my way out the door, so i just kinda went with it, didn't really know what to expect.. they gave us our scripts, which was kinda long but luckily we didn't have to memorise it cuz they'll have the scripts in front of us during the shooting (eceh, shooting mcmla acting btol2) so the day came and i was super nervous.. nervous yg tgn sejuk2 tu huhuhuh dh la i had a blocked nose, so i sounded slot was at about 2:50pm so by after lunch i was almost a mess hehehehe they had this green screen set up at the background, like a real newsroom i guess (i wouldn't really know how a real newsroom look like), n they had this two square lighting like what u'll see on a real movie set.. so just imagine how nervous i got, especially (when i think about it and mentioned to wahida) i've always wanted to be an actress hehehehe

so ashraff suggested me to go in the room n see how they do it just for me to get a feel, n it didn't really helped much cuz i was still nervous (mmg poyo nk mampos la nervous2 tibe2 ni huhuhuh) i could still picture the nerve i was trying get just to start testing reading my script cuz they wanted to see how'd we'd do before they started shooting... i kept reading it to myself when i was supposed to read it out load... n then it kinda hit me, i was ok with reading it with the right tone, but i didn't know what expression to put on.. hence the ridiculous take where i thought i was smiling after reading n then did a mental note that it was not funny so i had to do another take... overall fun experience but i wish i could do better.. i felt like i was blabbering a lot n the BM part was so hard.. " i sound stupid in malay" hehehe they had words that i rarely use like cawangan2, n the sentence was long n i felt like my tongue was twisted when i was doing that part.. 

*sigh* berangan nk jadi actress but nervous depan camera.. how la.. nervous in front of the camera doesn't mean i cannot act right? i've always wanted to act in theater and they don't have  cameras in front of ur face then right? hahahaha i think i should try out.. n if they ask for my experience, i'll just ask them to refer to Jue n Shikin.. they know what a great actress i am kn2? hahahaha shikin's birthday prank among the notable ones (plus those that are better kept to ourselves heheheh) but yeah, let's just say, shikin might not get that worry the next time she gets a phone call from me crying muahahaha some pics are on fb taken by others... malas plak nk cilok..  tu jer la kot... toodles..

Monday, April 02, 2012

I Secretly Want You

I sat in a corner, observing you and her,
the two of u snuggling like you're the only people in this world,
it kinda made me sick, i felt like puking, 
u being all sweet, her being all mushy,
i hear you laughing at her jokes,
that wide smile on her face of satisfaction,
cracking sounds heard as if my heart broke,
the scary thoughts of losing my obsession,
i know u chose her cuz she's easy,
i'm one of them girls that can't be fool,
but i still hope u showed interest in me,
instead of wasting your time on that stupid tool,
it annoys me when people tease the two of you,
don't they know that i want you too?
yeah you might be a jerk sometime,
acting cool as if you have a witty mind,
but i don't seem to care, you're still a safe choice for me,
cuz when it comes to guys, i like choosing the ones with less honesty,

### sgt2 lame.. towards the end xder idea.. ppfftttt ###

It's April Already

cepat plak rs kn? it's already the 2nd of April... in 3 weeks time, my mom n both sisters will go for their Umrah.. thinking of going next year la if ade rezeki.. then the following week, going for A7X with adam n mohsin.. weehooo i hope we have a good time.. doing a mental note on what to wear heheheh so anyway, the weekend passed.. did i manage to do the things on my list? well, i did 2 out of 3 so that's a good thing right? heheheh i didn't manage to wash my car so i'm carrying forward that task of mine to next week.. i did, however, manage to find my jumping rope and did 200 jumps on Sunday.. next thing is to do as much as i can to cover the whole month i left out.. my initial aim was to do 100 jumps a day, so take that n multiply it with.. i don't know, 40 days.. n walla, i need to do about 4000 jumps more... erkkk blh ker? seems too far fetch, but i'll try it.. slowly but surely hahahahaha

n i also manage to finish up my task from last week on polishing the furniture at home.. although i did kinda cheat a bit cuz i only did the surface and the outside of the cupboards and not the inside.. i'll maybe do that some other time (not next week cuz i have other things in mind) the thing about it is that there's a lotta small decorations like small vases n all that needs to be wipe and also the inside of the cupboard are glasses so those need to be done the same thing.. so i'll need more time if i were to do that... so i kinda did a good job right?  =b (giving myself a pat on the back)

i've got a few things in mind for this weekend.. does writing them now makes me sound too eager? hehehe so since we'll be going to Putrajaya for the weekend, and i've got an invite to Aja's children birthday party (izad nk ikot x? blh jumpe qaseh n noah hehehe) i'll still keep the list short.. or better yet, i'll list out a maximum of 3 things to do per weekend... (this won't last long, i can predict) semangat la plak kn... i think i'll wait till at least friday, just in case there are other things that i need to prioritise n i don't wanna mess up my list hehehe

nk tgk Hunger Games n Mirror Mirror.. mcm byk movie best tp xtertgk plak... nk gi karok gk.. voucher dat day xsempat guner huhuhuh n nk maen bowling sbb dh lamer gler xmaen.. yer2 byk jer bende nk buat heheheh  hmmm teringin Chatime lg la izad.. semlm xpuas minum hazelnut chocolate tu heheheh might go after work nnt heheheh -n-  

Sunday, April 01, 2012

One of my favourite Qasidah

Qad Kafani by Ustaz Mohd Fadzil from A Darain