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Monday, April 02, 2012

It's April Already

cepat plak rs kn? it's already the 2nd of April... in 3 weeks time, my mom n both sisters will go for their Umrah.. thinking of going next year la if ade rezeki.. then the following week, going for A7X with adam n mohsin.. weehooo i hope we have a good time.. doing a mental note on what to wear heheheh so anyway, the weekend passed.. did i manage to do the things on my list? well, i did 2 out of 3 so that's a good thing right? heheheh i didn't manage to wash my car so i'm carrying forward that task of mine to next week.. i did, however, manage to find my jumping rope and did 200 jumps on Sunday.. next thing is to do as much as i can to cover the whole month i left out.. my initial aim was to do 100 jumps a day, so take that n multiply it with.. i don't know, 40 days.. n walla, i need to do about 4000 jumps more... erkkk blh ker? seems too far fetch, but i'll try it.. slowly but surely hahahahaha

n i also manage to finish up my task from last week on polishing the furniture at home.. although i did kinda cheat a bit cuz i only did the surface and the outside of the cupboards and not the inside.. i'll maybe do that some other time (not next week cuz i have other things in mind) the thing about it is that there's a lotta small decorations like small vases n all that needs to be wipe and also the inside of the cupboard are glasses so those need to be done the same thing.. so i'll need more time if i were to do that... so i kinda did a good job right?  =b (giving myself a pat on the back)

i've got a few things in mind for this weekend.. does writing them now makes me sound too eager? hehehe so since we'll be going to Putrajaya for the weekend, and i've got an invite to Aja's children birthday party (izad nk ikot x? blh jumpe qaseh n noah hehehe) i'll still keep the list short.. or better yet, i'll list out a maximum of 3 things to do per weekend... (this won't last long, i can predict) semangat la plak kn... i think i'll wait till at least friday, just in case there are other things that i need to prioritise n i don't wanna mess up my list hehehe

nk tgk Hunger Games n Mirror Mirror.. mcm byk movie best tp xtertgk plak... nk gi karok gk.. voucher dat day xsempat guner huhuhuh n nk maen bowling sbb dh lamer gler xmaen.. yer2 byk jer bende nk buat heheheh  hmmm teringin Chatime lg la izad.. semlm xpuas minum hazelnut chocolate tu heheheh might go after work nnt heheheh -n-