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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Am Crazy

I have a weak mind and an even weaker body.. i think my biggest problem is laziness.. it's kinda hard for me to overcome.. but this time, i hope i'll continue to do what i can (how many times have i said this?) so yeah, yesterday, after a little persuasion from my fren, i've decided to do it.. although i've already have this negative mentality that no matter what i say, i always seem to fail, i'll just take it as this year's challenge.. if Shaycarl can do it, i can do about half of that... right? no it's not even half n neither a quarter... more like a snippet heheheh Kaitilette is about to do the same thing, so i'll take a que from her then  =b rs poyo sgt, but i think it's something i need to do for myself.. this would certainly be a huge accomplishment for me.. rs nervous sgt, but i need to force myself to do it.. n like what Kayli said, i need to find a reason to fight a little harder.. so that's what i'll do...

let's pray that i can do this... step by step baby