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Sunday, April 22, 2012

13 days starts now

or rather yesterday, so to speak.. sent of my mum and sisters yesterday.. i hope it all turns out well for them and goes smoothly.. hope they'll come back safely too.. i cried a bit when we bid farewell cuz i'm such a big baby, but i kept making mental notes to myself to keep it all in.. the car ride home was also a bit hard the first few minutes and it continued on when we got home.. i don't really know why i was feeling that way, cuz it's kinda weird.. but when i got home, the house did felt empty, maybe mostly cuz i was thinking about it too much.. i think cuz i'm too attached to them hehehe but 13 days will be over with before u know it right? 

so while they're aren't around, i've been focusing on my training.. i haven't quite made the right plan yet, just the basis of it.. and i'm trying to update it daily, or as often as i could... working on my legs' strength first before proceeding to cardio.. i'm getting mixed feelings about this.. i'm excited to do it, but my mind keeps having this negative thought on how i won't be able to, and it's kinda discouraging.. but i'll try to make it work eventually.. as what Kaitilette mentioned about a quote she read from a book, which goes something along the line of the mind controls your action, and your action makes you who you are, so as long as u can control your mind, you can control who you are.. and i'm kinda struggling with that cuz i don't ever think i'm strong mentally in this sense, but i'm slowly proving to myself, that if i'm determine and enjoying it, i could actually do it..

anyway, that will be my focus for the next 13 days.. while their away, i'll be working on my diet as well in terms of eating healthy and such.. i need more greens and fruits.. and also cuz we won't be cooking that much, our menu might be a bit limited.. i really hope i could complete this challenge of mine.. i guess it's something i'll need to do for myself  =)

i miss u guys so much...