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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tskk Tskk

I left my phone at home huhuhu  feel so awkward not being able to check twitter *sobs* i noe dun tweet much but i think it's become a habit for me to check it every now and then (perhaps i've mentioned it before right?) so i'm sitting here in the office, phoneless  =( n i'm bored, cuz this work sucks.. n xdpt nk whatsapp with my frens n sisters gk (poyo, padahal skejap jer)

didn't do much during yesterday 1 day off... only slept a lot and have a new series to follow woot!! i had a Revenge marathon, 2 nites in a row... quite an awesome series.. current;y showing on star world.. but xthn so i watch it online... watching suits as well, but with my lil sis hehehe sorryla xtunggu tgk Revenge same2...